Bella Baseball
Chapter 4

Edward was, god, he was beautiful. Soulful eyes (though he'd argue about the "soul" part). Soft, silky, unusual hair, the body of an athlete. It wasn't so much the physical things that made mw want to take him into the nearest closet and resurface hours later (though I'm not complaining). No, it was the aura of kindness and intelligence that radiated off of him. I knew most humans didn't see this side of him, and I was eternally grateful that he'd shown me. He was perfection, a greek god come to earth. And he was mine.

Jealousy coiled in my stomach as I noticed other girls look at him and lick their lips. It seemed they paid no attention to the possessive arm he had wrapped around my shoulders, or the diamond ring that sparkled between our entertwined fingers on my right shoulder. Jasper must have sensed my pettiness, for a wave of calm rushed over me. He smiled sympathetically and I half-smiled back.

"Hey, Bella. I thought your eyes were brown?" Emmett said from his position to Alice's right.

"They are." I responded, confused.

"Well, they're looking kinda green from where I'm standing." He laughed out loud, then gave a loud "hey!" when Alice and Rosalie smacked him in the back of the head simultaneously. I grinned at them both. Alice smiled back and Rosalie smirked.

My left hand, which had previously been wrapped around Edward's waist, was suddenly around the back of his neck and my lips were pressed against his cool ones. My brain shut down with the unexpected pleasure (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it), and my hands found their way into his disheveled hair as I deepened the kiss. He pulled back a moment later, placing a kiss on my forehead.

"Whoo!" Alice said, waving a hand in front of her face like a fan. "Any one else need a cold shower after that one?"

Edward smiled at me. "I love you, Isabella Marie Swan soon-to-be Cullen."

"I know. That's why those other girls still have eyeballs."

He chuckled. "You're so cute when you're jealous."

I smiled back and stood on my tiptoes to give him a quick peck on the lips before disentangling myself from his arms and once again wrapping an arm around his waist. His right arm assumed its previous position at my shoulder, grabbing my right hand on the way up.

"Let's play some Lazertag!" I said with enthusiams. I noticed the other girls had looked away at our little display, and I smirked. "Ah, if only all of my problems could be solved my kissing you."
"I agree. But then we would be in a great deal of pain to wait another two weeks." He smiled at me wickedly, causing the air to halt in my lungs. "Breathe, love."

I swallowed hard. Oh, but those two weeks were already torture enough.
Alice paid our way in and Jasper got me a slice of pizza. I took a bite at the same time I saw Angela and Ben come out of the arena. Angela waved at me with glee on her face. I motioned for them to come over.

"Bella! Hello!" Angela greeted me with a warm smile and a hug. "Hey, Edward. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie." She nodded at each of them in turn, the last three her voice a whisper.

"Hey, Angela. Hey, Ben!" I smiled at the pair. My beautiful family muttered polite greetings and Alice and Edward smiled.

"What are you guys doing here?" Ben asked.

"Getting ready to play Lazertag. You?" I responded.

"well, we just finished but it's great to see you guys again. You've pretty much disappeared since graduation. " Angela grabbed my hands.

"I know. I'm sorry." I squeezed her hands and she gasped.

"Edward! Bella! When were you going to tell me you guys were getting married?" She asked.

"Oh. Sorry. You're invited to the wedding. I just haven't put them in the mail yet." I replied sheepishly.

"And you're invited to the bachelorette partly." Alice added.

"There's going to be a bachelorette party?" Angela and I both asked at the same time. Angela knew how much I hated parties.

"Of course, silly. Did you really think I'd let you get married without one?" Alice grinned down at me.

"I'd hoped." I said, gritting my teeth.

"Well, you hoped wrong." Edward gripped my shoulder reassuringly as I grimaced.

"Come on, Bella. It's Alice. Any excuse to throw a party." Emmett grinned.

