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They walked down the stairs hand in hand, hoping to get all of the family together so they wouldn't have to say it a bazillion times and answer the same questions over and over again.

When is the wedding?

Where is the wedding?

Can I see the ring?

How did he propose?

Well ok, maybe not that last one. Any one who has been at the Burrow at all should know how he proposed. Then again, they might want details.

Ginny was on Harry's left, her thumb absentmindedly rubbing the ring. It was a weird feeling, she had never worn rings before, and she figured it would take a little getting used too. Not that she was complaining. In fact, she wasn't complaining at all. And, she wasn't planning on telling Harry this, but she figured that he had made up for all the annoying things he had done during the hunt by proposing to her.

Proposing to her. It had barely sunk in. I am going to be marrying Harry! she thought excitedly. Never in her dreams, well ok, only in her dreams had she imagined that she would be engaged to Harry. Her Harry. Sweet, romantic, thoughtful, adorable, Harry.

She sighed. Life was good.

Ginny looked over at Harry, who smiled back just as they entered the kitchen. Mrs. Weasley was the only one in there. Well, except for Teddy and Victoire, who were asleep in the playpen. They were adorable. Teddy was sleeping on his back and had a hand thrown onto Victoire's head, which was resting on Teddy's stomach.

Mrs. Weasley looked up when she heard someone come into the kitchen. She took one look at Harry and Ginny smiling with slightly goofy smiles on their faces, looked down at Ginny's left hand, and screamed,

"He's proposed!" she ran up to them, giving them great big hugs, and crying all over them.

Ginny shared a bewildered look with Harry, and finally after almost being squished to death, then she finally asked, "How did you know?"

"It was obvious," Mrs. Weasley said rolling her eyes, "I knew it was something important, it couldn't just be a fun way for him to tell you that he loves you like some of your brothers have been thinking. Besides, with all the secrecy, especially between the two of you, the first thing I was going to do when I saw you after you went up to find Harry would be to look at your hand. Woman's instinct, I guess."

They both just laughed as Mrs. Weasley shrugged her shoulders and went on to the more important details.

"So when are you going to tell the others? Have you set a date yet? Where is it going to be? You're not planning a long engagement are you? In my opinion, there's no need to wait, just as long as you have time to set things up. Where do you think you would want to go on your honeymoon?"

"Mom," Ginny interrupted, "Slow down! We just got engaged an hour ago, we haven't really had time to discuss anything yet."

"An hour?" Mrs. Weasley asked, distracted, she was busy summoning all the information she had gathered when she was helping Fleur plan her and Bill's wedding, "But that's plenty of time to set a date. What have you been doing the last hour?" she asked, slightly suspicious.

"Talking," they both answered at the same time, sounding guilty, but in truth they had really just been talking, enjoying each other's presence.

Mrs. Weasley glanced up at them, trying to decide whether or not they were being truthful, finally deciding that it wasn't really any of her business, and not sure if she wanted to know, she changed the subject telling that, being as it was about 6:30, dinner would be ready in a few minutes, and since food seemed to attract Weasleys from wherever they were, they could just go ahead and tell them at dinner.

So Harry and Ginny sat down at the table, while Mrs. Weasley finished up dinner, and Teddy and Victoire slept peacefully at one end of the room.

Sure enough, at 6:30, the back door opened, letting in Mr. Weasley from the shed, George and Charlie from playing 'Quidditch', and Ron and Hermione, who had just arrived from Diagon Alley and were carrying many packages.

Hermione was giving Ginny weird looks, then noticed the ring on Ginny's left hand, and almost shrieked her congratulations, but didn't say anything when she saw Ginny quickly shake her head, letting her know that they were going to wait. Hermione must have Women's intuition, too, Ginny thought to herself with a smile.

As some of the Weasleys were coming in from outside, the rest of them headed down the stairs. Bill and Fleur, who looked as though they had just woken up from the first restful sleep they had had in weeks, which in fact was the truth, and Percy, who looked like he was getting ready to go out.

Ginny, nudged Harry, noticing that Percy was getting ready to leave, he took it as his cue to tell every one and he raised his voice over the noise of many different conversations.

"How was Diagon Alley, Ron? I hear Hermione dragged all over the place."

"Oh Bill, look at Victoire and Teddy! Don't they look adorable?"

"George, that idea of yours is brilliant, after you work out the kinks, you know like the winning seeker bopping everyone on the head with a Beater's bat, it will be a best seller!"

"Hermione, thank you for all the muggle stuff, I haven't had so much fun since I was at Hogwarts!"

"I would really love to stay, but I am meeting…."

"Everyone! Listen up! Me and Ginny have something to tell you."

Harry had to practically scream to be heard. Everyone looked at him expectantly. He put an arm around Ginny's shoulders and said, "We're engaged."

The reaction was not at all what they had expected, not that they had any idea of what to expect.

Fleur and Hermione both shrieked, and just like Mrs. Weasley, smothered the newly engaged couple with hugs and questions.

The men, on the other hand, all stood in shock their mouths slightly open. None of them could hardly believe that little Ginny, their little sister or, in Mr. Weasley's case, daughter, was going to get married.

After the initial shock, they all went up to Harry and Ginny to offer their heartfelt congratulations.

"Harry, if I didn't like you so much, I would be very upset that my baby sister was getting married before I was!" Charlie said, giving them both a hug.

"I wish Fred were still alive. He owes me 30 Galleons plus interest. You see me and him had an ongoing bet about whether or not you guys would stick together since you guys started kissing after winning that game. You never would have guessed it, but Fred was a glass half empty person, and well, I was always rooting for you guys the whole time. Needless to say, I almost had to pay him after Dumbledore's funeral, but luckily there was a 5 year time period on it, you see, every couple has their issues, that's what I told Fred, but you know those glass half empty people…" George said after he had his turn in hugging the couple, leaving almost everyone in tears.

"I'm so happy for you guys! Now I really have to get going, or I am going to be late," Percy said, then left.

Mr. Weasley, Hermione, and Fleur, carrying baby Victoire, who had woken up because of all the noise, all offered their congratulations. When Bill went up to congratulate Harry and Ginny, he told Harry that it wasn't fair to the other men in the household to do such extravagant things for their significant other, because it made the rest of them look bad.

Ginny promptly threatened Bill with a Bat Bogey, and told Harry not to pay attention to him, and that she liked the 'extravagant things'.

Finally, it was Ron's turn to say something to the beaming couple. This was probably the person they both had been slightly anxious to hear what he had to say. Neither of them expected what he said when he finally got the opportunity to talk.

"'Bout time, mate."

The End

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