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Epilogue – 3 months later

Edward's POV

You got me trippin…


"Oh dear god, Edward…shut that off this instant," said a loud voice coming from the kitchen. I snickered to myself and turned the volume on the television up even louder. I sat down on the sofa and sprawled out, making myself comfortable.

"Popcorn smells great Bella!" I shouted, ignoring her previous comment on purpose. I could distantly hear her muttering, catching words like 'torture'...and 'embarrassment.'

I took the blanket off the back of couch to get ready for her when I felt two small hands wrap around my face, and sweet breath whispering in my ear.

"Why don't I just tell you who wins…" she said gently. "That way we don't have to watch it."

I nuzzled into her hands for a second before abruptly reaching behind me and yanking her onto the couch. She fell into a fit of giggles as I tickled her sides ceaselessly.

"I already know who wins," I said grinning. "But there is no way I am missing this episode. Besides, nothing can be worse than last weeks, right?"

She let out a very lady like snort and cuddled into my lap.

Last week was the premiere of 'I'm Not Falling For You,' where they introduced Bella and ended up airing her audition tape. Emmett and Jasper could barely contain themselves the moment the whole world saw Bella fall flat on her face in front of the camera. I however, bit my tongue and kissed her forehead when I saw how embarrassed she was.

"You're not the one who made a fool of themselves on national TV," she murmured, lacing her fingers through mine and pulling the blanket on top of us.

I bent my head to kiss her nose. "I sure did. I was a fool in love."

"Damnit Jasper," said a voice coming from the doorway. "He's already started with the poetic tosspot comments." I turned to see Emmett looking at his watch. "And it's only 8:00."

I grinned at him and watched him toss his jacket idly over some unpacked boxes. Jasper came in shortly after and did the same.

"Where's the girls?" Bella asked immediately, wondering why Alice hadn't automatically bounded into the room as she did every other day.

"Outside trying to figure out which curtains would go best on the basement windows," Jasper answered, plopping down into an armchair.

"We're not getting basement curtains are we, I mean that is a little pointless right?" Bella asked the room in general, in which everyone smiled and felt that no explanation was needed when Alice was the one in question.

Before the show, Bella, Rose, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice had all been living together for the past year. It was in driving distance of their college, and with 5 people, the rent was easy enough to pay. To my surprise, but extreme happiness, she had asked me to move in with them last week, and I had been a permanent resident for 2 days now. I questioned her at first, wanting to make sure that she didn't think it was too early, but she insisted, saying that it was basically like I lived there anyways.

These past 3 months with her had been amazing so far. There were some ups and downs with us trying to tie our lives together, but there was no sacrifice that we wouldn't make when it came to making it work between us. I had never been happier, and had never felt more accepted within their little group.

They always made jokes saying that now everything felt more complete, and I had to admit that I felt like I belonged with them. Emmett and Jasper had become two of my closest friends, and I ended splitting my time between them and Bella these days. And of course, Rose and Alice, who insisted on bombarding me with questions about my life, insisting that they had to know everything about me.

"Bella," cried Alice, finally charging into the room. "Tomorrow, you and me have a date with Bed Bath and Beyond."

Bella groaned and hid in my shoulder. I laughed and rumpled her hair.

Emmett dove a large hand into the popcorn bowl Bella had brought out and pulled Rosalie down next to him.

"See Alice! It already started," Rose pouted. "What did we miss?!"

"Nothing that good," said Jasper, opening his legs so Alice could sit between them. "Just credits and a couple of individual interviews."

"Am I in this episode?" Rose asked, turning to Bella with an expectant expression.

"I think?" Bella said. "I'm not sure though…this is going to be the one with the first competition and stuff, probably the first elimination."

"Good riddance to that clown!" shouted Emmett. "He was such an arrogant asshole for thinking he could bribe you with that bracelet."

"It was a nice bracelet…" said Alice, but quickly grinned and didn't comment further. "I mean, how dare he?!"

Jasper bent down and bit her ear playfully, make her laugh and climb up onto the sofa next to him.

"Oh yeah!" Rose squealed excitedly. "I remember what episode this is! It's when…"

"Don't finish that statement…" said a deep voice coming from the doorway.

I smiled and immediately answered back.

"And why is that…because you're ashamed to admit that you're a ball guzzling champion??" I teased as Jacob came strolling into the room with a short blond on his arm.

"You came pretty close yourself there Handsome," he joked, leaning down to give Bella a quick kiss on the top of her head before sucker punching me in the shoulder.

"Liz!" shouted Emmett to the girl on Jacob's arm, leaping up and grabbing the huge tray of cupcakes that she was holding. "We're so glad you could make it!"

"Sure, sure," she said sarcastically, surrendering the tray. "I can tell it's me that you are so happy to see." Emmett grinned back at her with a mouth already full of chocolate pastry.

