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Ginny Weasley woke up the day after Christmas really early to the feel of Harry kissing her cheek and leaving a note in her hand. They had been going out for awhile now. Harry had defeated Voldemort about two and a half years ago and they had been together ever since then. Of course, they didn't see each other as much as they would have liked, she traveled a lot with the Harpies, and Harry was always busy doing whatever it is that aurors do. Honestly she didn't think she wanted to know, better to be ignorant she thought.

They had just had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone was there, her parents, all of her brothers, Fleur, little Victoire, Hermione, Andromeda, little Teddy, and of course, Harry. After presents, food, a nap, more food, a snow ball fight, and time to spend together, everyone shuffled off to bed, exhausted and planned to sleep in the next morning.

At least, that is what Ginny had planned, and then she was woken up by a kiss. Not that she was complaining too much, mind you. But really, couldn't it have waited until it was light outside? As she woke up a little more, her curiosity beat out her annoyance at being woken up early.

"Why would he kiss me, leave me a note, and then disappear?"

She unfolded the note and read his messy scrawl:

How do I love thee? Let me show you the ways…please proceed to my room. There the next clue awaits you. Hint: I never can seem to fit every thing in there without using magic.

How do I love thee? Wasn't that a poem? How in the world would he know that line? Ginny thought that maybe Hermione had helped him with that. Oh well. Giddy at the prospect of solving the clue, Ginny hurried into her clothes and rushed up to his room. Ginny glanced around the room. It was a mess. Between him and Ron, she couldn't see the floor. She tip toed around the room, quietly because Ron was still asleep, thinking. I never can seem to fit every thing in there without using magic. What was he talking about?

Then it hit her.

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