Well, it really has been a long time since I've written any type of fanfiction, and this is my first time writing Twilight fanfiction. Like everyone here, I've read the book several times each. I was even in a car accident over Eclipse! But all joking aside, I will say right now that I am really EdwardxBella, AlicexJasper, EmmettxRosalie, CarlislexEsme, and AngelaxBen. Please don't expect me to write anything else. That would violate any and all moral codes I have.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse. I can guarantee that Edward wouldn't be untouched for long if I did. And there are spoilers for all three of the books, so don't read if you don't want them spoiled.

Bella Baseball

by: Sora's Kairi

It was raining in Forks. Big shock, right? As usual, I was over at the Cullen's house.

Again, not much of a shocker. Nothing out of the norm there. What was unusual was that I wasn't there with Edward.

Alice was sitting in the corner of the room with Jasper leaning against her legs. Carlisle and Esme were on the couch, talking in swift and low tones that I wasn't sure I would have heard even if Edward had changed me. Rosalie was spread out on the couch with a black Ipod set on her stomach.

Edward and Emmett were out hunting in the rain. They would be back soon, but still...

I stood at the window, staring out at eh rain and turning Elizabeth Masen's ring, watching the light glint off the stone in the center. I only ever had enough courage to wear it around Edward's family. Despite my bravery the night in the meadow, I hadn't gotten up enough gall to tell Charlie about our impending nuptials.

I had energy to spare, and I could feel Jasper trying to calm me down. I glared at him (it was his wife's fault I was so hyper anyway), and the calm receded. Alice looked up at me strangely, and I turned back to the window. In my peripheral vision, I saw her look back down to the black, 3" wedding binder sitting in her lap. She had been planning Edward and my first wedding for weeks, and she was still having as much fun as she had the first day.

Missing Edward terribly, I gazed out into the rain for a chance to see his rain-darkened bronze hair. When I didn't, a sigh escaped my parted lips.

I felt cool, solid arms slide around my waist and sweet breath fan the hair by my ear. "That was a pretty heavy sigh. Want to tell me what's wrong?"

I smiled and turned myself in his arms. "Edward!" I sang, throwing my arms around his neck and accidently splashing myself in the face with the water from his hair. "Gotta stop doing that." I muttered.

He kissed me lightly. "Why are you bouncing on your feet?" He asked.

"Alice gave me a ton of sugar and an energy drink this morning so that I would be ready for wedding plans." Both my love and Jasper shot looks of exasperation at her. She giggled, the sound of twinkling bells filling the room. "So I have extra energy to spare." I continued.

His eyes smoldered down at me. "I think I may have a solution for all that energy." He leaned down to kiss me again. My heart tried once again to leap out of my chest and into his hands just from the anticipation. The lust that never left us firedup yet again.

Just before his lips met mine, however...

"Baseball!" Jasper called out. "We can play baseball." There was a look of hunger in his eyes. Once I checked to make sure I hadn't caught my hands somewhere and that I wasn't bleeding, I looked a little closer. To my shock, that look was directed at petite, little Alice.

Realizing what was going on, I laughed into Edward's shoulder, enjoying the scent clinging to his shirt.

Rosalie, curled up on an also rain-drenched Emmett, clapped her hands together and shot up the stairs, probably to change clothes. Emmett pumped his fist in the air with a broad smile on his lovable face. Esme and Carlisle looked interested, and Alice's face was blank.

"Carlisle! That's brilliant!" She exclaimed after a moment, smiling at him. Jasper looked relieved. Edward, however, was frowning.

"I don't like it." He said in his velvet-like voice.

"Of course you don't. You don't like anything having to do with fun." Emmett called.

Edward tried to fling himself forward, towards his brother, but I managed to stop him somehow. He had been careful not to hurt me, I realized later.

"That's not fair, Emmett. He's just reluctant after the last time." I defended.

"That's not it, love." He tells me, wrapping his hands once again around my waist, but not elaborating further. "Fine, Carlisle, but there will have to be restrictions."

He picked me up and ran me to the garage, where he placed me in the passenger seat of Emmett's Jeep. Confused, I let him drive me to the halfway point to the baseball meadow. The rest of the family was already there and practicing. Alice and Jasper were throwing in a square to Emmett and Rosalie, once again too fast for me to see. Esme was sitting on her usual rock, and Carlisle was marking bases like he apparently always did. I started a little when I saw that there were seven bases instead of the usual four, and an additional, closer pitcher's mound. I looked at Edward.

"You're going to let me play?" I squeaked at him.

