Author's note- This story is how New Moon could have ended if Bella had never jumped off the cliff. We catch up to our characters ten years in the future.

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The End, The Begining

Ch1- The end.

I had known what happened the moment Jacob walked through the door, but I waited to say anything. No need to upset the kids. I had known this day might come. No, in my heart I had known it would come. And here is was, the end of my life, again. As I went through the motions of family dinner and then, later, putting the children to bed, I was lost in thought. What is the right thing, now? I still loved Jacob, I always would, but that didn't change anything. Should I leave? Should I take the kids? Should I stay and let him go? Would he lead some kind of double life now?

I laughed at that thought... a double life. My husband, Jacob Black, was a werewolf. Talk about a double life... And talk about luck! My first love had been a vampire. A glorious, perfect, godlike creature that for obvious reasons I was unable to keep. From one beautiful monster to another and I couldn't hold either.

Possible solutions and even more questions raced through my frenzied mind and troubled heart. At least I knew I would survive. I had been turned away before. From one I had loved even more deeply than I love Jacob. Or maybe just differently, not more deeply. It had been so long ago, it was hard to compare now. How long? Ten years- I had just received the invitation to my class reunion. Ten years ago my life had ended when he left.

I had healed, to a certain degree. I had fallen in love with and married Jake. I had borne him two children, two beautiful children.

Charlie was five now, how fast he had grown! He was dark skinned, like his father and already got into more trouble than should be humanly possible. And sweet little Alice... I had fought fiercely with Jacob over her name. When he could see I wasn't backing down, he finally gave in. But he calls her "Ali". Everyone else in town calls her Alice, but I know he never will. She's remarkably compassionate for a two-year old. She too, looks so much like her father.

Thinking of my babies brought tears to my eyes. What do I do? What will be best for them? How old will they need to be before they can understand? Would they ever understand?

Usually I was asleep long before Jacob returned from patrol at night. Tonight, however I waited up for him. I had to know.

He quietly climbed into bed, trying not to wake me.

"Who is she?" I asked softly.

Jacob jumped, he had thought I was asleep, and pretended not to have understood.

"Who? What?"

"Please, Jacob, I'm not mad. I just want to know- who is she?" I asked again.

Jacob hesitated and I knew he was contemplating denying it again, but he was always honest with me. It was one of the reasons I loved him.

"I'm so sorry, Bella," he whispered. Then, to my horror, he began to cry.

"Jacob?" I asked in alarm, "Are you alright?"

"Alright?!" he cried hoarsely, "I'm a married man who's become suddenly devoted to another woman, and you ask me if I'm alright?"

"I'm sorry, Jacob," I whispered. I was right, my worst nightmare had been realized.

In Jacob's blood line of werewolves, was a phenomenon known as "imprinting." It was when a wolf saw his true mate and from then on was hopelessly enamored of her, for lack of a stronger word. Whether she liked it or not. Whether he liked it or not, for that matter.

He laughed bitterly, "What could you possibly be sorry for, Bella? This is all my fault. You tried to warn me, but I didn't listen, and now look what I've done!" his voice was steadily rising as he became more upset.

"Shhh, Jacob," I soothed, "You'll wake the children."

"Oh my GOD, the kids!" he yelled, "The KIDS!" and he truly began to sob in earnest.

I put my arms around my husband, knowing that now it meant more to me than to him, but still wanting to give him comfort.

"Jacob, my Jacob, don't cry. Don't blame yourself. We both knew this day might come." I whispered, I didn't add I knew it would come.

I held him for a long time, until he finally fell asleep, exhausted. I did not sleep, however, knowing that tomorrow we needed to really talk about what would come next.

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