Hikari was always known for her bubbly personality in the group she was traveling with, and for her friends to ever see her sad or just unhappy was a rare occurrence outside the contests. Hikari sat and watched Satoshi's battle against his rival, though every move Satoshi ordered his Pikachu to use his opponents Electrabuzz managed to dodge. She stared at his rival, why was that whenever this boy was around her heart would race? Maybe it was the anger inside her sense he could never remember her name. Just the memory of him asking her was enough to make her Blood Boil.

"Electrabuzz, Brick Break!" The boy commanded

Electrabuzz raised his arm above his head aiming for his target. Satoshi commanded Pikachu to dodge the on coming attack, but, it was too late. Electrabuzz landed his attack. Pikachu collapsed to the Ground

"Pikachu!" Satoshi yelled running to his fallen friend.

The boy returned his pokemon without a word and looked over at Satoshi holding Pikachu; he then started to walk away. Hikari watched him for a moment and ran over to Satoshi and Pikachu, 'what is with him?!' she thought to herself.

"How's Pikachu?" Hikari asked

Satoshi smiled up at her weakly "he'll be alright, nothing major." Satoshi looked over to wear Shinji once stood and narrowed his eyes. "Why can I never win against him!"

Hikari flinched and Takashi put his hand on Satoshi's shoulder.

"You'll just have to train harder, especially when that one hatches" Takashi Pointed to an egg sitting by Satoshi's backpack

Satoshi smiled up at his friend "Ya, your right" Satoshi looked down at Pikachu "we'll just keep getting stronger and then bring Shinji down, wont we?"

"Pi-Pikachu" Pikachu replied

Hikari smiled at her friends but, she was still having a hard time slowing her heart beat down


"Sh-Shinji what wrong?" Hikari cautiously asked still between Satoshi and Him

He looked at her for a moment "what wrong? Who are you?" he finally asked


Hikari's Fists clenched and she let out a frustrated sigh. 'How come he doesn't remember me!?'. Her thought were soon cut off when she noticed Satoshi and Takashi Staring at her

"Ah! Im sorry I was just thinking about something, ignore me." She laughed nervously

"Sure…" Satoshi replied still looking at her as if she had two heads

Not Far away from Camp Team Rocket started working on a new plan, only this time they were planning on taking not only Pikachu but the Pokemon egg as well


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