Author's Note: Alright, here we go – here's how Distorted Reality would continue if I kept writing it. I hope you all enjoy. To help refresh your memory, I'll also do a quick recap of Book 2. If you still don't remember much (I know, it's been a LONG time), refer to the Interlude chapter, which has a recap of Book 1.

Merge: It begins with Aang and the others leaving Jeong Jeong's ship, saying farewell. Sokka is his prisoner. Azula asks about the blue fire she displayed earlier. As a result of Aang being in a different universe, the world around him begins to change. He learns this from Avatar Roku after Aang decides to travel to the Earth Kingdom to find an earthbending teacher (his friends don't know, but he's looking for Toph). This Avatar Roku is the one he knows well, who is able to use the closeness of the two worlds. Roku chillingly warns him that he'll have to make a choice between which world he wants to stay in soon... but he can't return home yet. Katara, with permission from Hakoda, now travels to find Yue in the Earth Kingdom. Suki is already with her as a result of growing up in the South Pole. Suki's reasons for being there are unknown.

The Cave of Two Lovers: Blah, blah. You know what happens.

The Ruins of Omashu: Aang wants to get a look at the ruins of Omashu to see it for himself. He is deeply saddened by this and mourns for the death of his friend, Bumi. Meanwhile, Katara is training with Hama as the ship moves to the North Pole to get Yue. Piandao is also pursuing Aang. He is traveling to the Earth Kingdom to fight Aang for his meteorite sword back. Kanna and Piandao team up because of their common goal—find Aang and Sokka. They are both of the White Lotus Society. While in Omashu, Aang fights Piandao again, but before he joins up with Kanna. Aang wins again, with a little less bending in his attacks. He gets away. Kanna is trying to find Aang because she found a place Sokka can stay with the White Lotus Society, but Aang wants to keep Sokka with them.

The Trials: The group flies over the highest mountain in the world on their way to Gaoling, where they meet Sun Warriors that reveal firebending secrets to Aang and Azula – but only when everyone in the group completes a trial. They take a drug. Aang sees Katara, the one he knows, and his friends all smiling and staring down at him, and it causes him to cry and vow to save them. Azula sees her mother insisting that she loves her and that she's not a monster, which unnerves her. In rage, realizing it is a hallucination, Azula strikes her down. Then, Princess Azula appears to her and starts trying to influence her to leave her friends before they betray her, and to go her own way to become powerful. Princess Azula stays with her in the back of her mind. Zuko sees the scarred Prince Zuko, who talks to him about Aang and the concept of failure and gives him a gift by slightly bending his spirit (and thus giving him his own firebending abilities, which Zuko doesn't discover until later). Sokka sees his own mother and visions of himself with Aang, joking around together. He has no idea where this is from. Later, Aang and Azula are rewarded with the knowledge of bending blue and white fire.

The Freedom Fighters: Aang, Zuko, Azula, and Sokka are walking through a forest, because Appa needs some rest. Sokka begins to complain, and he and Azula get into a fight where Azula gets fiercely defensive of Aang. As they are fighting, someone swoops down and attacks Sokka, while he is also attacked with earthbending from the trees. Aang is totally flabbergasted when he sees Toph and Jet and the other Freedom Fighters, but it leads to conflict between them because a waterbender is there. After a long fight, Toph and Jet finally consent to tying Sokka up. While Aang, Azula, and Zuko are warming up to Jet and Toph, Sokka is being nearly tortured by the other Freedom Fighters while the others don't know. Aang knows not to completely trust Jet at this point, but Jet starts to get a large crush on Azula and tries to get her to help him burn down a village. She agrees with his extremist views, something that deeply disturbs Aang and the others, though she ends up helping Aang free Sokka. At the same time, Aang and Azula save Sokka from the other Freedom Fighters, Smellerbee, Longshot, the Duke, and Pipsqueak. Toph finds out about Jet's plot and becomes enraged, fighting him with Zuko. She locks him in stone and leaves the other Fighters to get him out, and Aang takes this opportunity to let her join them. She refuses because of Sokka.

