You Met Your Match

A/N: This is technically a sequel to "A Smile is Worth More Than Words" but you don't need to have read it to understand this. I might turn this into a series of one-shots. This being the second. There are slight spoilers for missing as this is set shortly after that episode.

Jennifer attempted to dodge left, but only succeeded in tripping over her own feet. She landed on her ass, hard, for the tenth time and the day was still young.

"Face it. I'm hopeless."

Ronon shook his head and offered her a hand, hauling her to her feet like she weighed nothing.

"That's not what Teyla said."

"I was useless. Scared out of my mind the entire time. And I think I was whiney...she said I reminded her of Rodney," Jennifer sighed.

Ronon smiled. "It didn't stop you from saving her life. Tackling a guy twice your size."

She felt her cheeks start to burn, she quickly grabbed a towel and began wiping the sweat off her face. Somehow she didn't think he was fooled. "That was just adrenaline," she mumbled into the towel.

Ronon yanked it off her face. "You beat the fear. That's all that matters." She thought she heard a trace of pride in his deep voice. "Besides, this is your Christmas present. I'm going to give it to you whether you like it or not," he said while stepping back and tossing the towel to the side. He raised his bantos rods.

"I do," she allowed a smile. "So far you've kept your promise not to lift me over your head."
She raised hers as well.

"So far," he smirked. Then came at her again.

She remembered what he'd told her, always look at your opponents eyes, not their body. The eyes didn't lie. She blocked his overhead jab with her weapons, and spun to the right. Amazingly without falling.

"Not bad," he said while they circled each other.

She blocked a side blow, their weapons clanged together. She tried taking the offensive, aiming for his shoulder, he dodged easily.


"I missed," she panted.

"But you're trying now."

"Hey, I've been trying the whole time."

He shrugged.

Jennifer felt something stirring inside the pit of her stomach. It was anger. "Cocky bastard," she blurted.

He just smiled.

Jennifer knew she'd lost her mind as she charged him, but what the hell. He moved left, spun, and hit her in the rear as she stumbled past him, almost running headfirst into the wall.

She felt something else starting to stir besides anger. Jennifer smiled, and pulled the rubber band out of her hair, allowing it to spill over her shoulders. She could see the surprise in his eyes, and maybe something else smoldering beneath the surface.

Jennifer used that momentary distraction to her advantage, she darted forward, managed to get in one blow to his arm before he grabbed her wrist and started to go into a throw he'd pulled on her several times before. She might have been a slow learner, but she did learn. She didn't fight his strength, she used it, going with the motion she elbowed him in the ribs. He gasped, more in surprise than anything. Then she twisted loose, making sure to pat him on his own rear. Which was quite firm. She was a doctor, she noticed things like that.

He actually growled, and came at her so fast she didn't have time to gloat. Before she could gasp, he had her pinned to the mat below them. His long hair tickled her cheeks, his breath warm and rapid caressed her lips. "You win." She said.

His eyes were surprisingly gentle, warm even. "Not even Sheppard was able to land a single blow on me our first time sparring."

"Sorry." She said, his face was so close to hers she could see every detail. All the lines that showed the years of hardship he'd endured running from the wraith. His eyes held the pains of someone three times his age, yet he never gave up. Jennifer wondered what horrors he'd seen, whom he had lost. She wanted to tell him how much she admired his strength, how nice his body felt pressed up against hers, how much she wanted him to kiss her. But that was insane so instead she said, "So do I get another chance?"

He slowly removed his hand from her chest. "You haven't had enough?"


"Good. Neither have I."

Jennifer stood up, took a swig of water, and adjusted her tight, blank tank top. She noticed him watching her while he took a drink himself. He tossed it to the side.



She didn't do so well. The Doctor managed to block two strikes, but missed the third and wound up on the floor again. "You know, I'm getting tired of being on my back."

He grinned. "I kinda like you there."

Her cheeks started getting hot again, but she didn't avert her gaze. This was crazy, there was no way a man like this would be interested in her. A women who until a week ago hadn't even been involved in a combat situation. He needed a warrior like himself, she'd never be his type. But his expression told her otherwise. "Ronon, I-"

"Yikes, sorry guys, didn't know anyone was in here."

They both tensed and looked over to see John Sheppard looking smug in the doorway. Teyla stood behind him.

"It's okay we were almost done anyway," Jennifer blurted.

"Really? It looked like you were just getting started to me," John smiled, and tried to appear innocent.

Teyla rolled her eyes. "John."

Ronon glared at him.

The colonel just smiled and walked into the room. He set his bag down and began rummaging through it.

Ronon turned back towards her, his expression once again unreadable. "I'll see you later."

"Yeah. I should go shower and get some sleep."

He nodded and headed for the door.

"Ronon. How about tomorrow?"

His eyes softened momentarily. "Sounds good." Then he was gone.

She smiled and headed towards the door. Teyla touched her arm as she passed. Jennifer stopped and met the lovely Athosian's gaze. "The session went well I take it."

"It did. I think I'm going to like this warrior thing."

"I thought you might, " she said and then followed John inside.

She made a mental note to ask Teyla a few things later then headed towards her quarters for a much needed shower. Her heart was light as she thought about tomorrow night. Maybe, just maybe, she could get him on his back.

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