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"So, to recap, these things just don't want to die," Asuka muttered. She was pretty much on the ball with her remark as the three Eva pilots watched as the nine units of the Eva Series, despite horrendous physical injuries, all come back to life. The white mass produced Evas even manage a smile on their intensely ugly heads. Shinji couldn't believe what he was seeing. No angel they had ever seen before was capable of what these unmanned Evangelions could do. Never had they seen an angel recover so quickly from wounds inflicted from close combat with an Eva. Then again, these weren't angels. It seemed oddly ironic that mankind was capable of creating an angel, so to speak, worse than any of the others that NERV had came across.

There was a tense standoff between the Eva Series and NERV's group of Evas. Neither seemed to want to make the first move and for the NERV Eva pilots, there was a great sense of trepidation over what damage making the first move would actually do. Asuka wasn't so apprehensive and drew her prog knife. "Let's see how you like this!" she cried as she launched it as hard as she possibly could at the nearest enemy Eva. Much to everyone's insurmountable horror, it literally caught the prog knife in between its teeth. Asuka was left stunned in her entry plug while Baxter looked up at his new master with a confused look on his penguin face. The pilots saw that the prog knife was beginning to disintegrate the teeth of the mass produced Eva before it quick spat it out as if discarding a toothpick.

"That went well," Toji said with his tongue firmly in cheek. "I don't think going straight in is going to do any good."

"What else can we do?" Asuka shot back. "We don't have any ranged weapons and I doubt they'll do much good anyway." Much to the frustration of the pilots, Asuka was right, which she herself was frustrated and annoyed at. There just didn't seem like a right way at trying to kill these Evas. Shinji silently attempted to use his powers to shift the balance of power in this fight towards them but he was once again prevented by greater forces at work in this universe. The odds still stood as they were, with nine seemingly invincible Eva Units against three pilots who had run out of ideas.

Suddenly, one of the mass produced Evas lifted up their weapon and launched it straight at Unit 01. Shinji summoned an AT field to stop the object but as it floated in front of him, it began to morph into something much more sinister. "The Lance of Longinus?!" Ritsuko cried from within Central Dogma. "It can't be!" The lance began to break through Shinji's AT Field and there was nothing he could do about it. However, Asuka wasn't going to let him go so easily. Just as the lance was about to penetrate the chest plate of Unit 01, Asuka grabbed the Lance and pulled it away from Shinji. She then launched it straight back at the enemy Eva that originally threw it and it went straight through its head. The lance stuck out of either end of the mass produced Eva's head but it did not go down. Instead, it grabbed the lance and pulled it straight out again. "Holy crap! It's not supposed to be able to do that!" Misato cried.

"Those are replica lances, yet they are still capable of penetrating an AT field," Ritsuko noted out loud.

"What I want to know is why that Eva Series Unit isn't dead?!" Misato asked. "It got that lance straight through its head and it stayed up standing!"

"Only a strike to the core of the Eva will kill it," Ritsuko pointed out. "It's just getting the core to expose itself which is the hard part."

"Where would the core be situated on one of our Evas?" Misato quickly inquired.

"Uh, around the central chest area," Ritsuko replied.

"Then hit those mass produced pieces of bullcrap right in the middle of the chest!" Misato ordered.

"Do you know how hard it is the breach the chest armour of any Eva?!" Ritsuko cried in disbelief at Misato's ploy.

"Well, just use the replica Lance things and we'll be fine, won't we?" Misato said.

"You're insane," Ritsuko muttered. She may have been insane but it was plain to see that Misato's plan was the only viable one. "I say we try Misato's plan!" Asuka said.

"Good grief," Ritsuko said, "you're all just as insane as her."

"Well, Ritsu, don't my insane plans always work?" Misato asked.

Ritsuko sighed and said, "You've got me there."

Asuka rushed towards the nearest Eva Series Unit and tried to grab its weapon off of it. However, it wasn't giving it up without a fight and began to tussle with Unit 02. "Oh, NOW they want to play ball!" Asuka cried through gritted teeth. As Asuka was locked with that Unit, other mass produced Evas began to move in on her which was where Shinji and Toji stepped in. "Not so fast!" Toji said. "You all require serious ass whipping. Doctor's orders."