He nodded swiftly. I walked over to Esme's rock and sat down next to her, watching Edward move towards Carlisle. She squeezed my hand once, and I turned all my attention to her.

"Don't worry, my dear. We won't let you get hurt." She promised. I nodded and watched as our family moved towards us.

"Okay, Bella." Carlisle said lightly. "We're gonna try something, okay? We're going to play at a human speed for you, and Edward's going to play your base, whatever it may be." he held out one hand and a bat. I grabbed both and jumped down, landing lightly on my feet with his help.

Edward looked pained. I grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek. "It's okay. You and your family will be careful. Think of it as a challenge."

"It's not our family I'm worried about." He said, emphasizing the 'our'. "It's you. You're pretty much coordinately-challenged." He teased.

"Ha! Watch me!" I walked to the batter's box with an extra swivel of my hips. Jasper choked, and Alice giggled.

Fairly confident due to summers of Charlie trying to teach me how to hit a ball, I readied myself to hit. Edward sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Rosalie smiled at me and winked, moving to second base. Emmett and Carlisle moved towards the outfield, Alice went to the pitcher's mound and Jasper took up the catcher' s position. Esme was still seated ont eh rock, fully prepared to referee. I glanced from the base, to Edward, and back to the base, trying to communicate wordlessly. He followed my gaze ans sighed again. To his benefit, he immediately moved to first base. Emmett snorted and everyone looked at him. "Who's playing th third Bella Base?" He asked.

There was a stunned silence for a second before I began laughing, followed by Alice and Rose, then Jasper and Carlisle, and finally Edward and Esme joined in. Emmett smiled. And that was how Bella Baseball got its name.

Again taking the batter's box, I got ready as Alice tried to adjust to the closer pitcher's mound. She wound up. "Ball One." Jasper called before I could realize that she had released the ball. "Slow it down, love." He threw it back.

She nodded once and pitched again. There was a very clear path into Jasper's hand. I just couldn't hit it. "Strike one. Sorry, Bella." He tossed it back.

I smiled and got ready again. Alice wound up and pitched it for the third time. By some miracle, I managed to swing the bat around my body in time to connect with the ball, drop the bat by my feet (without causing myself extra damage), and get to first base and Edward's waiting arms (without tripping) before realizing that Emmett had caught the ball. I glanced at Esme, who nodded and slumped into Edward's embrace. "Emmett! You are lucky you are two feet taller than me and probably break the bat, or I would come over there and beat you with it." I probably didn't have to yell, but it made me feel better.

He chuckled. "Love you too, Bells!" Of Edward's brother, Emmett and I had become great friends, and I was just waiting to become a bit less breakable to become friends with Jasper. I was sure anyone that could capture the love of sweet, kind Alice would be just as amazing as she was.

I hugged Edward quickly. "See? No damage." I said before trying to walk away. My good luck streak having run out, I tripped heading back to Esme and her rock. Chuckling, Edward caught me and whispered in my ear.

"Spoke too soon, love."

I stuck my tongue out at him like we were five again. He eyed it before righting me and stealing my breath with a kiss.

"Hey! No making out with the opposite team! It's bad sportsmanship!"

"Actually, Emmett, that would be a great example of good sportsmanship." Esme called back to him.

I chuckled and nipped Edward's lip carefully to avoid chipped teeth before heading back to Esme. The family resumed their normal positions and I watched as Rosalie took up my discarded bat and moved to face Alice.

Alice grinned at me before I heard the "Thack!" of the ball connecting with Jasper's hand. Rosalie looked from the ball, to Alice, to Jasper, then back to Alice. "You've been practicing, haven't you, Squirt?" She called out to her sister.

"I am not a squirt! I'm petite. There's a difference." Alice retorted. "And yes. Do you honestly think I spend all my time shopping?"

"Not all your time." Jasper leered at her. She blew him a kiss.

Edward snorted, and there was a look of disgust on his handsome face when I looked up. I tipped my head in question, and he moved his head the littlest bit towards Jasper. I loved when we could communicate without words. He had told me once that he and Alice often did this at the lunch table. I felt incredibly special being able to understand him as well as Alice could. I smirked at Jasper and imagined the wedding night to come, complete with mental images and feel-o-vision. Sparks of desire tightened the muscles in my stomach. In an instant, Edward as looking at me, and Jasper was looking at Alice, with looks of hunger gracing both handsome faces. Edward had me in his arms and away from the ball field before I could blink. We were back at the house before I could get motion sickness. He set me down on the top of his piano and stepped between my legs, pulling me close. He ran a hand up my rib cage and settled it behind my neck. I shuddered, and he moved his attentions to my lips.

