"What's an…Omnitrix? Is it like some new kind of ramen or something" asked a confused, spiky haired Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki is a 12 year-old ninja. He is always optimistic and never gives up. He has yellow hair and wears an orange jumpsuit. He has his official Leaf forehead protector (or headband) on his forehead, as usual, and as every other villager, blue sandals. Naruto usually has ignorant questions and he's hardly stealthy, but all in all, he has a good heart, despite being a nuisance.

"No Naruto, it's a unique device that allows the wearer to transform into an…alien," Tsunade explained, saying the last word oddly, as if she didn't believe it herself. She's the fifth hokage, or Godaime. Tsunade is a super strong woman that can knock down a wall in a mere punch. Though she looked like she in her thirties or twenties, she is actually 50. Tsunade has blonde hair, ridiculously big breasts, and a small bluish diamond on her head. She also has a gambling and drinking problem, though she's named the "Legendary Sucker" by many, but shhh, I'm not supposed to know.

"Aliens really exist?" Naruto asked his eyes wide.

"Yes," Tsunade replied, getting impatient.

"What does this…Omnitrix look like?" I asked, wondering how silly this mission could get. I mean, really, aliens?

"It's like a watch, but has a green screen," was my reply. I sighed.

It's about time I introduced myself. My name is Shirou Natachi, and I'm 15 years old. My hair is coal black and hangs just above my sky blue eyes. I wear my forehead protector around my neck, so it doesn't actually protect my forehead. I wear white jeans with a black tee-shirt with a slim jacket over it that has a button on the top, in the middle and on the bottom. There is usually a black bladed katana on my back and kunai and shuriken pouch in my right leg.

"Now, your mission, as I said before, is to protect the wearer of this Omnitrix from a certain rouge ninja, although its unknown what's its name is. The requester of this mission is Maxwell Tennyson, the boy's uncle." Tsunade explained.

I blinked. "Waited, how old is the wearer," I asked, already knowing that this mission would be… annoying.

"The owner of the Omnitrix is Ben Tennyson and he lives in Bellwood, USA, North America. He's ten years old," Tsunade explained, waving it off as if it didn't matter. She had pronounced the name as if it was foreign and hard to say.

"So why is Naruto tagging along?" I glanced at Naruto when I asked this.

Naruto's eye twitched at my comment. And then he burst. "HEY, I bet I could kick your butt. I'll show you too, just try me," He exclaimed. I sighed.

Tsunade replied, ignoring Naruto, "Because he's around the same age as Tennyson. It'll be easier for him to create a friendship with him. Besides, from what I heard, the two are a like."

Naruto grinned, seemingly satisfied at the thought of making a new friend. "Awesome," he said.

"So where is this 'Bellwood'," I asked, having never heard a word of it before. He assumed it was off in the Rice country or something.

Tsunade grinned. Uh oh, that's not a good sign.

"Bellwood is located in another dimension, to be exact."

Naruto's jaw, as also my jaw, dropped when she said that.

"Wha-what? How do we even get there?!" That was Naruto. I was too busy being speechless.

"Well, apparently, Maxwell has the technique to cross dimensions. That's also how the rouge ninja got to Bellwood. Lord knows why he or she went there," Tsunade explain, her tone getting impatient. "Now that's all that you know. The rest of the information will be given on your way. Have fun."

With that, Tsunade kicked us out of her office, literally for Naruto. I sighed as we walked down through the village, our backpacks full of our clothes and weapons. Tsunade didn't even explain if getting to Bellwood would be safe.