"Crazy Major's orders, actually," Ritsuko pointed out as-a-matter-of-fact over the comm. link. Three of the white enemy Evas moved in on Shinji and Toji as Asuka still struggled to try and get a hold of the replica lance. Shinji pulled out his prog knife and shoved his knife up the abdomen of the nearest enemy Eva, using all Unit 01's force to shove the knife as far up as possible. Unit 01 however, received a smack in the head from another mass produced Eva wielding its weapon in its massive bludgeon form. Toji was quick to grab the arms of that Eva and break them with the immense strength in the hands of Unit 03. He then kicked that enemy Eva away before helping Shinji up to his feet. "We're just buying time!" Toji said. "And wasting our energy in the process!"

"We've got to keep trying though!" Shinji pointed out. "Asuka, how are you doing?!"

However, just after Shinji asked, he had a premonition of something horrible happening to Asuka. He needed to act quickly. "I'm okay…what the hell?!" was what came through from Asuka. Shinji saw it all happen in his mind; the mass produced Eva freed itself from Unit 02's grip before transforming the weapon in its hands into its Lance of Longinus form. Before Asuka could react, the enemy Eva swung the Lance at the waist of Unit 02. In the split second before the Lance struck the body of the Evangelion Unit, Shinji forced the ejection of Asuka's entry plug with his powers which thankfully worked this time. Luckily fate didn't want to kill his girlfriend. Just as Asuka's entry plug freed itself from the Eva, the lance cut Unit 02 in half right through the waist. "Asuka?! ASUKA!!" Misato cried from within Central Dogma.

Rei had been wondering all through NERV HQ ever since she led the penguins on their epic charge towards the JSDF. She felt as if she were looking for something but not quite knowing what it was. At first, she thought she had been looking for the penguins but now that she found them and led them into a one sided battle, Rei realised that it wasn't what she was trying to find after all. Something within NERV was drawing her to it. In fact, the closer she got to that sensation, she realised that there were in fact two things that she was being drawn to. She headed down a dark hallway, guided by instinct and gut feeling alone. She was completely unaware of the battle raging on above as she headed off into the darkness. Soon, she found a room she had been to many times before. The centrepiece of the room was a large, upright glass cylinder filled with LCL that Rei had been inside many times before when assisting the creation of the dummy plug.

She scanned the room and saw nothing seemed out of place. However, as she walked around, she noticed the unconscious form of Gendo Ikari lying face down on the ground. Next to him was an Emperor Penguin, patting the back of Gendo's head with its wing in curiosity. Rei knelt down by the penguin and stroked its head, running her fingers through its fine feathers. The penguin seemed to enjoy this and after Rei stopped, it was content enough to give a squawk of thanks before waddling off on its way. Rei managed a weak smile for her feathered friend, finding these penguins, at the very least, amusing. After the penguin was out of sight, Rei found herself drawn to something. At first, she thought it was Gendo Ikari but realised it was something that he had. Something in his right hand. Rei picked up Gendo's hand and removed the white glove that covered it. Underneath was a hand scarred by burns and most crucially, a hand that had the embryo of the first angel, Adam, embedded in it.

Rei held Gendo's hands tightly and focused on breaking down the barriers that prevent her from reaching Adam. In a moment too quick for the eye to see, the AT field in Gendo's right hand broke down just quickly enough that the embryonic Adam slipped out into Rei's hands. She stood up with the first angel held in the cup she formed with her two hands. Then, the angel appeared to melt into Rei's hands, merging with her body. Rei could feel the presence of the first angel inside herself. She could feel it wanting to expand from its embryonic form once more. However, Rei wasn't going to let that happen. She had something else to find, something much bigger. She didn't know why she was drawn towards it, but little did she know that it would be the beginning of a catastrophic event that could most possibly wipe out humanity as they knew it. Rei grabbed Gendo's security pass before heading down to wherever fate was leading her.

"Asuka…" Misato said weakly after watching Unit 02 fall into two separate pieces.

"Pilot life signs?!" Ritsuko cried, turning towards Maya Ibuki.

"They're not there!" Maya replied.

"What…they're gone?!" Misato shrieked in horror.

"No…they life signs are gone from the Eva! Asuka managed to eject!" Maya reported.

