Recently had some random inspiration for SG-1 one-shots. Also some holiday request fics that I am just getting around to posting. One of the first things that struck me about this fandom was the friendship between Jack and Daniel. It reminds me of my best friend and I, so I guess it resonates in my SG fic a lot. This is meant to be post-season 10, but there are no spoilers. Just sort of assumes an end to the Ori conflict.


It was the same every year. Rain or shine, they came here. They stood under the shelter of an old oak tree, rarely speaking. If they did talk, Jack might or might not ever say Charlie's name. Daniel didn't push. That wasn't what this day was about. Afterward, they slid into Daniel's car and drove to a small local bar where Jack downed a few beers before Daniel dropped him off at home.

This year, it was raining. As usual, he let Jack go out first. He waited, silently watching for about twenty minutes. Then he pushed open the door and stepped outside, turning up his collar against the rain. He stood beside his friend and waited again, silently, because neither of them needed to say a word.

Sam knew where they were, as did Teal'c, and now even Mitchell and Vala. but none of them had ever asked to come along. Much like Daniel and Jack, they didn't need to say anything.

Later in the year, the two of them would repeat their silent ritual for Sha're. On that occasion, it would be held in the 'Gateroom, because Abydos was gone now. The control room would have quietly gone empty, and the 'Gateroom completely would be sealed off until the two men left. When they did, the men and women of Stargate Command would resume their duties, and Daniel Jackson would go have a beer with Jack O'Neill. And no matter how often he drank it now, he still didn't like beer.