Characters: Katou and Iwaki.

Kaneko-san had called that morning with major news for Katou. Iwaki had hanged up the phone, feeling light hearted and extremely happy about the whole situation and he—he just couldn't wait for Katou to come back home.

The stillness of the night contrasted with the joy and noise he felt inside his head. It was a great moment to know that the industry had finally acknowledged Katou as an actor, and that the incident with the studios regarding the casting for Winter Cicada was a thing of the past.

It all made Iwaki smile broadly for the longest time he could recall ever doing it.

Impatient, he took his mobile and dialled Katou's number with haste, yet the other wasn't answering. Iwaki felt as if the worries of those days prior to the making of the film had actually been worthy. Memories of those same days of solitude that had been imposed on him, Katou's new hairdo at that time, the casting itself.

The man had to go to the bathroom a couple of times just to splash his face with some cold water to refresh.

It was late, he reckoned when he woke up after having fallen asleep watching the TV. Katou wasn't home yet, and the euphoria of the previous hours had finally vanished.

Iwaki stood up and turned off the TV. He yawned loudly, stretching his body while doing so, and then moved his hands over his face. Slowly, he had turned off the lights of the house, leaving only those of the hall at the entrance, and the ones in the living room on. He sighed, and yawned one more time.

On his way to the bedroom, he heard the sound of keys, and the door opening. He rushed back to the front door to find Katou leaving his shoes there and the coat in the little closet.

"Iwaki-san, I thought you were sleeping by now."

"I was waiting for you—kinda." He laughed, moving his hand through his hair almost apologetically.

"Kaneko-san called you, didn't he?" he asked, then walked to where Iwaki was standing, moving his hands to hold the other.

"Well, he was looking for you, and I happened to be here, you know?"

"Seems so…" Katou grinned when Iwaki held him as well, and their noses were touching. "I told you they'd respect me someday."

"Yes, you did." He smiled, closing his eyes and rubbing his nose against Katou's.

"I feel like I'm not letting you sleep tonight."

"Good." The older man said before kissing him.