"She ejected?" Ritsuko asked. "How did she react quickly enough?! I barely saw that mass produced Eva swing that lance!"

"I don't know, but she's okay," Maya said.

"Shinji! Toji! Asuka's all right, she ejected! One of you, find her plug and get her out of there!" Misato ordered.

Out in the field Shinji looked towards Toji with an anxious look on his face. He wondered whether it showed in the way he was currently moving his Eva. "Go get her Shinji! I've got you covered!" he said. Shinji hesitated, not too sure whether to go or just to stay where he was and curl up into a ball. "Come on, go!" Toji urged once more and this time, Shinji set Unit 01 in a run to try and get to Asuka's vulnerable entry plug out of this incredibly dangerous area. He quickly found it next to the dismembered pieces of Unit 02 and picked it up. As he did, he had another premonition of great danger, this time it was towards Toji. Shinji turned around and this time he saw it happening.

Toji turned Unit 03 to face his enemy, only to find that he was vastly outnumbered. "Oh shit," he muttered as one of the enemy Evas launched its lance straight at Toji's doomed Eva. Thanks to Toji's athletic reactions, he managed to eject himself before the lance ripped clean through the throat of Unit 03. The lance's trajectory after piercing straight through Toji's Eva nearly took it straight at Unit 01, barely missing by a few metres. Shinji watched as Unit 03 still upright and still while the head simply toppled off its neck. The entire Evangelion then collapsed hard onto the ground.

Regardless off the danger it posed, Shinji ran in to get Toji's entry plug out of the path of the Eva Series. He wouldn't and he couldn't let Toji die like that after he had a near miss with death. Shinji spotted the plug on the ground and brought his Eva to a halt so that he could pick in up Toji safely before hightailing it in the opposite direction. He set Toji's entry plug next to where he put Asuka's and turned round to face the Eva Series alone. Instead, when he finally faced the Eva series, Shinji just barely managed to spot two lances flying at him at an incredibly high speed. All he could do was spot them; there was no chance of him reacting. They went straight into each hand of Unit 01 and the pain Shinji felt seemed heightened, either from adrenaline or his high synch ratio. He tried to move to get himself out of that situation but several Eva series units had grabbed him and to Shinji's absolute dismay, his Eva simply seized functioning as soon as he was in the grasps of the Eva series. Shinji knew that something was definitely not right.

Rei walked and walked on through the endless hallways and corridors in the backwaters so to speak of NERV. She felt lost, yet had the urge to keep going nonetheless. Her long journey had taken her right into the depths of NERV HQ and she was walking down a long sloped path that was leading her to a double door right at the bottom. It was eerily dark and the red hue of the little light there was also adding to the creepy aura of the place. Rei walked on regardless, focusing on the door in front of her, pushed forward by gut feeling and the angel that was inside her body. The closer she got to this door, the more she felt Adam inside of her, urging her on. Rei reached the end of this path and saw the ID card reader just beside the entrance. She swiped the commander's ID card through it and waited for the door to Terminal Dogma open in front of her.

Once inside, Rei walked up to the second angel, crucified upon a makeshift cross over a lake of LCL. "Lilith," Rei whispered as she stood in awe of what lay ahead. The angel was a large, bulbous mass of white on that red cross with a curious mask of seven eyes. Rei had found what she was looking for as the time for a vast change over humanity drew closer. She moved forward to the edge where the LCL met solid ground. The quantity of the orange liquid at her feet was enormous and all of it bled out of the wound in the second angel, caused by the Lance of Longinus penetrating Lilith's abdomen. The blue haired girl looked up at the mask hiding the face of Lilith. The head of the angel was slumped over to one side, as if it died a long time ago from the crucifixion.

Rei stepped out over the LCL and using the power of her newly awaken AT field, she began to walk through the air before levitating herself towards the heart of the fallen angel. Rei merged with Lilith whilst Adam was within her, uniting a forbidden union. The quiet, enigmatic girl had acted as a catalyst for what could be the beginning of the end. The second angel, having consumed Rei within itself, began to change. It slipped its hands off of the nails that pinned it to the cross and it pulled the Lance out of its body. The mask that covered its face slowly began to peel off, revealing the new face of Lilith. The second angel began to take the shape, form and appearance of Rei Ayanami as it prepared to begin the Third Impact. All the pieces were in place. There was no stopping it now.

