Disclaimer: I don't own Faith or the mythology of the Buffyverse. They belong to that Joss Whedon guy.

I'm really interested in screenplay writing and wanted some practise. I was going to write an original piece but, due to the constant headache that is my last year of school, my creative spark as sizzled for now. I decided to squeeze some more story out of Faith, one of my favourite characters in BTVS.

The story follows Faith, who is still running from the cops... and her past. A return to her childhood hometown forces her to reflect (quite literally) and make a realisation about herself, through the aid of a bored twenty-something guy who is fascinated with her criminal history, that will change her life forever.

Hope you enjoy. Please give your thoughts on your first impression.




A woman with her back turned clasps the barrier on the other side of the bridge. She looks down on the freeway below. Rain lashes down as a car drives past through a puddle.

We never take the angle off her back as the camera pushes in closer to her. POLICE SIRENS can be heard in the distance. They get louder and louder. Another car rushes past, crossing in front of the camera.


It's FAITH LEHANE, a woman in her midtwenties. Dark circles under her eyes indicate she hasn't slept in a while, and she has a fresh cut on her cheek. She sees a large truck in the distance heading her way. It makes a foghorn-like HONK.

Faith looks down at her REFLECTION in the rainwater that's flowing on the barrier. She hasn't seen herself in a long time.

Another HONK from the oncoming truck jerks her back to reality. Her eyes fix intently on the vehicle. She grips the barrier harder, flicking soggy hair out of her face.

The sirens get louder and more adjacent. BLUE and RED lights flash behind her. The sirens whirl into silence, and all we hear now is the thrashing of rain and a police car skidding to a stop. We never take focus off Faith, even as the car doors open and slam shut.




It's just approaching the bridge now. Faith's eyes bulge as her plan's concept becomes all too real.

TWO POLICEMEN have their guns aimed at Faith. Faith turns on her heel and starts SPRINTING across the other side of the road. A van comes speeding her way, headlights blazing.



Faith LEAPS just in time onto the brick barrier and JUMPS off the freeway bridge. The policemen SHOOT their guns in her direction, but the van takes the bullet.


FAITH lands on the top of the truck with a loud thump. She clings to the roof, forcing her head up against the wind and the rain. She clambers forward, slowly edging her way towards the head of the truck.

She comes to the edge and, with much difficulty, climbs onto the driver's cabin. Lying on her front, she manages to twist herself and clasp one of the pipes by the cabin's door. She gradually descends down it.


She looks one way, then the other. After several seconds of hesitation, she JUMPS off the truck, running towards the tail of the truck to keep her balance.

She FALLS on her hands, but quickly lifts herself up again. Half a dozen cars HONK. Faith stands on a white line in the middle of the freeway. She is out of breath and exhausted, but smiles with exhilaration.

Cars drive past her, still honking. Faith looks to the sky, letting the rain fall on her face. She LAUGHS for a second, then looks off to the side of the road. Not considering the oncoming cars, she dodges between them.

People's shouts can be heard, only for brief moments, coming from open car windows. Faith reaches the edge, climbs over the barrier, and starts walking off as if going for a casual stroll.