"You're a Cullen girl now. Of course there will be parties." Rosalie said. I looked up at her in shock. It was the first time she had referred to me as though she had accepted my entrance into her fam ily. She smiled tentatively, and I knew that, although it may be a few centuries, she and I would eventually be friends.

Rosalie and Jasper were the only Cullens with whom I wasn't closely friends with. Jasper was a different story, however. I knew already he would be as great a brother as Emmett. We were just waiting until I wasn't as likely to bleed. He'd already booked a discussion with me on literature the moment I'd changed. Strangely enough, he was as bad about the classics as Edward. Go figure. Ancient vampires hating the classics. At least Alice was on my side.

"Okay, well, give me a call with the details. We have to go, but keep in touch, okay?" Angela said with a regretful look in her eyes.

"All right. Bye Ang." I said, feeling guilty.

"I'm going to miss her." I sighed and spotted Jessica and Lauren walking up to us with a broad grin on the first and a phony one on the latter. "And I think she's the only one I will. Hey, Jessica. Hello, Lauren." I muttered the first part but spoke up when they entered earshot.

"Hey, Bella! Awesome graduation party. People are still talking about it." Jessica looked at my hand and saw the ring. "Oh my god! You two are getting married? When is it?" Jessica babbled on.

Edward's hand on my shoulder tightened almost painfully. I looked at him and noticed the glare he was directing at Lauren. Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and even Rosalie moved to surround me, presenting a united front. I saw Alice take Edward's free hand out of the corner of my eye. I also wondered if it was for her benefit or his. Squeezing the hand on my shoulder reassuringly, I looked at Jessica.

"Actually, I don't know yet, but we are getting married." I smiled mischeviously at Lauren.

Lauren turned on her heel and walked away. Jessica looked at her once, and said goodbye without looking back. "Yeah, definitely not going to miss them."

Emmett snorted into his soda--again, a prop.

Alice and Edward glared after them while Jasper looked a little scared. "What's wrong?" I asked at the same time Jasper did. "And don't leave out anything." I glared.

"Lauren was going to insult you. Edward wasn't going to let it fly." I smiled at Alice.

"And now from you." I looked at Edward.

He shifted uncomfortably. "She was going to say that the only way you got me was because you spread you legs. You were going to get upset, and I didn't want that to happen."

"I wouldn't have gotten upset." He looked at me skeptically. "I wouldn't! I know that I didn't have to sleep with you for you to fall in love with me, and that's all that matters. Besides, what does her opinion matter? She spreads her legs for everyone."

Once again, Emmett snorted. "Geez, Bella. I didn't know you were so vicious."
I smiled wickedly at him. "Wait until I can take you down. Then I'll show you how vicious I am."

Emmett shook jokingly, as if in fear, just as our round of Lazertag was called.
Edward took my hand and led me into the room where the blacklight activated and they explained the rules. As pale as the six of us were, the lights affected our skin strangely. Alice looked as though she had applied purple body glitter; she was the palest of us all. the rest of us were just strangely purple tinted.

"Even when your skin is purple, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Edward whispered in my ears as I settled into his lap.

I leaned forward and kissed him, earning me a couple of disgusted growans from a pair of young twins beside us and an envious glare from their mother.

Once the announcer was done speaking, Edward lifted me off of his lap and placed me on my feet beside Alice, taking my hand inside his own. He chuckled and leaned down to kiss my cheek. He then turned my head to a bunch of teenagers who were eyeing Edward with jealousy in their eyes. "See? Everyone thinks you're beautiful."

My eyes widened with wonder, and I eyed the boys with wonder.

Alice, tiny little pixie that she was, grabbed a hold of my hand and dragged me to the guns, strapping it on me in seconds. She placed the gun in my hand and showed me how to use it before strapping on her own. It dangled down between her knees.

"Let's play." She said, cradling the gun.


Edward and I didn't get much time playing Lazertag, ending up making out in a dark corner where no one could find us.
"Told you you'd have fun." Alice smirked as she passed us on the way out.