I rubbed my shoulder and watched as Jacob took a seat on the rug and pulled Liz into his lap. Bella caught my gaze and we shared a secret smile at the situation. Jacob had been hurt at first of course, but he ended up really hitting it off with Liz, "The cupcake girl" as she had been dubbed around the set. Bella and I couldn't have been more enthralled at the news, because we both felt pretty bad when all was said and done.

And now that the stress of competing for Bella was no longer an issue, Jacob and I had become friends of some sort. Well, we were constantly bickering and getting into innocent altercations, but that was just the way it worked between us.

"He was such a douche bag," said Emmett, growling at the TV as Tyler made a pretty vulgar comment about Bella. "I swear…if I ever saw him again…" he trailed off shaking his head.

"He was harmless…" said Bella.

"He sucked." Said Jacob, turning around and grabbing a cupcake of his own. "I wanted to punch his face in at least twice a day. We should have while we had the chance, Edward."

"Zack was worse," I responded. "I couldn't even stand the sight of that kid. Always looking to cause trouble." I shuddered and pulled Bella in closer.

"Oh look, there's Ron!" sighed Alice. "He was so dreamy…"

All the girls in the room nodded in agreement, but quickly stifled themselves as every male in the room turned to them disgruntled. After a lot of 'Just kiddings,' and 'Not near as good looking as you's,' the boys were mollified again.

"I liked him a lot though," said Jacob, wiping his hands on his jeans. "He was a good guy."

"Me too," I said. "Probably the only other contestant I ever got along with. Although…something was off about him…I still can't figure out what it was though…"

"His girlfriend was the cutest thing," added Bella. "She was so sweet, and you could tell that she was head over heels for that guy."

"She needed a hair relaxer," said Alice seriously. "But other than that, I agree with you."

We watched the show in silence for a moment, before Emmett started cackling as the infamous table came into view.

"Yes! Time to shine Wolf!" he said to Jacob, sitting up to better prepare himself to watch the competition clip. "I have wanted to see this ever since Rose told me about it. I still don't know how you two managed to swallow that stuff."

"It wasn't fun," I said, grimacing as I remembered the taste of the testicles. "I'll tell ya that much."

We all watched and laughed as the camera panned around, capturing all of us eating that delightful meal.

"Not one of my proudest moments," Jacob muttered.

Afterwards, everyone in the room grabbed a cupcake to just get the nasty taste they had in their mouths away.

I wondered for a moment if Jacob would still honor the ritual to watch the show together when it was time to air 'his' episode. Somehow I didn't think so, it would be too awkward. Even though things were okay between us, I kind of wanted to save that episode for just Bella and me.

I looked down to her and saw that was watching me.

"I love you," she mouthed.

"Love you," I mouthed back, leaning in to give her a small lingering kiss.

Which of course was a bad idea, because it seemed once I started with Bella, I could never stop.

"Mmmm…you sure you don't want to go upstairs?" she offered. "I mean, we could always buy the complete season on DVD."

"As tempting as that is," I said against her lips. "There is plenty of time for that later." I pinched her waist softly for emphasis. "But…I kinda want to see what you said about me behind the scenes!" I grinned cheekily, pulling myself away.

She looked back at me with her deep chocolate eyes and smiled before resting her head on my shoulder. I sighed in complete contentment, my eyes on the television, but only half registering what was going on.

Sometimes I still couldn't believe that what happened was actually my life. Did I really go on a TV show? Fight tooth and nail for the woman that I love? The old Edward would think it was crazy. Hell, the new Edward thought it was crazy.

But when I looked down at my Bella, I didn't care. Because she was mine, and I was desperately in love with her.

We watched the show until the end. Emmett cheering loudly as Bella confidently gave Eric the boot. However, no one was prepared for his ending comment, which was something along the lines of "doesn't want a girl who can't see the finer things in life anyway.'

"Where does that plonker live?" asked Jasper, glaring at the television. "I say we pay him a quick visit."

"Jazz he was obviously just upset that he lost, he didn't really mean it," said Alice.

"Yeah," laughed Bella. "And I'm sure that's not going to be the worst comment thrown my way. It's not a big deal…everything worked out in the end."

We smiled at each other softly.

After that, everyone headed up to their respected rooms as Bella and I walked Jacob and Liz to the door. Bella grabbed Liz into a big hug, as Jacob gave me one of his smug looks, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Good to see ya, Edward," he told me. "You looked terrible, as usual."

"You always look particularly ugly," I responded. "But I never comment."

"Probably because I'm always scrunching up my face at how bad you smell."

"Defense mechanism so you won't go near me."

"I'd rather pull off my toenails than go near you."

"With your appetite, I wouldn't be surprised if you ate them afterwards."

We grinned at each other.

"See you next week," he said, clapping a hand on my back roughly.

"Unfortunately," I answered, shaking his hand.

After our goodbyes, I turned and my heart lifted as I noticed Bella and I were alone.

"Now," she purred. "Let's go upstairs Handsome."

Yay! Everyone's happy! LOL. Liz is based off one of my best friends, who basically is an amazing baker and makes the BEST cupcakes. We usually rely on her for the girl's birthdays and stuff, HA.