Hey guys, it's me, the guy who wrote this story thing.
Haha, yeah, I haven't been on here for about two years.
Anyways, I'm sprobably/s going to seither/s rewrite my little story sor just start over.
Or not write at all, cause personally, I don't like writing a story using other characters I didn't make.
Next update will be up by next wednesday./s

update: 4.22.10

it's obviously past the next wednesday, but if any of you noticed, the first chapter is totally rewritten. yeah, i rewrote the first chapter and sorta working on the others in my free time, and by free time, i mean the time i have when i feel like working on it, which is like an hour...per three weeks. i've been working on another fanfic, a kingdom heats one. go check it out.