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Ch 10 The Funeral

Alice POV

As I stood by her grave, I silently wished Bella could be here. Obviously, one cannot go to one's own funeral, and Edward would not exactly have been welcome. That had left me as the only one who could come. They were both worried about her family. With good reason, anyone who knew Bella missed her when she was gone.

I had used our ten year high school reunion as an excuse to call Charlie so he could tell me the tragic news and invite me to the funeral without suspicion. Edward and Bella thought I was pushing my luck, coming back here, but I knew they both needed the closure.

The services had been simple, but sweet. Bella would be surprised how many people had come. She always underestimated the effect she had on the people around her. As I watched the crowd thin, I was touched at the sentiments offered to her family.

Jacob was heartbroken, of course. He was now free to live his wolf life with his mate, but I could see he still missed Bella, and worried about the kids.

The kids seemed to be fine though, as they stood between Charlie and Rene. They knew something sad was happening. But, they also knew they were loved. Being the amazing children they were, they had managed to bring comfort to others in this sad time with their hugs, kisses, and smiles.

"She so beautiful," I said to Charlie as he held little Alice's hand. "And she looks so much like her mother."

"Thank you," Charlie said, tears forming again, "it's her eyes, their just like Bella's."

"I'm so glad I got a chance to meet her, and little Charlie, too. They're amazing kids."

"Of course they're amazing," Rene responded, she was having a little harder time, feeling guilty for not coming to see Bella often enough, "They're Bella's. She was an amazing mother."

"Of course," I agreed. The four of us were now alone at the grave side.

"Alice," said my namesake in her sweet angel's voice, "Is mommy happy were she is, now?"

I wished I had tears to cry, "Of course she is sweetheart. You're mommy was an angel, and now she's in heaven. She's very happy, though I'm sure she misses you and little Charlie very much."

"I miss her too," Said the little cherub, "But if she's happy, I guess I will be too."

Her simple statement touched us all. It said exactly what Bella had been hoping for.

"Me too," agree little Charlie, "Mom was always telling us to be happy. I'll be happy for her." The wonder of children. Once it was decided, they both put smiles on their little faces and went to share their new understanding with their father.

"Thank God for those little ones," whispered Charlie. "They're absolutely right."

Before my eyes, I could see the family Bella had known begin to change. Jacob stood weeping in the arms of the woman I assumed was Sara. His children came to him and he scooped them both up in his arms at once, crushing them to his gigantic chest. They whispered in his ear and I could see him smile through his tears. He nodded and kissed them both on the cheek. He turned and handed little Alice to Sara. Alice whispered her secret to Sara as well. Sara also nodded, smiling and tousled the little girl's hair.

As Charlie and Rene reached them, they turned, Bella's family, and walked to the waiting cars to leave. Alice turned around one last time to shout, "Goodbye Mommy, I love you!" Then they were in the cars and gone.

"Goodbye," I whispered for Bella. I stood there, marveling in the life Bella had known, one I could never know. My family was as complete as it would get. I finally understood, in part, what Bella had truly given up to be with us, with Edward. And I finally understood what she meant when she said Edward had given her the greatest gift. The gift of life and love.

I left Bella's funeral thinking that, despite what Edward had always said when we were in high school, Bella was truly the luckiest girl in existence. She had been blessed with two loving families. She had gotten a happier ending than anyone I knew. And having her as a part of our family was already making our endings happier too.

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