Holy crow…….. I am so sorry!!! I lacked inspiration, but after watching a couple of ikarishipping vids and some pokemon episodes with Shinji I decided I could write the final chapter!! Thank you all so much for reading it means a lot to me especially since with was my first fanfiction!!


"TO RYU!" Satoshi shouted as he raised his glass filled with juice high in the air.

"To Ryu!" Everyone except Shinji cheered.

Ryu smiled and scratched the back of his head "Lucario…"

"We're really proud of you Ryu." Hikari said and hugged him "You made both Shinji and I proud!"

Ryu glanced over at his father from across the table and caught him nod his head slightly. Ryu's smile widened as he hugged his mother back.

"You made us all proud." Takashi grinned.

"Yeah Ryu." Satoshi stood "You brought us all closer."

"Some closer than others." Akemi said flipping her hair and winking at Shinji, earning a glare from him.

The table erupted in laughter. Ryu smiled before looking out the window thinking about his plans from here on. The rest of the night went on much like this. Everyone enjoying each other's company.


"Ryu?" Hikari called as she walked down the hall of the Pokémon center her and the others were staying at. It was almost day break when she woke up to find Ryu missing from the bedroom she was sharing with Akemi "Ryu, where are you?" She called again and stepped outside "Ryu!"

"Noisy woman!" Shinji hissed from the bench he was sitting on.

"Sh-shinji!?" Hikari blushed as she glanced down at herself, she was in her pajamas.

Shinji rolled his eyes and placed his finger on his lips silencing her. Hikari's mouth shut, but she didn't look away. Shinji then tossed his head over to the right silently telling Hikari to look. Her blue eyes followed until they landed on Ryu. He was resting up in one of the tree's sleeping soundly "Why is he-"

"You know the answer to that." Shinji interrupted.

Hikari looked away "When do you think he's gonna go…?"

"Probably when we tell him it's okay too." Shinji replied. He kept his brown eyes on Ryu.

Hikari sat down beside Shinji hesitantly. "What about you?"

Shinji looked over at her "What about me?"

"When we tell Ryu; that he can start his own journey… What are you going to do?" Hikari asked.

Shinji simply shrugged.

"You know, Takashi and Satoshi wouldn't mind if you continue to travel with us. They'd be fine with it." Hikari forced a smile, she already knew the answer.

"I already held up my end of the deal. I'm not staying." Shinji said.

Hikari felt her eyes begin to fill with tears. She quickly stood "O-of course… Silly me." She turned and was about to run when Shinji grabbed her arm. She turned and pushed away some stray tears "Shinji?"

"If… if you want… and you promise not to get in my way and nag me to death…" Shinji looked away, "You can travel with me… I guess."

Hikari's eyes widened, she didn't know what to say.

Shinji released her arm and blushed "It's nothing serious, it'll just be like traveling the way you are now, just with me… argh.." he groaned and stood up "I sound like an idiot!" he shouted and kicked the bench.

Hikari covered her mouth and giggled.

"What?!" Shinji snapped.

Hikari laughed harder.

"What the hell are you laughing about!?" Shinji asked again.

"You want me to be with you!" Hikari laughed.

He blushed "Those words never came from my mouth!"

"They didn't have to!" Hikari giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck "Of course I'll go with you Shinji! I love you!"

"What have I gotten myself into…?" Shinji sighed as he hugged her back

Ryu smiled from his spot. This was it, the sun was rising, and it was now or never. He knew his parents would be fine. He jumped down from the tree and walked over "Lucario." He said interrupting them.

Hikari and Shinji looked over at him. Hikari pulled away and walked over to Ryu "I guess this is it, huh, Ryu?" Hikari asked softly.

"Lucario." Ryu nodded and hugged her tightly.

Hikari's eyes widened as Ryu's memories and emotions flooded into her. She felt and saw Ryu opening his eyes for the first time to see herself and Shinji looking down at him. The swell of pride in his chest when Shinji had taught him Focus punch and much, much more "Oh Ryu…" Hikari said holding him closer "I love you…"

Shinji walked over "See ya." He said.

Lucario looked up and opened his arms wide. Shinji sighed and walked into the hug. "Guess you weren't that big of a pain in the ass alright?"

Lucario laughed and nodded. He put both his hands over his heart and then placed his palms into Hikari and Shinji's. Hikari held back a sob "I know we'll see you soon."

Lucario nodded and looked at Shinji smirking "Lu Lucario Lucario!"

Shinji blinked before smiling "Is that you telling me to watch out?"

Lucario nodded and pumped his fists into the air.

Shinji closed his eyes and smirked "We'll see… Ryu."

The sun was now up and Lucario backed away from his parents. He nodded his head before darting off. Hikari let out a small cry before burying her face into Shinji's chest. Shinji watched until Ryu was out of sit while soothing Hikari quietly.


"WHAT!?" Satoshi shouted "Ryu left without saying goodbye to us!?"

"Honestly, Satoshi. It was probably a moment he wanted to have with just Hikari and Shinji…" Takashi sighed.

"Also…" Hikari said "I-I mean we have decided to part ways here." Hikari smiled.

Satoshi blinked "Huh?"

"We're not traveling with you idiots anymore." Shinji 'translated'.

"Hikari, you want to travel with Shinji?" Satoshi asked.

Hikari nodded "Yes, and I know Akemi would like to travel with you two." Hikari said and looked over at her friend.

Akemi blushed "I wouldn't mind…"

"You're more than welcomed!" Takashi grinned.

Satoshi sighed "If that's what you really want Hikari…"

"It is…" Hikari said and grabbed Shinji's hand.

Satoshi smiled and pulled his backpack onto his shoulders "I guess I'll see you around."

Hikari nodded "Yeah."

"Shinji." Satoshi glared up at him before smiling "The next time I see you guys, let's have a battle alright?"

Shinji shrugged "Why not."

Akemi hugged both Shinji and Hikari "Take good care of each other." She whispered before pulling away.

"Don't do what I would do, okay, Hikari?" Takashi chuckled.

Hikari blushed "Knock it off!" she hit him playfully.

Takashi shook Shinji's hand "I'll be seeing you."

The two groups parted ways at the Pokémon center waving and counting down the days till they'd see each other again. "You sure you're okay with this?" Shinji asked.

Hikari looked up at him "Positive." She smiled as they held each other's hands tightly and began their journey together.



I'm still playing around with the idea of a sequel, lemme know if you'd like to read that. Anyway thank you again for reading my fic! It means the world to me and I hope you enjoyed the final chapter!