The Blind Bandit: Toph-centric chapter. She leaves the Freedom Fighters to travel on her own. This chapter reveals her history, the loss of her parents, and her training with the badgermoles. She runs across Sokka, who escaped from Aang and the others, and fights against Katara, Suki, and Yue – but managed to run away once they beat her. Katara couldn't kill her because she hears a voice in her head.

The Chase: Make it much like the show, but when the groups split, Aang goes to confront the unknown person chasing him, leading them away from Zuko and Azula. Suki and Yue chase Zuko and Azula while Appa is falling asleep in the air. They confront each other, being evenly matched. Aang goes to the river (while Zuko and Azula go to the deserted village) to face the people following them alone. He sees a person in a blue mask riding up to him on a snow leopard, and he patiently waits, seeing a female figure. She talks. Aang doesn't recognize the voice at first (because he hasn't heard Katara speak for so long) so he doesn't know who it is. They fight one-on-one for a while, but then her mask slips, revealing Katara. Aang is so shocked and in pain that he can't move, totally numbed. His whole world explodes as he sees Katara taking advantage of his lapse and attacking him, cutting him and his clothing to shreds with the water. Sokka and Toph arrive at this point, and Toph takes Aang's place in the battle, fighting Katara. Sokka is very conflicted at this moment, but in one dramatic decision, he chooses to attack Aang. The Avatar finally snaps out of it, attacking him with both air and fire, even though he's very numb. The fights split the two pairs up, but Zuko and Azula arrive to help, having defeated Suki and Yue. Katara has Toph down for the moment and is cornering Zuko, quickly outmatching him. As he is down, she prepares the finishing blow, but in a desperation attack, he punches her. To his great surprise, fire streams from his fists, hitting her away from him. Aang runs away from his own fight, leaving Sokka and Azula to fight alone. He wants to find Katara, just to see her and try to talk to her. He is nearly crying as she attacks him, and as Zuko and Toph and the arrival of Kanna and Piandao surround her, Katara flees after impaling Piandao in the shoulder with a lance of ice. She takes Sokka and gets on her snow leopard and leaves. Aang breaks down and finally cries.

Bitter Truth: Here, Aang tells everyone everything about his world and all the struggles he went through. They accept him and Toph officially joins the group.

The Astronomer: Aang tells the group about a Solar Eclipse that took away the firebenders' powers in his own world, and he is pretty sure that there is going to be a Lunar Eclipse. However, he doesn't know when.. Kanna mentions someone she knows that is learned in the cosmic happenings of the universe and the stars, an astronomer. Aang immediately decides to give the astronomer a shot. They go to the village and meet the astronomer, a kind, pretty woman. Surprisingly, Teo lives with her. It is his mother. His father was killed during the flood instead, and the people moved to the south instead of the north. He talks to Toph and they share about their disabilities, reflecting on the rough lives they have. Teo speaks about how it hinders him, but he wonders how she could be a fighter if she is blind. She tells him about how it helps her earthbending, and that she had to turn it into her strength. Teo admires her strength, and for some reason, Toph starts to fully believe Aang's story and she thinks about how strong he is. Teo also decides to fight later on during the Lunar Eclipse with his airborne bombs. He became an inventor, like his father. Meanwhile, Aang and the others ask the astronomer about the Lunar Eclipse, and she tells them that it will arrive not long before the Comet. Meanwhile, Kanna and Piandao are heading to Ba Sing Se because they both have contacts in the resistance inside of Ba Sing Se (who is allied with the White Lotus Society). Katara tells Sokka, Suki, and Yue about the plan to attack Ba Sing Se from the water with their newest invention, submarines. Katara states that it is only a distraction for them to get into the city and take it over themselves. Aang is training his earthbending with Toph, while Azula is starting to teach Zuko firebending. Zuko gets kidnapped by some kind of badgermole and it brings him into a deep cave. It travels too fast for the gang to catch up, but by the time they do, Zuko is gone and the badgermole guards the entrance to the cave.

