So, to all of my loyal readers, here it is! The long-anticipated sequel to "If Only." I do hope that all of you have found it alright. I was a bit confused with the revising process, had to do a couple of chapters two times.


Darkness. Cold. Silence.

Elsewhere, they were merely the absence of their counterparts. Take away the light and get darkness. Take away the warmth and get cold. Take away the noise and get silence. If light, warmth, and noise came, darkness, cold and silence left. They were not active, in any way. In truth they did not really exist as constructs unto themselves. They were dependent.

But that was elsewhere.

Here, they were not passive. They did not vanish in the presence of their better halves.

Quite the contrary.

The light was attacked. The darkness crept upon the light, surrounded it. The darkness crawled to the light, inside it. It latched onto the light. The darkness spread in the light, poisoning it and taking it over.

The warmth was conquered. The cold slammed into it, wrapping itself around the warmth. The warmth, shivered, drew itself in until it was too small to fight the cold. It surrendered to the cold, slowly, painfully. But it surrendered.

The noise was strangled. The silence came from behind, encircled the silence and choked the light out of it. The noise screamed, loud and hard. But the more it screamed, the more silence came and forced itself down its throat until the noise was silence.

With that, the light, the warmth and the noise disappeared. They never had to fight before. Before, they had been dominant. They had been the only thing to exist. Now they had to fight, but they hadn't developed the claws or teeth and couldn't.

The constructs that represented them did not realize it. They fought amongst themselves, as they were doomed to. As they fought and battled endlessly, the darkness crept, the cold enveloped and the silence strangled.

Bit by bit, the beings of light, warmth and noise lost that which they prized most: their humanity.

The Realm thrived.


Yeah, I know. There will be more of these little interludes and their purpose will become far more clear as time goes on.

The next chapter will be coming up soon. Be a teensy bit more patient. It might actually come up tonight.