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NOW! onto what you have been waiting for.

Christmas eve came with very little activity in Fred's little 'dream world'. That is, unless you count day dreams. On that day alone he was told to 'snap out of it' twelve times by the various people now inhabiting the Weasley household.

The last of which was Hermione. Just the person Fred was wanting to see. (unless you count other interests...) Oddly enough, his lack of dreams left him feeling... empty. Day dreams weren't enough. Hell, normal dreams weren't enough. And he didn't even have those.

The Granger girl asked him what was wrong while the two of them sat on opposite bulky couches (sipping cocoa, naturally.) and everyone else had gone to bed or was out side having one last snow ball fight before Christmas actually began. He couldn't help but take the bait.

"You okay, Fred? 'Tis the season to be jolly, you know." She asked in good spirits.

"Fah-la-la-la-la." Fred sang with a sarcastic monotone that was unlike him. This only added to Hermione's worried attempt at a smile. To spare her from having to pry, he went on talking. "I'm just having problems with... a relationship thing." It was the only way to phrase it. He was tempted to say 'a girl thing' but he was already stooping so low as to show that he wasn'tas on top of things as he led on, and lying would just add guilt to his shame.

Hermione's head cocked to the side in a show of obvious contemplation. "Hm. Katie? Lee? Lavender?" Her smile faltered at the last name, and Fred's eyes nearly popped out of his head at the second.

"Lee? He's a guy, Hermione. In case you haven't noticed. And one of my good friends." He put on the best face of repulsion he could. By the look of suspicion on Hermione's face, he knew he didn't do a very convincing job.

"It's not impossible, you know. Don't be so closed minded. You know I'd accept you if you we're into that. I'm all for a good cause." She was trying a little too hard. It sounded like she was rallying for S.P.E.W. Which made Fred want to, literally.

"No. Just. Not Lee. No." He said stubbornly, unable to form more than monosyllables after her (almost accurate) accusation. She just waited there patiently, sipping at her cocoa, while he held his head in his hands and attempted to think. "I just like someone. And I don't think they like be back. I mean, I know they like me. I just don't know if they like me that way. I've never actually had this problem before and. I just. I want to tell them but I'm just doing stupid wishful thinking and..." Hermione had held up her hand to shut him up, and he trailed off looking to her to speak.

"tell her. him. them." She said very matter-of-factly. "Don't waste your time just wishing. Try and make it possible. You actually take enough chances to handle that. Some of us don't. So. Just go ahead and tell them how you feel."

Fred wasn't all that convinced. "And if they reject me?"

"You say they like you already. If they're your friend now, and they're worth it, they will be after you confess. Or more. Just do something about it. Give them a gift for Christmas, or something." There was something completely backward and ironic about Hermione Grangersaying all this. Everyone knew her and Fred's own little brother didn't just 'tell each other how they feel'. It's always easier to give advice than to take your own.

None the less, thatgot through to him. "A gift. Yeah. Thanks, Herms." He stood with that last comment, chugged the rest of his cocoa and wandered up the stairs to his bedroom where he could have one last dream before Christmas morning.

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