Recently had some random inspiration for SG-1 one-shots. Also some holiday request fics that I am just getting around to posting.This is meant to be post-Season 10 but there are no spoilers. Just sort of assumes an ending to the Ori conflict.


A Whole New World

Daniel professed not to like Disney movies. He claimed that they were consistently inaccurate in their re-telling of classic children's stories and therefore annoying. When Vala argued that the children's stories were make-believe anyway and therefore open to re-telling in any manner that the movie maker in question felt was appropriate to the film, he could only sputter. She decided not to press the point, since he at least agreed to watch Aladdin with her, which was next on her list of unwatched Disney animated films.

He promptly fell asleep, leaving her to watch the movie alone from the point that Jasmine ran away from the palace onward. Oddly, she didn't really mind. She would have preferred to watch it with him, of course, but the sight of him leaning on his fist, glasses askew, with his mouth agape made it rather difficult to remain irritated. Then to, she reasoned, the fact that he would so readily fall asleep beside her implied a level of trust that she hadn't anticipated. She bit her lip at the thought, not quite sure how to react.

In the end, she decided to focus on the movie, which was rapidly becoming one of her favorites. She had to admit that she liked Jasmine far more than the heroines of either Snow White or Cinderella. The girl was firey, independent, stubborn, and if she didn't know precisely what she wanted, at least she wasn't interested in passively waiting around for a handsome prince to arrive on her doorstep.

The truth was that Vala didn't expect much from Disney movies. An entertaining fantasy, a little innocent romance, and some sentimental songs was about all she anticipated when she watched them. They were a pleasant escape from the realities of her own life, but Jasmine was the first Disney heroine with whom she had felt any level of empathy.

The meeting with Aladdin was inevitable but predictable. Still, Vala found herself enjoying it--at least until the "street rat" held out his hand to the princess.

"Do you trust me?" he asked pointedly.

She bit her lip again, turning toward the man on the couch beside her. He was still snoring obliviously, and she shook her head at herself, turning away. She couldn't ignore it the second time, though, when Aladdin, now in his guise as Prince Ali, held out his hand to the girl again.

"Do you trust me?"

It was a very good question. Vala swallowed and eased herself closer to Daniel, slowly lowering her head onto his shoulder. He stirred a bit, and her stomach tightened, but he didn't rouse, and she let out the breath she was holding. She watched the rest of the movie there with her head nestled on his shoulder, and as she watched the princess sail away with Aladdin on his magic carpet, she slowly closed her eyes.