Ever since I had told him no to trying his control that day in the meadow, his boundaries had gotten a little less strict. When I say a little, I mean a lot. I had already had to stop him a couple of times. He was clearly enjoying his role as the teaser instead of the teased, testing my control now.

Even through it killed me, I managed to place my hands on his chest and push him back gently. He released me reluctantly but still remained in his position between my jean-clad legs. I smiled at him. "What was that about?"

"Jasper suddenly got a massive spike of lust from someone. Of course that was the first thing he thought about." I smiled, flashing me his brilliant, straight, white teeth. "So I had to remove the cause of his discomfort before he jumped his wife right there and then."

I blushed and squeezed his hips with my thighs in something of a leg hug. He responded my pulling me off of the piano and leaving the room. "Edward! What did I do?"

I heard his chuckle from down the hall. "Silly Bella. Just follow me."

I headed in the direction of his voice, listening to his footsteps and oddly reminded of my nightmares. I found myself in front of the stairs to his bedroom before long. "Edward?" I called out.

"Yes?" The quiet, laughing response came from behind me.

I jumped two feet into the air and straight into his arms. "You have got to stop doing that."

"I'm sorry. How's the heart?" he asked, repeating a question from so long ago.

"You tell me–I'm sure you hear it better than I do." I repeated dutifully, smiling at the memory of the first night he had stayed with me. (A/N For anyone that cares, it's page 297 in Twilight).

He laughed and pushed me by the hips towards the stairs. "This had better be good." I called over my shoulder, making another big mistake; I didn't pay attention to the stairs.

My foot caught on the lip of the stair, and I pitched forward. Forgetting just who it was behind me, I turned my body to land on my back out of habit. Of course that meant that when Edward caught me (like he always does), I ended up pressed against him with my lips mere centimeters from his. "Thank you."

"Anytime." He purred seductively, pressing a chaste kiss to my lips before righting me.

So as not to make an even bigger fool of myself, I paid careful attention to the rest of the stairs. When I looked back, he was gone. "Stupid, annoying vampire." I said for the millionth time, though it was usually put towards Emmett when he was teasing me or Edward, Alice when she wanted to play Bella Barbie, or that one time when Riley stole my clothes. (A/N page 347 in Eclipse). It had never been directed at Edward before.

"You wound me, love." His voice echoed from the direction of his bedroom.

"Yes, because I can hear that from the chuckling I know you're trying to stop." I added sarcastically.

This time, he did chuckle, and I followed the sound straight to his room and his cold arms. "So what was the hide and seek for? You could have just–" I looked over his right shoulder. "Oh."

Set up in his bedroom were candles, rose petals, and his stereo was set on pause. "Oh." I repeated.

The thousand tiny tea candles seemed to twinkle, making his skin sparkle in the way I loved. Rose petals were strewn across the floor and bed, and Debussy's Clair de Lune began to play when he pressed the button on his remote. "Oh." I said yet again, tears coming to my eyes.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on top of mine, waiting for a reaction.

"Edward, this is beautiful." I told him, squeezing his hands. "But why the trip down memory lane?" I asked.

"Alice is getting tired of Jasper's whining, so..." He spun me in his arms to look into my eyes. "I got special permission for tonight, if you're ready. Emmett's waiting downstairs."

When I realized what he was talking about, my jaw dropped open. "You mean I won't have to deal with the actual ceremony?" I asked hopefully.

He grinned down at me. "Are you crazy? Alice is still going to put you through the ceremony. You just get to wear my ring on your beautiful little finger for a little while longer than we originally thought." He leaned down to kiss my neck. "Are you happy?"

"Are you?" I asked breathlessly.

"Unequivocally." He answered with no hesitation.

"Then I am too." I pulled his head down for a quick kiss. "Sohow are we going to do this?"

"You, my love, are just going to let me run you downstairs, repeat whatever Emmett tells you to repeat, and become my wife. Then, we can do this however you want." He said, his voice thick with innuendos.

"However I want?" I asked, licking my lips.

"Within restrictions." He said, his voice husky with desire. "Namely that it won't kill me."

"You're a vampire, Edward. You can't die."

"I thought that before I met you, Bella, my love. I thought that before I met you." He bent down for another kiss.

Sorry about the cliff hanger... I thought it was the best place to end it. Their first wedding will be the next chapter...maybe a little something something...then Alice's ceremony. Sounds like fun to write, right? Lol. I had fun writing this .


Sora's Kairi