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Bella POV

It was a typical day in Forks - cold, rainy, foggy. I was laying on my bed with my own personal Greek god next to me. It was funny how we weren't saying anything, yet everything was being said. I could his love for me radiating off him as he absent-mindedly played with a lock of my hair. I turned to face him with a smile on my face.

"What are you thinking, love?" he asked me, his voice velvety smooth. Even after all this time, the combination of his wonderful voice and his gentle eyes made me lose my breath.

"Breathe, Bella." he commanded.

"Sorry, just thinking about how much I love you," I said as I reached up to kiss the tip of his nose. He pouted.

"Is that all I get?" he asked in a mock hurt tone. I laughed and scratched my chin in thought.

"Hmm….what would you like instead?" I asked.

"Well," he started "first I want some of this," he kissed my forehead, "then this," he kissed my temples, "then this," he kissed my cheeks, "then this," he kissed my nose, "and I want a lot of this," he kissed my lips, gently, but urgently. Not that I'm complaining.

He pulled away all too soon, groaning.

"What's wrong?" I asked, hopping I hadn't done something. Was it my breath? He said nothing, but pointed at the door. At the exact second I looked, a little pixie like vampire came bursting through the door. Alice.

"What, Alice?" he said, clearly annoyed. It had been a long time since Edward and I had been alone -with all the wedding planning -and he obviously didn't like the little time we had to ourselves taken away as well.

His mood, however, did nothing to waver Alice. She was so excited with whatever she had to tell us she was jumping up and down. All I saw was a blur of black and white.

"I've got a great plan! Come on, Bella!" She started walking towards me, but Edward extended a hand out toward her.

"And what, pray tell, is this great plan of yours?" he inquired.

Alice remained silent, but I was positive they were having a mental conversation. Ugh. I hate that. Edward soon started shaking his head.

"She won't like it," he explained since Alice looked confused.

"Yes, she will, I've seen it. Now come on, everyone is back from hunting and we're waiting for you!" she said, leaping forward and dragging Edward out of bed and, along with him, me.

He sighed, defeated. "Fine, lets go." he said, picking me up and running out the door and toward his house. We made it there in just under 3 minutes. He put me down, grabbed my hand, and walked up to the door with me in tow. The entire Cullen clan was already gathered in the living room, chatting animatedly amongst themselves. As soon as they saw me, they were quiet, and I, of course, blushed.

Esme came up to me first. "Hello, dear," she said, giving me one of her wonderful motherly hugs. I hugged her back.

"Hello, Esme" I greeted back. Carlisle just gave me a handshake and a warm smile, while Emmett just about crushed me with his enormous bear hug.

"Emmett….can't…breathe…ugh!" I said, struggling to set myself free even though it was a worthless effort.

"Oops," he said sheepishly, "I'm sorry, Bella."

"'s 'kay," I meant to say "Its okay" but I didn't have enough oxygen in me. He grinned and stepped back, allowing Rosalie to pass by. She surprised me by coming up to me and giving me a warm hug, as did Jasper. Was I in the right house?

"Okay!" Alice said happily into the microphone once we were all settled down. "While we were hunting, I came up with an idea I'm sure you will all like. KAREOKE!!" she looked around the room, her eyes twinkling. No way could we say no to that.

"Okay, so here what we do: I'll write everyone's name down on a piece of paper, and then I'll pick it out of a hat. Agreed?" everyone nodded their head, and Alice left. In a second she was back with a hat in her hands full of little papers.

"Lets see….first up….Jasper!" she said excitedly. She jumped off the microphone stand and went up to give Jasper a little peck on the lips, sitting down in his place. Jasper picked his CD quickly and chose his song. Once the music started playing, I recognized it instantly. One of my favorite bands.

I kept the right ones out

And let the wrong ones in

Had an angel of mercy

To see me through all my sins

There were times in my life

When I was goin' insane

Tryin' to walk through the pain

And when I lost my grip

And I hit the floor

Yeah, I thought I could leave

But couldn't get out the door

I was so sick n' tired

Of livin' a lie

I was wishing that I would die

It's amazing

With the blink of an eye

That you finally see the light

It's amazing

That when the moment arrives

You know you'll be alright

It's amazing

And I'm saying a prayer

To the desperate hearts tonight

During the chorus, his eyes were only on Alice and I could see and feel the love he had for her. It truly was amazing.

That one last shot's a Permanent Vacation

And a how high can you fly with broken wings

Life's a journey - not a destination

And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings

You have to learn to crawl

Before you learn to walk

But I just couldn't listen

To all that righteous talk

I was out on the street

Just tryin' to survive

Scratchin' to stay alive

It's amazing

With the blink of an eye

That you finally see the light

It's amazing

That when the moment arrives

You know you'll be alright

It's amazing

And I'm saying a prayer

To the desperate hearts tonight

As the song ended, I looked at Alice, and she looked as if she would be crying if it were possible. We all clapped and Jasper made his way back to his seat, but not before giving Alice a hug and a kiss. Alice walked up to the microphone instantly regained her hyperness. She reached for the hat and pulled out a name to read it.

"Okay, next is…."

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