I noticed the subtle changes in her from when we first started watching Neo. I knew she didn't believe in the prophecy but why she helped me, I will never know. She seemed 'attached' to him, if that is the correct word since I don't know if you can be attached to someone through a computer screen, especially if you've never made contact with the person.

She always took shifts to watch him, much more than the rest of the crew. It's as if she needed to know he was all right, only then would she come to a state of calm. Over time, she gradually started to take more and more shifts, and get less and less sleep. I've tried to relieve her so many times, so has the rest of the crew, but she refused and ordered them to bed, but since I'm her superior, she couldn't command me to do anything. I only wanted to make her happy, as any father would do for their daughter. I may not be related to her by blood, but she is like a daughter to me. The kind that always gets into trouble, but knows exactly how to get out of it again, without anyone's help.

The whole time Neo was here, Trinity transformed into a whole new person. She was still the warrior I knew and loved, but now, she seemed somewhat softer. The coldness of her ice eyes seemed to have melted, revealing a softer gaze, although they could immediately freeze again if you irritated her, but melt once more if her eyes land upon Neo, who could be doing almost anything. He keep be screwing all the firewalls and passwords she had set up, and she wouldn't be mad. She'd simply tell him to stop, fix it, and then tell him why. If it had been Tank or me, she would have had a very temperamental moment and yell at us.

But that's the reason why. That is why she changed. It was because of Neo. Not because he was the One, or because he was the savior of human kind, but because she loved him for who he is, not what he's meant to do. I'm really happy that she did find love, especially one that seemed as though it were taken right out of a movie. They were perfect for each other. They seemed to fit together like the last two pieces of a puzzle. They fought, thought, and breathed in synch. Wherever one went, the other would follow, but there was never a leader of their relationship. They were both equals, and that's what helped keep them together.

I really do miss her. Not just sometimes, but all the time. Not like the others in Zion, although few pay her any recognition. They are all too wrapped up in what Neo did for them, when he wouldn't have been able to without Trinity at his side, helping him with every step. I miss so badly I feel as though my heart would shatter into a million pieces. I hope I will see her again someday, but for now, I will try to cope. I guess time will help ease the pain eventually. She gave me such a strong daughterly love that is hard to replace, but I have my own daughter now. She's growing up to quite a hellraiser, just like her. I guess the name fits.