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: They expected Kagome Higurashi to be some decrepit old woman but when she looks no more than seventeen years old, what are the Cullens to think? Horrors of Kagome's past are intricately intertwined with the Volturi and yet she has agreed to help this family due to past relations with Carlisle. Cruelty runs through her veins and she has done great terrors in the name of something good, some even for Carlisle, so what is this family to do when faced with the monster that is Kagome?

Love of the Dead
Chapter Five: Liquid in Motion

"Vampire, bound to fall empire. I yearn to fight in a just war, following Emperor." – Tribal Seeds

x . . . . x

"You don't want to do this." Kagome said slowly. "I'm older and I have been fighting and killing your kind for many years." The circling continued for several moments and Edward once again leaped with surprising speed.

Kagome moved to the side just barely dodging a swipe of his hands and her cerulean hues widened. He was faster than she had anticipated and she fought not to run knowing it would only excite him further. It began to drizzle and she cursed the rainy season of Japan knowing that soon the ground would be muddy and they would begin to slip and slide all over the place and goodness knew she did not want to slip and fall. Slipping and falling meant the end for her – or him – depending. She turned at a playful snarl and she took in the light smirk playing on his forever handsome features. Fear shivered along her spine as he darted toward her.

Again she leapt away but she did not expect him to turn sharply on his heal at the last moment and reach out a hand to grasp her arm.

The rain fell harder.

He yanked hard and quick dislocating her shoulder and she gave a sharp unexpected cry at the light pain. Edward chuckled low and swiped a leg beneath her. She lost balance and fell on her back and into the mud. It coated her back and neck as it splattered around her. She turned cerulean hues up at him but he was not there standing above her. No, he was seated at her feet coyly staring up at her through a fringe of dark lashes. Fingers touched her dirty shoes and made an upward ascent to her ankles and further still to her claves where he touched lightly.

She could kill him before he went higher.

The thought was second nature and not unbidden.

It was dark and it became very likely she would take his life this day.

His obsidian gaze looked at her soullessly as he leaned forward and brushed her bare knee with lips, tongue, and teeth.

She jolted away and turned on her front in one smooth movement. That primal half seemed surprised as she grasped her arm and shoved it back within its socket twisting mercilessly. She grunted as she scrambled away and back onto her feet. Edward remained seated, his lips pursed almost petulantly. He clucked his tongue and then they were dancing away from one another, he having too much fun to harm her and she trying desperately to fight her nature and destroy him where he stood.

A quick and easy death – Carlisle would surely understand that he threatened her existence.

She jumped from his reaching hands and slipped in the mud just as she had told herself not to and he was on her in an instant. Kagome closed her eyes, power summoned in her hands, ready to kill and take his life. She was on her knees, back straight, and he mirrored her position behind her, his legs encasing her own, his chest pressed to her back. One arm was tossed around her middle, keeping her firm against his front and the other was around her shoulders a hand resting at her throat so that he could tilt her neck to his lips where he would feast and gorge upon her blood. She would heal – maybe, possibly – depending on how he did it. She wouldn't risk it though. He was descending upon her jugular slowly and she sent a quick somewhat heartfelt apology to Carlisle because there was no way she would just lay down and welcome pain or death.

She moved too slow for the vampire for his lips were on her neck in an instant.

Kagome sat straight, eyes shocked and somewhat confused as she braced for pain that did not come.

For Edward was not biting her – no.

Edward was running soft lips against softer skin, nuzzling and caressing with his tongue.

"Edward?" she called out softly to the vampire. He refused to look up from his task, the hand on her neck dipping lower until it rested upon her cleavage. Kagome was no stranger to dinner and she was also no stranger to sex and at this time she knew where this was headed and it definitely wasn't dinner. She narrowed her eyes at a tree in front of her, water droplets sliding along her pale features and she shook her head as she elbowed him in the solar plexus. He jerked back with a hiss and Kagome took the moment to turn on her knees and slide onto her rear. She lifted her legs, fingers digging into the damp ground gripping grass and roots. She quickly kicked outward with both legs and he flew several feet away from her.