The Shaman: The group fights the badgermole, but they learn that it is a spirit. Aang tries to convince it he's the Avatar to let them inside the cave to help their friend. For some reason, it lets them pass and it fades away. As they go deeper into the cave, Azula and Toph begin arguing and Aang tries to be the mediator. At the same time, Azula is deeply disturbed that Aang knows her as the personification of evil and she thinks that he'll never love her. Deep inside the mountain, they find an old man that has control over natural spirits. He had Zuko taken because he realized he was somehow touched by another unknown spirit, and he realizes that there is hidden potential within him that needs to be unlocked. He performs a special ritual that calls upon the spirit of the mountain and the spirit of fire. Afterwards, Zuko feels no different. The effects of this aren't seen until later. Since Toph and Azula were in proximity, they also received the effects of this ritual. Meanwhile, Katara hires a bounty hunter (June) to hunt for Aang (using Aang's White Lotus headband).

The Serpent's Pass: Katara, Sokka, Suki, and Yue begin their journey to Ba Sing Se. This chapter is mainly about that journey. Along the way, Sokka still expresses regret over betraying Kanna and the people who helped him, while the three girls try to cheer him up. Suki and Yue fight over Sokka's affections, but he shows signs of liking both of them. That night, while they are traveling through, they have a long talk around the campfire about their lives. Suki and Katara reveal to Yue why Suki grew up with Sokka and Katara. Kyoshi Island was destroyed by the Water Nation when Suki was a baby, and since they shared Water Tribe qualities, Kya took her in. She grew up like a sister to Katara, but Sokka didn't care too much about her. Meanwhile, June easily catches up to the gang and they fight her.

End of finished chapters.

Aang and the others make their way to Ba Sing Se, but to cheer everyone up, Aang decides to go to Full Moon Bay where he remembered running into Suki in his own world. He knows that he will see Mai here – she is now a guard for the ferry with the other Roku Warriors. Meanwhile, Sokka, Katara, Yue, and Suki infiltrate Ba Sing Se, dressed as Earth Kingdom refugees, just as the attack is commencing. However, Katara gets herself and Yue involved in the fighting just as Aang's group comes, so he faces off against her again. Sokka and Suki manage to sneak into the city.

Aang's group finally gets inside the city after the battle, but Mai chooses to return to her warriors to pursue Katara. Ba Sing Se is exactly the same as Aang remembers it, but since it has no king in this world, there's a power struggle between the Generals and the Dai Li. Jet's also in the city, and Suki takes advantage of her time alone with Sokka. Zuko and the others meet Jin, who's part of the rebellion that Kanna and Piandao are meeting up with, but she can't take them to headquarters for a few days.

Tales of Ba Sing Se: The Tale of Azula and Toph: Azula suggests that they look around the city and try to pick up boys. They do this and meet some, but Azula realizes that Aang is the one she truly has feelings for. Toph gets this out of her, and says she is lucky to have someone she likes, because Azula is pretty and Toph doesn't know what she looks like. Azula convinces her that she's pretty and she would be able to get boys, so they try it. It is a failure, and the girls reason that they're too intimidating and they laugh. However, Toph gets hope that she'll be with her crush, Zuko. The Tale of Sokka and Suki: The two of them go out on a date, wondering when Katara and Yue will return. They kiss and have a good time, but Sokka is still conflicted over his feelings. The Tale of Aang: Aang dodges the Dai Li as he tries to find a way into the Palace to speak with the Generals about the Eclipse, and also tries to find the Rebel base. He discovers that the Dai Li have more power at this point than the Generals. The Tale of Zuko: Zuko takes a walk around the city late at night and comes across the Firelight Fountain. He wishes to take Mai here, but Jin comes up behind him and says it's her favorite place. She is timid and sort of shy, but Zuko says he is already sort of in a relationship and can't be with her. Jin says she understands and she talks about the death of her family as her reason for joining the rebellion. The Tale of Mai: Mai and the Roku Warriors are about to return to the city—they're even inside of the Outer Wall—because they were spying on Katara and learned of her plan. Katara discovered her too late and followed after her and her warriors. Katara and Yue take them all down themselves and steal their uniforms. Mai's fate is 'unknown.' Yue uses a special ability to defeat them - since the Water Spirits Tui and La wouldn't want to help the evil Water Nation, Yue's dad would have asked the Night spirit to cure his daughter after she was born. So Yue has white hair with a streak of black, and uses a katana to fight. She doesn't waterbend, but on the New Moon, waterbending ability comes to her and she is at that moment stronger than most waterbenders.

