AN: this came to me while I was sitting around bored, without Internet.

Summery: One-shots about Ico and Yorda.

For Her

Ico sighed, remembering the events of the last day. He had done so much... And the pale girl had been with him all the way. He had thought he would lose her several times, to those beings made from darkness. But every time he managed to keep her safe, even when it was almost completely hopeless.

He was sure he would die here, he was sure from the moment the cloaked men came and took him here. But something had always called him forward, something inside him had urged him to escape. When his tomb had fallen, his prison shattered on the hard stone floor, he had wondered on. He had, eventually, found Yorda imprisoned in her cage. When he had freed her, the shadows came and tried to take her back. An incredible rage had wormed it's way into his heart, stopping all thought. He had acted reflexively, and picked up a large stick. He had charged the beast, not fearing for himself but only for the girl. He knew, somehow, that if the creature had taken her, she would die. He would not let her die. She was the reason he was trying to escape.

He didn't care about himself, he never had. He was worthless, he had learned as much in his village. He had always been bad luck before. It was always hisfault when something bad happened. When someone was sick, or had an accident, he had been blamed. When a infant cried, he was blamed. When the crops failed, it was his fault. He bore the scares. He had suffered. But Yorda... she was so pure. Dressed in white, she was the picture of innocence. He loved her. Maybe... Just once... He would be good luck. For her.


AN: I actually didn't mean for that to be so sad sounding. It was supposed to be about Ico contemplating how the day had been and Yorda saying 'Never leave me' in her sleep, on a stone couch. But I'm in a bad mood... I haven't had Internet for the last week, (fucking bell south) and life is driving me crazy. Well, hope you enjoyed it anyway. Please review, and I'll update soon.