Edward slid and landed crouched in front of her and she made one last attempt to bring him to his senses by shooting forward and bringing the palm of her hand to his chin. His head jerked back quickly as she quickly yelled, "Edward! Stop it and wake up!"

And that was all it took as she brought her leg up and kicked him back onto his back. The darkness retreated and there was life within his obsidian gaze. Hunger was still there but it was no longer a soulless hunger. He gazed up at her from his position in the mud and she shook he head as he softly inquired, "Kagome?" She rolled eyes upward, the tightening her chest gone. After all it always looked so bad when one killed their wards and Kagome didn't really want to kill him even if him and girlfriend were nuisance – well maybe she wanted to kill him a little. But at least she held back! "I don't understand what happened."

"I thought it would be Jasper to break first." She mused lightly as rain pelted her flesh, her arms crossed beneath her breasts. "It seems I was wrong, Edward – you are far more dangerous then he that's for sure."

Edward's voice was thin with fear, "I don't understand what just happened." He hissed again, this time his obsidian orbs were frantic.

"So scared for the humanity to try and cling to? Frightened that it's gone?" Kagome asked cruelly, her lips twisted into a sneer. They were so eager to fight their nature and Kagome couldn't stand it. Youkai embraced their other halves – Inuyasha had embraced his other half and these vampires couldn't? It was sickening. "You attacked me because you felt I threatened your authority – which by the way you have none – but your primal self seems to think so." She sighed as she kicked his shoe with her own, "Get up – you look pathetic."

There was something dark with his obsidian hues, "But it wasn't an 'attack' of a brutal nature." Edward murmured, "I kissed your neck."

Kagome gave a feminine chuckle as he stood up, towering over her small form, "Mmm – not of a brutal nature… but more of a physical and sexual nature. Had you and your family not denied yourselves for so long then you wouldn't have this issue now and you would understand it better however you have denied it and don't understand it all."

There was glare that twisted his beautiful face into something even more beautiful – he seemed like some petulant God denied something he wanted most, "And you know? You understand? You who are human know my plight?"

Kagome gazed up at him, cerulean hues wide and almost curious, "Naturally – youkai are my primary play things." She leaned forward and murmured softly, lips curled almost mockingly, "I've played with vampires too."

He shook his head at her in disgust, "But you aren't one or the other."

Kagome shook her head, rain dripping along her chin and from her lashes as she blinked, "But I understand because though I am ningen…" her voice dropped lower, "I have a darker side too."

And he knew it – he watched it curl through her cerulean hues like a serpent ready to strike as she pulled away from him. He heard it in her voice as it slid along her his flesh like silk. He could taste her cruelty in the air like lightning in a storm. She was dangerous – he had seen it first hand what she could do and it was just a glimpse with how she had held down Jasper, held back Alice their first day within her home. She talked of plans involving seven people entering Volterra and taking out the leaders of the vampiric community as though it were nothing. She was a frightening thing as the cruelty in her cerulean hues made them flat and empty.

Taking life did not bother her.

"Yet you are human." He murmured.

Kagome nodded, "That has lived far longer than one should."

And there was a tinge of sorrow in her voice.

It made Edward ache.

Because she was warm of body but knew his sorrows.

"And you did not kill me." Though he knew it was her nature to do so.

"Because you came to yourself quickly."

He knew it was an excuse.

"You could have ended my life in the beginning." Because she could of – it was true. She knew how to kill his kind easier than most likely he could.

She narrowed her eyes at him and glared, "I enjoyed playing with you."

Edward smirked, "You have a dark side, Kagome, and you are not to be trifled with."

At this she nodded, "I do and I am glad you realize this."

His smirk grew, "But you also have some light within you."

At this she scowled and turned on her heal, calling back, "There is no light to be found within this body. Go feed – you look ridiculous."

And with that she walked away.

It made Edward laugh despite what had just occurred and if he could cry he would cry but he just couldn't find it in him to do so. Silently he cursed because he still had no idea what to do about what had just happened.