Jin is finally able to take the group to Lake Laogai, the headquarters of the rebellion. Meanwhile, Jet discovers Sokka and already knows ahead of time that he's a waterbender, but Smellerbee prevents him from reporting it to the authorities because she brings up the sore subject of Azula and Toph. At the Rebel HQ (called the Genomite Rebels), Aang meets Bumi, who miraculously turns out to have survived the fall of Omashu. King Kuei also leads the rebellion. After Omashu fell, Bumi traveled to BSS to warn Kuei of the Water Nation's power, tells him of the existence of the war, gets rid of Long Feng (who started his own kingdom in the Fire Nation in Book 1) and convinces him to step down. Since some attempted to overthrow Kuei, Bumi tells him that he needs to lie low. Jet confronts Sokka without fighting, but then decides to find Aang and tell him that Sokka is there.

Sokka backstory chapter and an explanation for how Hakoda ascended to the throne and killed his father. To keep it short and sweet, he was just power hungry. It split up their family. Kya was close to the previous Emperor and confronted Hakoda about it, but was later banished.

With the rebels, Aang's group receives letters from Ozai and his men, and a letter that came with a lemur – Momo! He turns out to be alive in this world and under the ownership of Guru Pathik, which later transfers to Aang. Like the show, the gang splits. However, Azula goes to meet up with her father instead of Zuko, while Aang meets with Pathik , where they discuss the merging worlds and that Aang will have to choose between one or the other to finally master the Avatar State and end the war. Meanwhile, Katara and Yue managed to infiltrate Ba Sing Se dressed up as Roku Warriors to meet with Sokka and Suki, planning to infiltrate the palace.

Azula centric chapter, focusing on her time and her relationship with her father. She also spends time with Zhao and Lu Ten.

Aang, since he cannot yet master the Avatar State, decides to meditate and search inside himself for the reason why he cannot. While that happens, he receives a vision of Zuko in trouble. Aang will rush back to Ba Sing Se, pick up Azula and meet Ozai briefly, and go and try to save Zuko. In this chapter, Aang will meet with Jet and the two of them will remove Long Feng, while Katara takes control of the Dai Li. At the end of the chapter, Katara will capture Zuko and throw him in prison when Zuko saw Sokka in the city, fought him and Suki, but ran to get help.

The Crossroads of Destiny: Aang, Azula, and Jet will meet Toph (who notifies the rebels with Jet) and then the two will split up to go find Zuko, while Katara meets with Zuko in the crystal catacombs. They have a conversation. Meanwhile, Azula will run into Sokka in the palace, and they will have more of a mental battle and try to draw on each other's weaknesses. Aang will come to interrupt this and defeat Sokka temporarily. Aang and Azula will rush to find Katara, where they interrupt that scene and Azula thinks that Katara is about to hurt her brother. Sokka comes in and sees Azula fighting his sister, and he starts attacking. The fight gets moved to the area with the waterfall, where Zuko will get possessed by his counterpart and exhibit powerful firebending.(Read below) Sokka will see Katara about to kill Aang, but he'll turn on her and save his life. Then they all defeat Katara (and Suki and Yue, who are involved in the fight) and she gets captured, saving the city. As things start to get brighter, Aang ponders what will come next. Suki and Yue managed to escape. It ends with Aang giving Sokka the meteorite sword.

(Possession): This possession happens as a result of the ritual performed on him a few chapters earlier. The Zuko from the Canon Universe gains complete control over Distorted Zuko's body for a short amount of time, essentially making him a firebending master. Also, he gets to speak with Aang again. His eyes grow red, almost like how Aang's eyes glow when he enters the Avatar State.

