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Enough chapter 3


Jacob walked into his large over sized bed room and laid on his bed he had no idea why but there was something about that bastard child he could not put his finger on. When Jacob beat his young child he would not whimper cry or curl into a ball he would just….take it. His bravery scared him that one day he might be able to over power and kill him somehow but in his self-centered mind that did not seem possible. As he laid his head down on his pillow he immediately fell to sleep.

Suddenly he was trapped in the realms of a nightmare he was running from something he turned around to see a large ominous black fox pursuing him he was really big and in his paws he was holding two large claymores he continued to run when he felt his slam into something shocked he looked up to see the same fox in front of him he screamed as he brought both blades into his body.

Jacob was catapulted from sleep as he remembered the dream then he sighed and fell back to sleep reminding himself to vent his anger on his hated son on the morn…..