Kagome stomped through her kitchen, rain water clinging to her clothing and making her itch. The mud was still splattered along her body and its stench made her gag. She cursed the mud on the clean tile and knew Shippo was going to rip into her well and good at the mess. The kitsune was far more domesticated then she would ever be. She nearly made it out of the kitchen when a throat clearing caught her attention. She stilled and turned slowly to the sound where both Shippo and Kouga sat.

"Care to explain the mess?"

Kagome scowled at the kitsune that gestured to the mud and clothing, "No."

"But you will anyway." Kouga chimed in with a rough smirk in her direction.

Kagome sighed and nodded, "Yes."

Shippo and Kouga had identical expressions of curiosity on their faces, "Well?" they inquired together.

"Edward attacked me."

There was silence and then twin growls as both stood up with enough force to send their chairs to the ground behind them, "What?" they growled together once more.

Kagome nodded and yawned, "Yep. He lost himself momentarily but quickly came to. These damn vampires have denied themselves far too long. I'm actually surprised Edward let go first."

Shippo quirked a brow upward, "You make it sound like you let him live."

Kagome walked from the kitchen with a backward call of, "I did! And you can't kill him when you see him!"

Shippo and Kouga scowled.

"Fucking ridiculous." Kouga muttered, "I hate vampires."

Carlisle popped his head into the kitchen, "Did I hear that Edward attacked Kagome?"

Bella had just walked into the kitchen and upon hearing that screeched.

Shippo just groaned and buried his head in his hands.


He had just walked from the bathroom when he heard low voices coming from the living room. Mostly everyone is their own rooms doing whatever it was they did considering vampires did not sleep. His ears twitched and Edward pursed his lips as he strained to hear what they were saying.

"I'm still mad at you for keeping this." Shippo's voice was angry yet hushed.

There was the sound of lips pressed to lips and Edward almost jerked back.

He knew there was something between to the two but he never guessed physical.

Kagome's sigh was light as she began, "I only kept the useful stuff."

Shippo growled, "They are memories of a bad time, Kagome – of a time that we should have just forgotten."

"I know." She murmured, and there was a catch in her voice.

There was silence for a few moments until Shippo began to speak again, "Kagome… you always had the intention of going back there, didn't you?"

"Don't be silly." Kagome murmured back cruelly the catch in her voice gone.

Shippo sighed this time, "I've known you for five hundred years, Kagome – don't act like I don't know you."

"So what if I did?"

"Who would you have been going back for?" Shippo inquired now angry, "For your masters? For the one we left behind? He chose them in case you have forgotten! They tortured us!"

"I know!" Kagome hissed back angrily.

"Then why would you back?" his voice raising.

And there was silence once more.

"You don't want to hear it, Shippo – don't ask questions you don't want the answers for."

"Sometimes I can't stand you." Shippo growled but there was an angry heat to his voice.

There was sorrow in hers, "I know."

Again silence until Shippo spoke, voice rough with lust, "Come to bed."

There was the sound of a kiss and a delicate moan from the woman; her voice was breathy, "Alright."

He heard them walk up stairs and their joined bedroom. The door closed and something twisted in his gut.

He retreated to the kitchen and found Kouga sitting at the table gazing at him curiously.

He was about to walk away but Kouga's voice stopped him, "There is something about her, ain't there?"

"Excuse me?" Edward inquired as he turned back to the ookami.

"Kagome. There is something about her that draws you in. She's a bitch – no doubt but despite her icy exterior something about her makes you curious, makes you want to know what makes hers tick, makes you want to make her your own." Kouga sighed and his eyes were tired. "I loved her once…" he confessed. He looked to the young vampire and his grin was rueful, "I still do even with a mate of my own and brood of pups."

Edward remained quiet curious as to where he was going with this.

"I knew her when she was pure." His eyes closed, "I knew her when she was full of warmth and smiles." Edward didn't say it out loud but he had trouble imaging her as such. "She was perfect and God I fell in love quick with her. Even now knowing what she is doing with the brat I still love her. Even with that persona she throws up I still ache for her."