End of Book 2

Back in Lake Laogai with Katara as their prisoner, Aang and the others learn that the rebels messaged Ty Lee and Haru to come meet them and help with the war effort. They all reunite, but learn that Mai is still imprisoned in the city. Zuko immediately wants to rescue her, but Bumi and Kuei stop him and send Jet, Ty Lee, and Haru to do it instead. BSS is under control of the Dai Li now, who are now leaderless and things are chaotic. Aang decides to travel to the South Pole to complete his quest and defeat Hakoda before the eclipse, with Sokka, Zuko, Azula, and Toph at his side. He also brings along Katara, who is reluctant but still his prisoner.

Jet and Jin also meet, and the sparks fly immediately.

They begin at Kyoshi Island. Aang tries to talk to Katara several times, but Azula gets progressively bitter. Katara notices this and tries to manipulate her. Sokka tries to warn Azula about his sister, but he's not trusted yet, either – though the two continue to interact more and more, enjoying battles of wit. Meanwhile, Jet and the others infiltrate the palace, fight off the Dai Li, and free the Generals and Mai, helping to take back the city. Now, their own mission is revealed – travel to the North Pole and defeat Chief Arnook during the Eclipse (who is nowhere near as powerful as Hakoda).

Aang and the others arrive at the Southern Air Temple, progressively traveling to the South Pole. He reminisces about his home, and he decides to tell Sokka the truth about who he is and where he came from. Sokka spends the rest of the chapter thinking about everything. Zuko begins to try and change Katara – for Aang's sake. Aang wonders about why he was sent to the Western Air Temple to finish his training in this world, and then remembers Kherra, the girl from that temple that the "other Aang" was friends with. If you don't remember her at all, refer to Chapter 13 – The Eruption, where her story is explained in detail (long story short, she escaped from the West Temple with Aang and Kuzon when it was under attack, planning to fight Water Emperor Seiryu, who started the war. Aang never saw her again). At the South Temple, Aang finds records – a memoir from a monk – that she stopped at this temple before going to confront Seiryu. Sokka tells Aang of a frozen Air Nomad kept as a sort of victory memorial on Whale Tail Island, and Aang immediately wants to go there. Meanwhile, Hama approaches Hakoda and tells him of Sokka and Katara's defeat, as well as the name and location of Zuko and Azula's village.

The Girl in the Iceberg: The group heads to Whale Tail Island immediately. However, they find a large Water Nation town on the island… and Kherra in her iceberg is in an underground ice cavern. The dead, frozen airbender is marked as a trophy of victory over the Air Nomads, fully preserved and continuously refrozen by the Water soldiers there. It is revealed that Kherra did indeed find and confront Seiryu, but she was hopelessly outmatched and Seiryu froze her in an iceberg. Aang goes into the town immediately to liberate the iceberg and perhaps to give her proper rest. Though, subconsciously, he thinks she could still be alive since he also survived in an iceberg for one hundred years. The Avatar Gang rushes into the town square under the cover of night to beat back any soldiers and warriors that ambush them while Sokka and Aang work on thawing out the airbender. Zuko and Toph fight off the soldiers, but Azula finally makes a decision – she lets Katara return to her soldiers. And she even follows after her in an act of betrayal. The Gang is struck hard by the betrayal, but Kherra turns out to be alive, though extremely weak. Sokka, with his limited healing, attempts to revive her while Aang gives her warmth. Aang's feelings are conflicted, but Kherra is happy to see him and is concerned by a change in him.

Chapter where Kherra interacts with the group, deciding to help them defeat Hakoda. She spends most of the time recovering and finds an unlikely friendship in Toph. However, she deeply fears and hates Sokka. She gets separated from the group with Toph, where June finds them and Toph discovers metalbending to defeat her. Now, they've reached the South Pole mainland. At the same time, Jet's group reaches the North Pole.