"Why isn't Shinji moving?!" Misato yelled, watching the mass produced Evas lift a lifeless Evangelion Unit 01 into the air.

"His Eva isn't responding!" Maya cried.

"Pilot life signs are still present and normal but his comm. link is offline!" Makoto added.

"Damn it! What the hell is happening?!" Misato bellowed as she slammed her fist against the table in front of her.

"It is the beginning of Instrumentality," said the deputy commander. Everybody on the lower level looked up towards him, many with looks of insurmountable disbelief on their faces. "Not now," Ritsuko muttered. "Why did it have to be now?"

"You mean…we've lost?" asked a stunned Misato.

Just after those words left her mouth, a giant, white female form, much like a colossal apparition began to rise through the base. Screams and shrieks were let out as it went straight through solid walls like a ghost towards the surface. After it disappeared out of sight, the entire base began shaking. Then, with a tremendous roar, the Lance of Longinus shot up through the base the same way the giant white figure but instead of going straight through the walls, it demolished everything in its path, causing large amounts of debris to fall in its wake. "What the hell was that?! And why was the Lance of Longinus flying up following it?!" Misato bellowed.

"It is Lilith, the mother of humanity. With Evangelion Unit 01, the Eva Series, Lilith and the Lance of Longinus, it appears all the pieces are in place," Fuyutsuki explained, rather level headedly for a man that knew that the end of the world seemed imminent.

"So we have lost," Misato said, quietened by the sudden realisation.

"Not quite," the deputy commander expressed softly. "It is up to Shinji to decide the fate of mankind."

"But…we've lost radio contact," Maya pointed out. "How do we know if he'll make the right choice? How do we even know what he's going through?"

"We don't," Fuyutsuki replied.

"Jeez," Misato muttered. "Well Shinji, it almost seems like you're God up there, deciding everybody's fate and all. I might as well pray." Little did she know that he had been God all this time before, a fact that was of little consequence to them all now.

Unit 01 was high above Tokyo-3 now and joining it was Lilith in the form of a giant, naked, pure white Rei Ayanami. The Eva Series, some brutally disfigured with their battle wounds, floated there with Unit 01 marked with the stigmata on its palms. Shinji was sitting in the plug, looking very unimpressed. "You know, this sucks," he muttered. "The one I really need to kick some ass, Unit 01 seizes to function and the apocalypse begins to loom. Just peachy." Shinji saw the giant form of Lilith grow in size before eventually looking at his Eva through giant red eyes. "Is that…Rei?" Shinji asked himself quietly. Lilith slowly raised her hands so that they were either side of Eva Unit 01. "No…it can't be Rei," Shinji said. Then, just as the mass produced Evas began to move, time itself appeared to stop before Shinji's eyes. Suddenly, Shinji wasn't inside Unit 01, but outside looking at it. As well as that, he appeared to be standing in midair.

"Looks like the game is up, huh?" said the familiar voice of God. Shinji turned around to see God walking towards him out of an open door, cut out of the sky. He found the fact that God was walking through midair as if walking on the ground quite disorientating. "Do you have any idea what's happening, Shinji?" God inquired.

"Not a clue," Shinji replied.

"That's a shame. I thought you would know," God said, walking over to the frozen form of Lilith.

Shinji was rather confused, "What, you mean you don't know either?!" God turned his head around with a telling smile. "Ah, so you're pulling my leg!" Shinji exclaimed.

"You should know by now, Shinji. I am God, I know everything," the Morgan Freeman look-alike said with that smile still firmly planted on his face. "Although I don't let on, do I?" he added with a chuckle.

"You had me," Shinji agreed, managing a smile as well.

God turned away from Lilith and walked back towards Shinji. "You know, its ironic, no matter how different things may seem, fate still manages to get its way," God said.

"What do you mean?" Shinji asked.

"This would have happened even if I hadn't intervened with you all that time ago," God explained. "The Human Instrumentality Project."

"So, even with me having all your powers, nothing has changed?" Shinji asked, feeling rather down now.

"Well, not everything," God pointed out. "Think about the people you love, Shinji."

"The people I love?" Shinji asked. "What do you mean by that?"

