Harsh words from such a pretty face.

It was funny, simply because you wouldn't expect it; not from someone who looks like her. Pale skin, bright pink hair, catlike eyes, and threats pouring out of her mouth like Hoover Dam had been demolished. The girl who looks like she'd have trouble taking out a kitten has the rage and driving force of a mountain lion.

But she really was pretty.

He can't remember what she's yelling at him for. Super speed does not always denote a super attention span, unfortunately. He'll catch up at some point. He always does.

"You're cute when you're angry, y'know," he suddenly comments, interrupting her mid-rant. This was generally a dangerous move, but while super speed didn't improve his focus, it certainly provided him with an insatiable impatience. When Kid Flash noticed something that he felt needed to be heard, he made sure to blurt it out as soon as he could.

And even though the pretty scowl on her face deepens and the threats escalade from mere mutilating harm to brutal death at his words, something softens in Jinx's eyes as a soft pink hue creeps along her cheeks.

He really does love how he can do that to her.