Aang decides he wants to get even stronger and asks Sokka if he knows bloodbending – he does, but he only used it once. He expresses a desire to learn again. He tells the group that they should all become as strong as possible, and wants to learn metalbending with Toph as well. He slips and mentions something about his world, forcing him to tell Kherra the truth. Meanwhile, Katara and Azula are on snow leopards traveling across the barren, icy land, and come to a village, where Katara is treated rightfully like a princess. Their destination is the main Water Nation city. In the village, they hear a rumor of storm witches living in the mountains that strike down wandering villagers. It turns out to be Lo and Li, who offer hospitality to the two. They reveal that they are firebenders, natives of Azula's village, and old friends of Iroh. Back with Aang and the others, Zuko asks Aang if there's an advanced airbending skill, but Aang doesn't know and asks Kherra if she knows anything. Surprisingly, she does – soundbending, which she learned from Gyatso in her short stay at the Southern Air Temple. He later died helping her escape from the soldiers. She decides to teach Aang soundbending, while Lo and Li teach Azula advanced firebending techniques – charged attacks, flight propulsion, heat redirection, and most importantly, lightning. After learning all she can from the twins, Azula decides to deliver justice to them, but they strike at Katara. Surprisingly, Azula jumps in front of her and redirects it all by herself, and finishes them off.

Katara and Azula reach the capital, where they are regarded with cold disdain because Katara is now considered a failure. Here, Azula runs into someone she doesn't expect – a young boy from her village named Kasen, an OC, who was kidnapped many years before in a raid and received sympathy from the soldiers. He's now an archer and a hunter of firebenders, since he was raised with the Water Nation ideology. He remembers Azula, but in the raid, while Ursa was being killed by Pakku, Azula and Kasen fought off waterbender soldiers as much as they could, but when Pakku found them, he believed it was Kasen and kidnapped him solely because he was a boy. Kasen now hates Azula because he believes it was her fault that he was captured. A Water Tribe soldier took the boy home and raised him as his own, training him as an assassin. Hama brought him out as a secret weapon against Azula once she found out they were from the same village. Azula, Kasen, and Zuko were close friends. Also, Katara and Azula gain an audience with Hakoda, where Katara, bitter about her failure and his reprimanding, "conveniently forgets" to leave out information about the plan to attack on the Lunar Eclipse. But before Katara can do anything, Azula tells him instead, simultaneously shoving Katara further out of his favor and gaining the emperor's trust.

Meanwhile, in the North Pole, Suki and Yue arrive and Haru immediately falls for Yue. He begins meeting her secretly, and she doesn't know (or hints that she doesn't know) that he's really from the Earth Kingdom, since Haru and the others went incognito as Water Tribe members (Mai favors a black parka, while Ty Lee wears pink, as usual). However, even before this, Ty Lee and Haru showed feelings for each other.

Aang's group meets a reclusive Water Nation woman – another old Guru. She tells him of the current situation in the Spirit World and how things are merging more than ever, and that Aang will start to notice more things.

In the North Pole, Jet's group begins to prepare for the invasion, though most of the force plans to go to the South Pole. Jet and Mai interact often, though there are no romantic feelings, and Haru gets involved in a love triangle between Ty Lee and Yue. Meanwhile, Suki is on the hunt for the infiltrators.

Throughout the rest of the story, Aang's group continues to travel south and plan the invasion. When the day finally comes, all is going well. Azula is stationed as the personal guard to Water Emperor Hakoda, having gained his trust. Along with a small group of his other guards, she sits and waits. However, when the eclipse starts, she turns on the guards and fires lightning at them, killing them instantly, and turns on Hakoda. She reveals that everything she had done up until then was for this moment, so she could finally get him when his guard was down. She says that she wants to protect Aang from maiming his soul further by killing Hakoda, declaring that she will do it herself. Before she can deal the killing blow, Katara appears and battles her with her skills from her time as the Blue Spirit, distracting her long enough for Aang to come.