"It's to put things into perspective on how they changed. If I let you continue without intervening like I did, Asuka would have been killed at the hands of the Eva series. Toji would be without a leg. Misato would have been shot and killed at the hands of the JSDF. Rei would have died once already at this point. Ritsuko would be dead, killed by your father. And your father would be left a man more broken than he already is," God said.

"And everybody in this arc of existence is alive and well?" Shinji asked.

"That is correct, thanks to you," God replied.

"And my dad was put firmly in his place?" Shinji further inquired.

"Yes, by a penguin," God answered with a chuckle.

Shinji smiled once more but it faded when he glanced over at the scene playing out in front of him. The Eva Series, Unit 01, Lilith, the Lance of Longinus, all would amount to Third Impact. "Even so, fate still wants the Instrumentality Project to go ahead?" Shinji asked.

"It was sealed as soon as man tried attempted to harness the Fruit of Eternal Life through the first angel, Adam, and inadvertently caused Second Impact," God said. "However, here's the twist in the tale." God cleared his throat quickly before continuing. "The act that you see before you, that was written by fate. However, the outcome is yet to be decided. That's where you come in," God said.

"Me?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, you Shinji. Fate would have transpired up to this moment where you would be required to play God."

Shinji's eyes widened at God's words. "So even if you hadn't done your things," Shinji said, "I would have still decided the outcome of the Instrumentality Project?"

"That's right. You would have been given all the powers of God anyway, if only for one, decisive moment," God answered. "And it is this one moment that defines who you are as a God amongst men."

"I don't get it," Shinji said. "Why did fate choose me for this? They could have chosen anybody."

"It is the mark left by your mother," God said. "When she became trapped inside Evangelion Unit 01, the road was set out for you. I just happened to make it a bit easier for you because I reckoned you deserved it."

"Thanks for that," Shinji said with a smile.

"No problem." God peered over to the scene that lay before them, knowing that it would have to be acted out soon.

"So, here it is, Shinji. The moment of the biggest choice of you life and most possibly humanity's existence. All I ask is that you make the right choice," God said.

"Any clues to what the right choice is?" Shinji asked hopefully.

"Sorry my friend, you're going to have to find that out for yourself," God replied. "Also, since my holiday is officially over, I can take my job back which means that I'm going to have to take my powers back from you."

"Aw, really?" Shinji said.

"Afraid so, son," God said with a chuckle.

"I had fun with them," Shinji said sadly.

"I know, I know, but this had to be done. Now, go forth and do what you must, Shinji Almighty," God said.

Shinji looked up at God before stealing a quick look at his Eva. He faced God once more and said, "Thank you, for everything. I am eternally in your debt."

"Eternity is a very long time, Shinji, you might want to take that back," God said with a laugh. "Now go on and make things right." Suddenly, Shinji found himself fading back into the plug of Unit 01.

Shinji watched as Lilith brought Unit 01 closer to her. The Eva Series all formed up around the purple Evangelion in an odd formation that was creating a resonating anti-AT field. Lilith smiled placidly as the Lance of Longinus moved up to Unit 01's throat before exposing its core and becoming enveloped inside that red orb within Unit 01. Shinji's vision inside the plug was slowly fading and he began to hear the consciousnesses of billions of human beings in his head, all at once. That was the intended effect of all this. All those consciousnesses were to be combined into one, single existence. Was that the right choice? Shinji wondered and couldn't find a single justification to let that happen. He couldn't let that happen. Humanity was special because of the individuals that made it up. Sure, there were some real assholes out there, but the miracle lay in the good humanity could do and the good inherent within this otherwise greatly flawed species.

"What does your heart desire?" the voice of Rei Ayanami asked softly as Shinji's vision faded to black. "What does your heart desire?" she asked once more. Suddenly, Shinji heard a drop of water and found himself in an empty room with a lone wooden chair in the middle. He couldn't see any of the walls because of the darkness but he knew he was in a room. Out of the black walked Rei Ayanami and Kaworu Nagisa with one of his hands still in his pocket as ever. The two of them each carried a wooden chair which they both placed down and sat on. "Please Shinji, sit," Kaworu said. Shinji didn't see any reason not to and sat down, facing the two of them.

