The Burrow was always bustling with life, and this was especially true when the holidays rolled around. During the year, it certainly was quieter...but now, during the break where everyone came home, the house had never been louder. All the Weasley children(which really couldn't be called children anymore, not even ginny) all came home from school, and back home from wherever in the world they happened to be at the time to share the cheer of the season...well, all Weasley children excluding Percy that is. The presence of Harry and Hermione seemed to almost replace his absence.

Sure, everyone certainly had come home but the house was completely and utterly silent... this was probably due the the fact it was 1:47 a.m. There were a few sounds, yes... Outside the wind rushed through the trees. Ginny's bed creeked as she rolled over. Crookshanks purred ever so quietly. Ron muttered some gibberish while in his spider-filled nightmare... The most interesting of all sounds though, came from inside the twins' room.

George was wide awake, due to the tossing and turning his brother made...but he wasn't the one making the noice. The source of that, was definately Fred... who was moaning rather loudly in his sleep.

"ohh. y-yes." he muttered under his breath, still sleeping and apparently having a rather good dream. George found it slightly humorous, but also found himself slightly embarrassed for his brother... but then again, this wasn't the first time. They both tended to sometimes talk in their sleep, which ment this occured rather frequently. They were teenage boys after all. In their fifth year, might I add. But surely this would be much different than any other night had George actually known what Fred had been Dreaming.

The corridors were vancant at Hogwarts...but something about it didn't seem quite right... Fred had no idea quite where he was going, but something seemed to be pulling him along. His footsteps were completely and utterly silent, which should have troubled him... yet it seemed natural. He kept walking his blind path until he reached what he must have been searching for... the room of requirement.

He should have needed to know what exactly he needed to be able to enter, but somewhere subconciously he must have because the door appeared almost instantly... He reached out, and opened the door, the metal seeming cold against the heat of his hand. Inside was not what he expected... someone very familiar was there. Someone who looked exactly like him. Immediately this odd dream took an unsuspected turn as he glanced around and noticed a large bed in the center of the room... a bed that large must have had a surface... and George seemed to make that purpous clear as he threw his brother down onto it.

"you came here for a reason" fred heard his brother whisper in his ear to him, as his hands began to wander. "let's get right down to it, shall we?" He trailed his lips down across his brother's neck. Fred didn't quite understand what was going on, but he knew he liked it... and that troubled him more.

"w-what are you going?" he choked out, but his brother offerend no more answer than reaching under Fred's shirt, lifting it up and off his brother's head... who didn't refuse. His kisses trailed now down Fred's chest. "George..what..." He didn't openly protest... it was much more a statement than a question.

Now his brother, bestfriend, and twin moved on to the zipper of his pants... and couldn't protest this either... slowly the pants came off, and all that was left was his boxers with quite a visable buldge. "hm. not bad bro." George told him with a wink. "now, let's see this bad boy for real"

"no!" this was Fred's first real protest, and George looked at him witha slightly hurt look in his eyes. "no. just... it's not fair. you're still..." George's pained look turned to a knowing smirk.

"whatever makes you happy, Fred" George told him, quickly shedding his shirt... His pants went next, him quickly pulling them down and tossing them away to lay in the corner of the room... then his boxers quickly followed. Fred couldn't help but stare... "like what you see?" George asked, a seductive smile playing at his lips.

"y-yeah" Fred stuttered shyly, blushing slightly. "d-definatly" He couldn't keep his eyes off it. He was just...huge.

"Now that that's all done... Your turn." And with those words he swiftly removed his twin's last peice of clothing. Fred now lay naked on the bed, his brother's eyes trailing up and down his body, lingering on one of his larger attributes. Fred shifted akwardly, but George stopped him from moving further. Suddently he was on the bed too, over fred. "impressive" George whispered huskily, and as much as Fred hated to admit it... he was certainly getting very excited... which was also very visable... but his brother prefered to continue torturing him... All of a sudden their lips collided, crashing together in a passionate kiss.George's tounge darted in between fred's lips now and again... but soon his kisses trailed elsewhere... they trailed to his neck, and over his chest and seemed to get lower and lower... and this just caused Fred to need him more... soon he got to his destination, and looked up to his brother with a smile. "hmm. doing okay?" he asked, teasingly.

Fred just nodded, unable to think of what else to do. "yeah." he added.

"really? He was just going to keep him waiting, tease him.

"y-yeah" Fred said, quivering because his brother's hands had trailed too... and now gently grazed his rather unbareably hard cock.

"perfectly fine?" George continued to ask, smirk larger than ever.

"st-stop teasing, George" Fred finally gave in. "just. please"

"whatever you want bro." George let out a small chuckle before letting his tounge trail along where his hands had drifted, sending tingles through Freds body and causing him to moan lightly, this just encouraged george as he began to run his hand up and down along his erection, teasing him with his tounge... and slowly fred's moans got louder... and soon he took him into his mouth entirely... Fred's hips bucked slightly, and his moans just kept getting louder.

"y-yes. please. k-keep sucking. oh. oh god. please." he managed to choke out, between moans... and his brother took his advice, sucking harder and teasing him... until it finally became too much for him.

Fred tugged at his brother's red hair, pulling him closer as he spilled all he had inside his mouth with a long, loud moan, and George took it all, swallowing every last drop.

Fred woke up in the morning seriously distressed. his brother was already up, which was odd... and it took a moment for everything around Fred to register... And suddenly the dream came rushing back to him. oh god. This was bad... very...very...bad.