Meanwhile, Zuko, Toph, and Sokka get possessed by their Canon Universe counterparts, and Canon Sokka is overjoyed to be able to bend for the first time for a little before the eclipse starts. They all give their love and support to Aang while he goes off to fight Hakoda, leaving them to deal with the main waterbender forces. The Genomite Rebels clash with the enemy, and Kanna faces off against Hama.

Aang finds and confronts Hakoda and the two battle. Katara and Azula continue to fight, which distracts Aang and puts him at a disadvantage. The fight goes outside of the Palace, where, out in the open, Kasen fires an arrow at Aang from above with the intent to kill. For some reason, Katara throws herself in front of the shot, almost as if someone from inside of her forced her to do it. The arrow strikes one of her vital points and kills her. Enraged, Aang enters the Avatar State, flying over to Kasen with all of his hatred and destruction, fully intent on obliterating him. However, Azula appears in front of Kasen, protecting him with a blazing wheel of white fire, which she is able to use for the first time. (Note: This part would've been my favorite in the entire story to write, haha.)

Now, Azula faces off against the full power of the Avatar State, completely on her own. When Kasen flees, Aang uncontrollably spreads destruction wherever he goes, rushing to the shores of the city to possibly unleash his wrath upon the entire world – which Azula doesn't put past him. She focuses all her efforts to stopping him.

While Hakoda escapes, Katara lies against the ice, the arrow still protruding from her chest, completely unmoving. She is just clinging to life, and something wells up inside of her. She hears the voice of Canon Katara, urging her to return to the world of the living. The ice and water around her – even the blood from her wound – begins to glow. Her eyes shine a bright blue, signifying possession by Canon Katara. She sits up, alive, gaining full control over her Distorted counterpart's body. She rushes down to Aang, the eclipse over. When he sees her, alive, the Avatar State gets deactivated. She envelops him in a hug.

The invasion failed, but no one was imprisoned this time. Much of the city was destroyed by Aang, but the soldiers managed to use the distraction to fight off the invasion force.

Throughout the rest of the story, Canon Katara joins them, providing great comfort to Aang. She interacts with members of the group one by one, being looked up to as an older sister over time. Katara's most intrigued by Kherra, the distorted version of her brother, and Azula, though Azula wants little to do with her – until she finally realizes that this is the person that Aang is in love with, so she lets him go. Her and Sokka become even closer.

In the North Pole, the invasion was quite a lot more successful. Chief Arnook was not a waterbender, so Jet, Mai, and Ty Lee were able to fight off most of his forces and defeat him, while Haru meets Koh the Face Stealer and learns of the other world and Ty Lee and Yue's mixed fates. He learns that Aang made a choice in Book 1 and saved Ty Lee's life, so now it is Yue's turn to die again. However, Haru doesn't want this to happen, so Koh goes ahead to take Ty Lee, but while he tries to save her Koh manages to take Yue instead.

Seiryu's Moon approaches, and a battle is planned again. Undeterred by the rebels' invasion, Hakoda, like Ozai in canon, launches an invasion against the Earth Kingdom. The second moon brings a heavy deluge of rain that also aids in the invasion. Aang finally confronts Hakoda along with Sokka, who solves his daddy issues and learns that his mother is alive, while Katara leads the others in a battle against Hakoda's troops and Azula deals with Kasen.

During the battle, it is clear to everyone that the world is falling apart because of the tumultuous Spirit World, causing great rifts to appear along with strange spirit monsters as the worlds overlap. It becomes a race against time, as the invasion is the least of their worries. Finally, through the power of the spirits, Aang defeats Hakoda.

After the battle, Enma (the monkey spirit) appears before Aang, along with the three Gurus (Shen, Pathik, and the old Water Tribe lady). Enma tells him that he must go, but Aang doesn't know how – until the three Gurus reveal that they themselves aren't quite human. They're three parts of a single spirit – specifically, the Lion Turtle. Shen is the turtle's shell (remember that turtle shell he wore on his back? Heh, that was NOT a shout out to Master Roshi!), Pathik is the head, and the old woman is the body. The Lion Turtle is the vessel that will carry Aang and Katara between worlds. Aang chooses to go back to his own world in a moment of epiphany and self-realization. Now he finally understands that his duty is to his friends and the people he loves, and now that his DR friends are safe, his intense loyalty brings him out of that paradise and into a struggle once again, in a moment of self-sacrifice.