"So Shinji, what is it that your heart desires?" Kaworu asked. "It is your first other?" Behind Rei and Kaworu, a screen appeared and project onto it were images of his mother who Shinji had never seen before that point. However, when he saw the moving pictures, he immediately knew that it was indeed Yui Ikari, mother of Shinji Ikari. They showed a woman smiling, holding a baby Shinji in her arms. "Or is it love?" Rei asked. The images quickly changed to that of Asuka Langley Sohryu, dressed in that yellow sundress she was wearing when they first met. "What are you, stupid?!" cried one of the images on that project. The sound of her voice seemed to echo into the darkness that surrounded them. There were various images of Shinji and Asuka together in each other's company, some in loving embrace, some highly suggestive which caused Shinji to smirk.

"Is it companionship and acceptance you desire?" Kaworu asked. Images of Toji and Kensuke showed up on the screen, sometimes involved in playful banter in Shinji. Next were images of Misato getting out of her car and removing her sunglasses that time she visited Shinji's school for a parent-teacher day. Shinji fondly remembered how Toji and Kensuke drooled as they peered at her outside the classroom window. Next were images of Kaji, Hikari Horaki and all the NERV staff that Shinji had grown to know. The last image was that of his father, strangely without his glasses or his beard with a smile, a very unusual expression for him, on his face. "Or is it power?" Rei asked next. The images showed Unit 01 in its berserk state, ripping various angels to shreds with its bare hands, becoming covered in blood in its wild frenzy.

"Enough," Shinji said. The screen disappeared out of sight while Rei and Kaworu sat still, unfazed by Shinji suddenly speaking up. "I was told that I had to make a choice," Shinji said. "What is that choice?"

"That choice," Rei said, "is in your heart. You must choose what your heart desires."

"What? Is that it?" Shinji asked.

"You will find no answers from us. It is up to yourself," Kaworu pointed out.

"That makes no sense! It's totally ambiguous!" Shinji cried.

"Then the inside of your heart makes no sense, and is ambiguous," Rei said. "The choice is there for you to make it. You must find it within yourself."

"But you haven't told me anything!" Shinji cried.

"Let me ask you again," Kaworu said with a smile, "what does your heart desire?"

With the reiteration of the question, it suddenly made sense to Shinji. It was also painfully simple. What he wanted in his heart was for this whole Instrumentality process to stop so he could get back to his life, his friends, everything he had worked so hard over the past few months to keep, albeit with a bit of up from high above. "I see you have found what you are looking for," Kaworu said.

"Yes," Shinji said. "I want this to progress no further. Instrumentality stops right here, right now. No human consciousnesses are going to become one, not now, not ever. I want life to return to normal and nothing more of Eva, the angels and anything like that to be around anymore."

"If that is the case, then we have nothing more to do," Rei said. "You have found what you desire. Our business here is done."

"Hey Rei, you're not going anywhere! You're coming back down to Earth as well! It's where you belong," Shinji said.

"Rei will be joining you, do not worry," she said.

"Uh, you're talking about yourself in the third person," Shinji said.

"It is because she is not truly Rei Ayanami, nor am I Kaworu Nagisa," Kaworu explained. "We are Adam and Lilith in a human form, a form which is comprehensible to you, Shinji."

"So the real Rei and Kaworu…?" Shinji asked.

"Rei is within Lilith," Kaworu replied. "And Kaworu was killed. You will see Rei again but unfortunately, not Kaworu."

"It's okay, I guess that's how things have to be," Shinji said. "So, is that it? Instrumentality is over?"

"Just say the word," Kaworu said.

"Okay," Shinji sad, "but before you do, I have one favour to ask."

"Let us know what your heart desires," Rei said with a smile. After Shinji was granted his last request, everything went white and Third Impact was stopped from ever happening.