"Why tell me this?"

Kouga opened his too blue eyes were soft, "Because she's Kagome… and I know she makes you think because I have been where you are before but no one was there to understand."

"I have Bella." Edward murmured, voice hard.

Kouga chuckled, "And I have Ayame but that doesn't mean that I don't still care."

"She does not make me think." Even though she did.

Kouga seemed to see right through him, "Keep telling yourself that, kid. She's a curiosity that's for damn sure."

Edward's anger was palpable, "I am here for Bella."

Kouga shook his head, "And that's alright – I understand but she is ningen and will always be ningen unless you change her and she does not understand… Kagome does because she has her own monsters to deal with."

"You're making it seem like you want me to leave Bella and go after Kagome."

Kouga shrugged his shoulders, "I really don't want you to but I am trying to help you make sense of what you're thinking because like I said… I've been there and I have mate. There is no hope for me."

"I feel nothing…" Edward murmured, arms crossed, "Nothing but curiosity and wonder for what she is and she hides. She is cruel and uncaring."

"Yet you heard the way she spoke to the runt just now."

"She is a murderer."

"And you have killed vampires like Jasper and Carlisle and the rest of your family."

"She is… cold."

Kouga sighed, "Because she doesn't know you."

"I love Bella."

Kouga snorted, "Keep telling yourself that."

And Edward did.

He told himself well into the night and morning until he could say it no more.


Kagome cuddled beside Shippo, his short styled hair falling into turquoise orbs heavy with sleep. "You're awake." He murmured softly, brushing his lips against her temple. The miko nodded as she pressed her nose to his collar bone.

"What are we doing?" she asked after a few moments.

Shippo chuckled, running a clawed hand through her hair, "Trying to sleep."

"I mean in general. Am I really going to take you and everyone into Volterra for my petty vengeance?" her voice was hoarse. With the sound proof barrier, Kagome was always a little softer. Shippo sighed as she continued, "Am I really going to risk your lives?"

Shippo shrugged his shoulders and nuzzled her cheek, "They have to die anyway."

"But does it have to be soon?" she whispered.

Shippo pulled away turquoise hues hard, "What are you worried about? Who are you worried about?"

Kagome was quiet.

She pulled away from and sat up, the sheet falling to her waist and revealing her naked torso, "No one. Everyone. You."

He looked away from her and closed his eyes. "I can take care of us now. I was young then… too young."

Kagome's eyes were soft when she looked at him, "We both were."

Shippo turned to him and there was a sorrow within his eyes that made Kagome ache with hatred for what the Volturi had done to him, to her, and what she had become, "I love you, Kagome."

The miko leaned forward and pressed her lips to his before solemnly whispering, "I know."

Kagome moved from the bed and to the bathroom, Shippo watching her forlornly from where he sat.

The love they had was not of passionate people in love that were meant to be.


Kagome and Shippo had a love of shared pain, born of desperation, and things better left unsaid.

And Shippo? He was content to leave it that way.

Because love knew no bounds and he would tear through heaven and hell had she given him the slightest inclination to do so.

Watching as flames filled his hands – he had the power to do it too.


Edward brushed a hand through Bella's dark brown locks and breathed in her scent. She woke sleepily staring at him and after a moment or two her lips pursed angrily. Edward sighed when she rolled away from him and off of the guest bed that she had made her own for the time being. He watched her get dressed into her everyday clothing with a grumble here and there. She had never really been a morning person and he couldn't help the small smirk flow onto his lips.

She headed to the door and stopped, hand on the handle, "Where did you go yesterday?" Bella asked softly, curiously as she turned to look at him. "You were gone for a while…"

His tongue on pale flesh that tasted of rain.

His lips caressing a neck that was not Bella's.

His hands groping and gripping a woman that was not the woman before him now.

Kouga's voice, "There is something about her, ain't there?"

