Title: The Trouble With Truth

By: SnarknSass

Rating: Fluffy good for everyone. Some language. Sorry, I can't help it.

Disclaimer: I own a kicky little black vintage purse but alas, I do not own Veronica Mars. I'll trade my purse for her, Rob?

A/N: I want to give it up to the great people who read and write VM fiction. You guys have no idea what it means to me. Feedback is appreciated.

Logan Echolls sat in his first period French class drumming his pen on his desk. He was bored. Mind numbingly bored. Day in and day out his life held the same tired monotony. Other people might not consider Logan's life monotonous. After all, he was from one of Neptune's wealthiest families. Wealthy in terms of mega wealthy. In addition, he was blessed with good looks and a certain amount of charm that led him to get away with most things in life. His mother often used the old-fashioned term rake to describe him, other people used playah, lover, or lucky son of a bitch. To Logan, it was just who he was no more no less.

Looking for a distraction to engage him, he surveyed his other friends in the classroom. He saw Lilly Kane, his on again-off again-on again, carousal of a girlfriend. Lilly was the only child of software entrepreneur, Jake Kane and was an heiress to billions. She was beautiful and bitchy. Lilly was the reigning 09er queen. Sure, she slutted around and she could manipulate like no one else but that didn't prevent the whole school from putting her on a pedestal. It always amazed Logan that Lilly could be so different in her parents' social circle. There she was the image of a prim and proper lady. At her parents' gatherings she was the picture of purity, all white virginal lace and pink bows. He laughed at the thought. Currently, Lilly was flirting outrageously with every guy in the class. Logan couldn't remember if they were on or off but the beginning of a school year probably signaled an off period as Lilly liked to scope the fresh meat. Lilly threw back her head in exaggerated laughter at something Dick Casablancas said to her. Logan knew the laughter was exaggerated because Dick never said anything that smart or entertaining. Dick was, well just that.

The rest of the class consisted of your typical 09er people: Madison and Shelley discussing the latest fashions, John and Casey talking new cars, Luke and Beaver fighting over the best version of HALO…same old, same old for the 09ers. He wasn't likely to find anything new in this class. French was reserved at Neptune High for the 09er kids. It wasn't like this was a rule from the administration but an unspoken rule of the hierarchical system that was high school. French was 09er territory. Spanish was for the rest who were probably fluent in it already.

That's probably why he was so surprised when the door opened and in walked a girl who clearly was not 09er material. Logan took a minute to study her as she handed the French teacher, Mr. Renard, her note. He couldn't see her face as she was turned at an angle. She was short, maybe 5'2 if that and very compact. Her light blonde hair was cut in one of those asymmetrical bobs swinging just past her chin. If it wasn't for the clothes, she would have reminded Logan of a pixie but her clothes clearly said a combination of back off and Salvation Army. First, she had an old black and blue Ramones concert t-shirt over a plaid mini-skirt. On her feet were the butchest pair of black combat boots that he had ever seen. She sported several black accessories like a piece of thin black chord wrapped around her neck and a black leather wrist band.

Now Logan's interest was peaked and by the look of it several of his classmates as well since they had stopped their gabbering to see what was going on. Mr. Renard took that moment to inform the class that this was a new student, Veronica Mars, and Veronica turned around to face the class. Logan was stunned. She had the most amazing face like a china doll with bright blue eyes, pink cheeks and lips, and smoky eyelashes.

Veronica turned to meet the class. She didn't really look at any of the people there, she wasn't that interested. Who cares? What was the point? Their impressions of her meant about as much as the gum she had scraped off of the bottom of her shoe that morning. In fact, their impressions probably meant less since she had cared enough to scrape the gum off of her shoe. Mr. Renard told Veronica to take a seat next to Lilly Kane who could help her get acclimated to the class. As Veronica glanced in Lilly's direction, she was met with a glare. Whatever. Veronica plopped herself in the seat next to Lilly while Mr. Renard mumbled something about first day of class chaos. He told he class to talk amongst themselves in French for the remainder of he time while he tried to get organized.

Veronica was glad that the other kids in the class went back to their conversations. They didn't try to include her and she made no attempt to join in on any conversation. Instead she slipped her earpiece in and turned on her IPOD. Closing her eyes and slouching in her seat, Veronica was just getting relaxed when she felt someone tap her shoulder. Veronica opened her eyes to find one of them. A boy specifically with dirty blonde hair that had highlighted tips. You could tell he thought he was somebody special. She took her earpiece out and raised an eyebrow at him questioningly. "I wanna be sedated", he drawled out. "Cute", said Veronica. "Now that we established that you think I'm cute, I should return the compliment", smirked Logan. Oh brother, was this guy even worth the trouble to roll her eyes at. "Save it for a rainy day", Veronica stated. "It doesn't rain in Southern California", Logan informed her. "Exactly", shot Veronica and put her earpiece in and closed her eyes in dismissal.

"That bitch!" Logan thought. Who did she think she was to blow him off. He was Logan Echolls. Who was she? Just some poor wanna be piece of trash. He turned to the side and found Lilly observing him. "What's a matter, lovah?", Lilly said seductively. "Just trying to set this trash out, Lil", Logan explained while motioning to Veronica. Lilly didn't believe him because she had caught he whole exchange but who was she to come down on her sometime boyfriend when there was such a handy new target.

Veronica became very annoyed when she felt another tap on her shoulder. She opened her eyes this time and saw Lilly Kane, her supposed helper. "Excuse me", Lilly said while pulling out one of Veronica's earpieces, "I just thought that I would actually do you a favor and help you out. This class is strictly reserved for 09ers, that is people of privilege which you so obviously are not. I don't want you to feel bad about being poor and disgustingly out of date so why don't you transfer to another class like Spanish. That way when you meet your new boyfriend, you'll be able to talk to him."

Great thought Veronica. I can't even be left alone when I don't do anything. Veronica got up and moved into Lilly's personal space. Lilly backed away. Veronica smiled and replied, "Thanks for the advice. I'll take that into consideration. On second thought, no I won't." The bell rang as Veronica sashayed out of the classroom and blithely shouted to Lilly, "See ya later, BFF". Veronica didn't know what made her do it but Duncan would have been proud. Veronica went through the rest of her day oblivious to the amount of anger she incited in Lilly and the possible consequences that entailed.