Shinji opened his eyes and found himself lying down on a beach. He heard waves crashing on the shore while he was staring up at the sky. Shinji sat up and looked out at the ocean which was a pure azure, sparkling with the reflection of the sunlight. Lying next to Shinji was Asuka in that bikini she wore when they went swimming at the NERV swimming pool. In Asuka's arms was Baxter. Shinji stood up and it appeared as if time were frozen again. Out in the water playing with a beach ball was Toji, Kensuke, Rei and Hikari, all in their various swimwear. To his left were Misato and Kaji both sitting underneath an umbrella. Misato was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in her swimsuit and her favourite sunglasses while Kaji had a Hawaiian style shit and swimming shorts on. To his right were two of the three main computer technicians, Makoto and Shigeru, kicking a football (soccer for anyone of an American inclination!) ball about. Further across was Ritsuko and Maya, both behind laptop computers, talking about something. Maya was in a one piece swimsuit while Ritsuko had a bikini on while curiously wearing her white lab coat over it. Shinji then looked behind him and underneath a palm tree was a desk. Behind it was Gendo Ikari, sitting with his hands clasped together in front of his mouth with his tinted glasses hiding his eyes. He was curiously wearing a Hawaiian style shirt, swimming shorts and sandals with Fuyutsuki dressed in the same attire, standing by the desk. All of this was frozen in time.

"Looks like you made the right call." Shinji turned around to see God in a Hawaiian shirt, swimming shorts and sandals as well. "Did I?" Shinji asked.

"Well, humanity is still humanity and not some false evolutionary pinnacle, right?" God said.

"I guess so," Shinji said. "So, fate its way?"

"Yup, and you got yours," God said. "I have to say Shinji; it has been good knowing you."

"I have to say the same," Shinji said. "You should probably go into politics after this." God laughed, remembering how Shinji asked whether he was a politician when they first met. "Maybe I will," God said with a smile. He extended his hand out which Shinji gratefully took. The strange relationship between the 14 year old Japanese boy and God who looked a lot like Morgan Freeman was exemplified in that handshake they shared. "Sayonara, Ikari Shinji," God said with a smile that a father would give his son.

"Domo arigato gozaimasu, Kami," Shinji said as he watched God walk away into the distance.

Suddenly, time started again and everybody went about the actions they were doing whilst in suspended animation. However, they quickly stopped. "How the hell…last thing I remember I was in NERV HQ?" Misato asked.

"And Instrumentality was taking place," Ritsuko added. All eyes turned to Shinji. "I think I stopped it," Shinji said.

"You stopped Third Impact?" Ritsuko asked. "Good! I couldn't have expected anything more!"

"All right Shinji!" Kaji added. There were cheers and applause all round for Shinji who had become a bit of a hero for NERV in stopping what could have been an event more catastrophic than Second Impact or anything they had ever known. "One thing still confuses me," Misato said. "Why are we on a beach in Okinawa?" It was a very good question, because nobody there except Shinji knew and the fact that you don't usually end up in a completely different place instantaneously. "Well, before I finished stopping Instrumentality," Shinji explained, "I asked if we could all be put on Okinawa."

"That means only one thing!" Asuka cried, getting up to her feet. "WE PARTY!!"

There were cheers all around as everybody savoured being on a sunny beach in Okinawa after Third Impact had been adverted. Asuka smiled at Shinji and grabbed a hold of him. "I don't know how you did it, but you did," she said before pulling Shinji's head in so that the two could kiss. It was long and drawn out, a kiss that the two needed after the intense battle that they fought with the Eva series. "Look! Shinji and Asuka are making out!" Toji cried from the water. Kensuke wolf whistled and Shinji and Asuka ended up blushing in embarrassment. Asuka was rather redder with rage, "SHUT UP BEFORE I GO OUT THERE AND POUND YOU MYSELF!"

Gendo and Fuyutsuki watched the younger generations enjoy themselves and the deputy commander couldn't help but smile. "I guess you couldn't see Yui," he said.

"That is true, but maybe the consequences of Third Impact were greater than I initially would have imagined," Gendo said with a sigh. "There is one thing I have learned from all this."

"And what is that?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"Penguins are evil, evil creatures."

Shinji and Asuka walked hand in hand down the beach, seeing what there was to see. Asuka ran off into the crystal clear water, causing Shinji to follow. Asuka let the waves softly roll over her feet, basking in the glorious tropical sunshine. "This is just wonderful," she said with a smile as wondrous as the sunshine. Asuka drew Shinji in for another kiss but for something catching her eye in the distance. She looked over and said, "Is it just me or is that Morgan Freeman over there?" Shinji peered over to where Asuka was looking and saw God far in the distance with a grin on his face. Shinji smiled at the sight, knowing that he was with his friends and the planet was safe. And soon, God would be in his heaven, and all would be right in the world.