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This was written for a mate of mine who past away. Booth is pretty much me in this case. You all play the role of Bones.

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The Clouds


"Bones, what are you doing out here?"

"I wanted to lie down."

"Ok..." he trailed off.

Temperance Brennan was lying out in the private gardens behind the Jeffersonian Institute. Her shoes were kicked off to the side, one of her arms was splayed across her stomach, the other behind her head. She looked the picture of serenity and peace, but inside her mind was a raging war of conflict and contradiction.

Booth went to join her on the green grass, kicking off his own shoes to join hers and laying his head back so that he was laying beside her.

"Whatcha looking at?" he inquired, wondering what on Earth could have stopped the workaholic Temperance Brennan working in the middle of a case.

"Clouds." she answered simply.

Well that pretty much stops the conversation, "Oh."

He didn't know what else to say, so they lay there in silence for a while watching the clouds change form and move across the sky. It was Brennan who broke the silence, "Cases don't usually get to me, but this one did."

So that's what this is about, "She was 6. I would be concerned if this didn't bother you."


"Bones," he warned, "Don't you get scientific on me. This is my area of expertise. Let it bother you. Then you can move on. OK."


"Bones," he said again, perhaps a little more forcefully than he should have, "Sorry, I just..."

"It's OK."

They fell into silence again, but it was uncomfortable, he wanted to say something.

"A buddy of mine dies when we were 17. He wasn't in the wrong, he was a good guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lost control of the car on ice and crashed. He was once of my best friends at the time, so I became a bit of a recluse. You know, wouldn't come out of my room and was always listening to heavy metal. I didn't want to go out because all my group was upset wasn't the same." His voice cracked at this point and Tempe turned her head to face him, she reached out her hand and held his lightly. She gave him an encouraging smile, he nodded and continued, "About a month after it happened, my mother told me something that changed the way I viewed everything. That sole piece of advice has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life,"

Brennan squeezed his hand, "What was it?"

He squeezed back, "Look at the clouds. Can you see any faces?"

She nodded after a moment, "Yeah, I can" she sounded stunned

"Pretty amazing isn't it? What you can find when you look." He turned to watch her as she scanned the heavens, "Each face is a person looking down on all their loved ones. Each face is an angel letting everyone know that they got to Heaven safely."

Temperance turned her head on an angle, "There's Isabelle," she said, using her free hand to point.

"Wait, you don't think it's stupid? You're not going to tell me it's irrational because Heaven doesn't exist?"

"Booth, it's possibly the most amazing and beautiful thing I've ever heard. It doesn't matter what I believe and what I don't believe. It matters that it comforts you and truth be told, you rub off, it comforts me."

Booth looked at her and smiled, "Thank you Temperance."

She smiled back and together they watched the faces of their loved ones travel over them looking down and offering their comfort.


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