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Who's Feeling Puckish Now?


"Come on Bones, please?" he said, his charm smile at full gage.

"No Booth. Now dump it," she didn't even bother turning around to look at him.

"Drop it."


"You said…You know what, it doesn't matter. Bones, you owe me."

"I don't owe anyone. Nobody should owe anybody anything. People should just do things out of the kindness of their hearts." She didn't know where this was coming from, but she had to get out of this situation somehow.

Booth snorted, "Since when have you believed that? You're completely pro owing. You've always said that if you do something, it's only natural to want something back. It's what got us into the situation earlier if I remember correctly."

"Booth, I just don't think it's a good idea. There's a line."

"And we crossed it already once today, so why not again?"

She sighed, "Booth…"

Before she could turn him down again, he cut in, "Bones, please. I've never had a real mistletoe kiss…"

"Today was real"

"Caroline was watching, it was awkward. I'm talking about a real mistletoe kiss. One where you can feel the Christmas spirit alive in the one you're kissing."

"You know I'm not a big fan of Christmas Booth"

"Jesus Bones, stop arguing. You've got your family back, they'll all be together for Christmas and you'll be with them. The Christmas spirit is more alive in you than it has been since you were fifteen."

He took a step forward and reached out to hold her hand, "Can you just grant me this one wish in return for bringing me to meet Caroline's puckish side?"

Brennan looked down at their hands and took a small step forward, "Just this once."

Booth chanced a look at the windows of Brennan's office to make sure there were no curious eyes.

Fortunately he found the lab corridors deserted, it was Christmas Eve after all.

He looked back to Brennan and smiled at her shining eyes; it really was the happiest he'd seen her in a long time.

He brushed some hair off her face with the hand not holding hers and leaned in, their breaths mingling in the closeness they shared.

Her eyes fluttered shut at his touch and she found herself leaning into him, wanting nothing more at that moment, to feel his lips on hers.

Then, that wish was granted.

Soft. He lips were so soft. He hadn't noticed before, he'd been too distracted by the bubbly attorney at their side.

She also felt the softness of his lips and realized she hadn't felt a thing earlier, although she did know that earlier she had been struggling to count steamboats, and now, right at this moment, she wouldn't be able to recall what a steamboat was.

Booth ventured further into the kiss, tasting eggnog on her tongue; he smiled a little smile on the inside that he could actually taste the Christmas spirit on her. His other hand moved up to rest opposite the other, cradling her face as he broke away.

She looked up at him, almost bemused, and swallowed, "Did I say 'just this once'? Because I can take that back if you'd like."

Booth smiled, resting his forehead against hers, "I would really like that."

She moved to kiss him again, but he pulled back just long enough to say, "Thank you for making my Christmas wish come true."

Then lips and eggnog again.


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