Edward closed his eyes and looked away from her just a moment before turning back, a smile on his forever-young features, "I went hunting."

Bella turned completely and glared, "I heard you attacked Kagome."

The emotion fell away from Edward's features and after a moment, "It was a brief attack but I was able to control myself… no worries."

Her voice was soft with anger, "You weren't going to tell me?"

"I didn't want you to worry needlessly."

And there was a lot to worry about.

Bella accepted the answer and waked up to him, pressing her lips to his forehead before walking away, "I'm sorry I'm still angry… but you need to understand… I don't want to lose you and I refuse to age alone."

That said she walked from the room and straight into Kagome whom was exiting her bedroom. The ningen bounced off the miko as the miko braced herself against the wall. A scowl worked onto Kagome's features as she blatantly growled, "Watch where you are going."

Kouga exited the bathroom and help Bella to her feet and smirked over at Kagome, "Someone's grouchy! Did the kit suck in bed last night?"

Shippo growled as he exited the bedroom and soon there was a small 'party' in the hall, "Shut up, asshole. I'll have you know my prowess in bed is none of concern!"

Kagome clucked her tongue, "Kitsune are the best form of lover." She mused lightly.

Kouga scowled as Bella looked between the three, "Seriously, Kagome. I can't believe I lost to a kit."

Kagome shook her head at the wolf, "You were good too!"

The ookami crossed his arms over his chest, "Good? Just good?"

Sighing Kagome sidled up to the ookami and pressed her lips to his neck, "More than good, Kouga…" she purred softly. "It was so long ago and yet I can distinctly remember every single piece of that night – especially the howling."

Kouga pulled away, eyes dark with an emotion that Bella couldn't identify though lust lingered within his cool blue depths, "Don't do that, woman. Ayame will have my head!"

Kagome shrugged, "You'll live – I'll reattach it."

Shippo walked away with a bark of laughter as Kouga followed with a grumble and crimson blush staining his features and after a moment, Bella finally understood, "You slept with both of them?"

Kagome arched a brow unaware of Edward listening from the bed, "You are such a child. No shit, Bella. Honestly – you know people sleep with each other. I just happened to keep the people I have bedded around."

It was moments like that, that both Edward and Bella were made aware just how old Kagome was when she used terminology like 'bedded'.

Carlisle walked up the stairs and sent a quick smile to the two women, "I heard raised voices."

There was a cruel smirk on Bella's lips when she perkily called out, "We were talking about Kagome's conquests!"

Carlisle blinked once and looked down at the slip of a Japanese girl. He tilted his head to the side and narrowed cool, tawny hues at her, "Conquests?" Kagome let out a wordless scream and threw up her hands as she stomped away, "Wait! You're too young to be having conquests!"

The last thing Bella and Edward heard before the door slammed was a shout of, "Dammit! I'm older than you!"

Bella happily laughed.

Edward merely shook his head at the childish antics.


She was on the phone again – pacing back and forth outside as the sun shown brilliantly off her pale flesh and ebony locks. Edward watched her with an emptiness in his eyes that was more predatory then observatory. Lips pursed he clenched his fingers into his fists as he tightened his arms across his chest. What is it about this damnable human woman, he silently thought as he watched her shout into her cell. Powerful. Beautiful. Yet her attitude is horrendous and her actions monstrous but that doesn't stop the monster inside me from calling out to her.

Edward knew he was soulless and damned and none could ever tell him otherwise however he believed that he retained some of his humanity as he did not feed from humans but rather from animals. Yet... being around her made him feel the need to throw those last vestiges of human self away. How could a small woman do that? His control was hard won and the only thing that made him better than the damnable Volturi and all the other vampires with their crimson hues. He was better them… or so he liked to think. The actions of the prior day made him rethink his principals. He watched a few moments more and then was surprised to see the miko scream and toss the phone into the forest.

He arched a brow as she stomped back inside, rummaged around in a cabinet drawer and produced another phone identical to the last and headed outside. She stopped just outside the door and glared at him heavily, cerulean orbs narrowed and her face turned into a pretty scowl, "You need something or is watching people a pass time for you?"