After their goodbyes, Aang, Katara, and Enma depart on the Lion Turtle, back to their world to end the war that tore their lives apart.

However, two bodies are left behind – the young, naïve Aang that was supposed to be the Aang in this world, who wakes up with all of the knowledge and memories that the other Aang had, but with his own personality still intact. Distorted Katara, without the support of Canon Katara's spirit, does not survive.

The story ends here, and it is unknown whether or not Aang and Katara succeed in saving their own world. I intended on leaving it ambiguous, but everyone in the Distorted universe moves on and has better lives, bringing balance back to their world. It is also hinted that Haru travels into the Spirit World to try and rescue Yue from Koh.

Final Pairings (while I do like playing with several, I did finally settle on a few):


SokkaAzula – which is mostly just implied, but they interact with each other a LOT more throughout Book 3.



HaruTy Lee – While he decides that he truly wants to be with Ty Lee, he still wants Yue to live.

Other pairings possibly happen in the future (perhaps Distorted AangKherra)


Hama is killed by Kanna.

Piandao was originally drafted to die in the invasion, but as of my most recent notes his fate was left unknown to even me. I don't even know if Hakoda survived the battle with Aang, truthfully.

A while back, I thought of a sequel, which involved the adventures of Aang and Katara through the Spirit World, where Enma guides them and tells them that they must aid their counterparts in a variety of different worlds, which were hinted at back in Book 2: Chapter 1. Their aim is to bring balance back to the Spirit World. Together, the two of them visit worlds where the Earth Kingdom is evil, or the Air Nomads, perhaps the Fire Nation again – and everyone takes turns being the siblings that Aang started his adventure out with (taking the Canon Sokka and Katara's role, and Distorted Zuko and Azula – when Aang is found in the Earth Kingdom, it is Haru and Toph who find him, and if he's found by Air Nomads, it's Kherra and another airbender OC I planned, a boy named Cho). Overall, it made a complete circle where Aang and Katara would spend a few chapters in each world, separate from their counterparts' bodies with totally fake identities, taking on mentor roles and such to the other, younger kids.

However, since the sequel only covers their time in the Spirit World between the Distorted Universe and the Canon Universe, Aang and Katara's adventures back in their own world are still left ambiguous, since the sequel ends much the same way as DR did.

Anyway, there it is – Distorted Reality and its barely planned sequel. HUGE thanks to everyone for being such great readers – I hope this summary is satisfactory. Again, you don't know how sorry I am for not being able to complete this story…

Edit: By the way, please keep in mind that this is a summary. I've gotten people saying "I'm glad you didn't finish" because they didn't like the freaking pairings I ended with. I was only halfway through the story when I gave it up - SO much happened between then and the ending that could not be communicated in a summary. Azula and Aang could NOT end up together in the end because Aang's from a completely different world, and he HAD to go back to where he belonged because he was the reason everything got screwed up between the worlds in the first place. There was also so much that was planned to happen between Azula and Sokka throughout Book 3, so that doesn't totally come out of left field, either. Seriously, can't everyone just be happy that I had the good grace of telling you all how it ended, in this much detail?

So, I have a proposition. A couple of people have asked me if I would consider putting this story up for adoption. I've decided that I will give anyone the permission to use my Distorted Universe. You may completely rewrite this entire story, and perhaps finish it this time. You may simply pick up from where I left off. You may even write the sequel, or even give a true conclusion to the series and have my version of Aang defeat Ozai back in his world.

As long as you credit me with the original idea, I'll be okay with it. Also, give me a link if you do – I'd love to read it.

Goodbye, everyone! I'm glad you've all been with me this long – you don't know how much it meant to me to see the reviews flowing in once I posted that this story would be discontinued, to see that you've all stayed with me on this journey. I can't thank you enough.

Please tell me what you think of how the story ended. It would mean a lot.