AN ---Okay, so this was my first attempt at part one of the 'Initial Challenge' the Character Sketches forum issued... And it has nothing to do with my Emmeline one-shot, so I decided to do something entirely different and post this and my Emmeline piece seperately. I'm not sure if I like this - but I suppose that's what I get for trying something new, eh?

Dedicated to the flamer who said Ginny was a 'gutter-slut' in one of their reviews to Lexie-H, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong, guys). It popped into my head as I was writing and I'm very simply forever indebted. :)

Anything you recognize, I don't own.

Cho Chang knows that hate is red. She sits and she watches and she thinks about what could have been, what should have been, but isn't because of her. Cho know that, of course, the blame doesn't lie with herself, nor Cedric, and certainly not Harry. It's not even Madam Puddifoot's fault, even if her teashop hadn't set the atmosphere Cho had been hoping for.

The fault lies solely and heavily on Ginny Weasley's delicate, pretty, lithe shoulders. Cho can only the hope that, eventually, the weight will break some bones.

Because the… the… the gutter-slut (Cho can't think of a worse term, although she isn't entirely sure it's a real word) has snatched Harry right out of her hands and whisked him away, brown eyes flashing and red hair flying.

Nervously, Cho pulls her own mass of black hair around her shoulders, studying it critically. Is it really so ugly? Is she really so ugly? Cho can feel tears well up into her eyes and tries to fight them back. She will not cry ever again over Ginny Weasley.

And as she drapes herself over Harry's shoulders, he turns his head towards hers and opens his mouth to say something, but she kisses him deeply, Cho gets up off her seat at the Ravenclaw table with new purpose and marches towards her dormitory to burn everything she can find that's red.