Edward grinned, "People watching is something all vampires do."

She scoffed and stomped away and was back on her phone screaming into the little device, far enough way that he couldn't hear her. She was an amusing woman, frightening, but amusing. He watched from the door as Alice and Jasper came from the surrounding foliage having probably just fed. Jasper caught sight if the small Japanese woman and pushed Alice to head inside. Alice gazed at the vampire and the direction he was looking and frowned. Reluctantly she headed toward the door, her thoughts stark within Edward's head.

Such an odd woman… how can I trust a woman without a future to see? And Jasper! I don't understand…

She entered the kitchen and her tawny hues flickered over to Edward briefly before she walked away, not wanting to see Jasper becoming close to the crueler female but Edward knew… oh he knew that Kagome and Jasper were more alike than any had anticipated. The forever-teen watched as Jasper walked toward Kagome whom just finished successfully stomping on her new phone. Jasper's grin was easy coming when he looked at the miko and the miko merely stared. Their lips moved and then they turned away from one another and walked several feet away. They turned back and waited on opposite ends of the ground. Shippo walked up behind Edward munching on an apple and lightly hummed.

"This is going to be interesting." He murmured and called out, "Kouga! Kagome's about to spar!"

Edward looked at the kitsune as the ookami came from upstairs, tail swishing behind him in excitement, "Man I wish Ginta and Hakkaku were here! We'd have a betting pool right now."

"What? She's going to spar Jasper?" Edward inquired as he turned his gaze out the window, "Why does the call for excitement?"

Shippo snorted as Kouga rolled his eyes, "Watching Kagome fight is like watching Divinci painting a masterpiece. Kagome was trained by the best out world has to offer. It's like liquid in motion." The younger youkai supplied helpfully.

He had attacked Kagome but she had just evaded him and he couldn't help the curiosity that filled him as Jasper leapt. In shocking display of brute force Jasper brought his right hand in a fist and aimed for her cheek. Kagome was able to bring her head back to escape the blow and bring her right foot in a swift round house kick to Jasper's chest. Edward's eyes widened as the vampire staggered back. Kagome didn't allow him a moment to breathe and brought her left hand under Jasper's chin giving an upper cut that the vampire could not avoid. He brushed the blow off and used speed that Kagome despite her training would never acquire. Edward's lips pursed when she was abruptly pressed to the ground Jasper on top of her, teeth bared. His legs held her own and his hands had her arms and it seemed like the short match would go to Jasper.

At least until silver filled cerulean hues and with explosion of light Jasper was thrown off the miko. Angrily she got to her feet as Jasper shook off the effects of what had just occurred. Blows were exchanged and blocked as they danced around one another, Kagome's fighting style quick and even and Edward was inclined to agree that it was like watching liquid in motion. Minutes passed and finally with a cry Kagome brought a glowing silver leg to Jasper's temple that had him down on his knees. The miko's hand was on his throat as some words were exchanged.

The two brushed themselves off and bowed to one another.

And Edward frowned.

She was surely a scary thing.

She turned to the window then and her silver lit orbs were on him and the smirk on her lips was confident.

Her mental barriers went down for just a moment and he was pulled inside her mind.

I played with you before Edward and next time it will be your death.

And after watching her move – he was inclined to agree.

But the darker part of him growled and accepted an unmade challenge.

Then the mental barriers of hers went up and he was kicked from her mind viciously enough that his head slightly throbbed.

It was at that precise moment Alice came stumbling down the stairs frantically calling, "We have a problem!" her fae like features were scrunched in partial fear, "The Volturi know we're here and they are not happy." She turned her face to gaze out the window at the miko that was healing minor cuts and bruises that Jasper had delivered to her person. "She did something to them before and they are not please we're with her…" Carlisle heard her frantic words and came from the living room with Esme.

He was calm when he asked, "What did you see?"

Alice clenched her hands, "It rained blood, Carlisle… it rained blood."




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