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As the entrance drew nearer, my hold on my fathers arm grew tighter. I never thought I could be this nervous. I knew this was what I wanted and what Edward wanted yet what if he said no? What if I wasn't good enough, I would never be good enough for him. My father stopped me right before we turned the corner. I saw Rosalie ahead of me starting to walk down the aisle. Alice smiled
encouragingly at me before turning around and following Rosalie.

"Are you ready Bells?" My father whispered in my ear.

"I'm ready." I answered confidently as the music struck up and we started down the aisle. As I turned the corner I saw the most beautiful creature on this earth. Edward stood at the end of the aisle on the podium, dressed in a black tux that contrasted with his skin so perfectly it looked as if he were glowing. The candle light and the setting sun just added to his serene beauty. His eyes were a pure gold that never wavered once from mine. My heart beat frantically in my chest, about to burst from the too many feelings it
held. I loved the man that stood before me like no other and I knew with every fiber of my being, I would love him for eternity and it would never falter.

I smiled at my love and knew that smile would probably remain on my face for a long time. My brain didn't even register all my friends and family sitting in the chairs along the aisle I was only ever aware of Edward. When we reached the alter, my father turned to me and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you Bella." He whispered in my ear before releasing my arm and walking back to sit on the chairs behind me. I turned forward and took the final step towards the shining angel, my Edward, my perfect, other half. Of course that last step wouldn't be complete if he didn't have to help me take it. I tripped over the edge and landed softly in Edward's arms, the arms I would gladly spend the rest of my life in. I looked up into his gold eyes and saw something melt in them, a barrier, an emotion, I wasn't sure but what ever it
was, made him glorious.

"Come, my Bella." He whispered in my ear before setting me gently on my feet. I suddenly realized there was nothing I wanted more than this, being with Edward just seemed right. Edward took my hands gently in his and I was lost, gone forever in his eyes.

"Dearly beloved." I heard Emmett say. As I stared at Edward, I remembered every moment, every memory that had him in it. The first day I met him. Tyler's truck; the Italian restaurant in Port Angeles; the meadow; the first time seeing his house; waking up in the hospital with him there; Italy; the plane ride home; the vote; his bed; every night in my room. Every memory was a flicker, a group of visions that flashed before my mind, as I stared into his eyes. Memories that I would treasure, hoping they wouldn't fade into nothing,
memories which defined me, which defined who I was going to be. Memories that shouldn't have happened, but luckily the lion fell in love with the lamb. I would no longer call myself a stupid lamb, for this is the smartest decision I could ever make. I wasn't sure until now what exactly I wanted to say to Edward, words faded away and no words could efficiently portray what I felt for him.

"Please share your vows with each other." I heard Emmett say in the distance.

"Before you Bella, life was meaningless, and I was a drifter in search of something more. My life was dark, but you brought it light. You have brought me from my despair and righted everything that was wrong. I was lost in your eyes and your expressions from the very first day and today I still find myself lost in all of you, in my love for you. Everything that I am, is yours, my heart, my body, my mind and for you Bella, my soul. I promise to protect you, love you, cherish you and care for you, for eternity, in life and in death." His voice was rough velvet caressing my body with his words. I could feel the tears falling freely down my cheeks. I had never heard a more beautiful string of words. Edward lifted up his hand and brushed the tears from my cheeks, his cold hands feeling wonderful against my warmed cheek.

"Bella," I heard Emmett say, but how could I say how I felt when it was too complex to put into words.

"Edward." I still felt that familiar thrill that went through me as I said his name. "You are my angel, in a cruel world. I give you all I am and all I am to become, my heart and my soul are yours forever and always have been, even when we were both fighting fate. I love you Edward. Three simple words that I know don't even begin to represent what I feel. Words are just sounds, actions are just movements but feelings are true and pure. And I would hope you wouldn't need Jasper's help to know mine." I heard a snicker run through the vampire crowd. My smile grew as Edward shook his head, his crooked smile in place. "We have been through everything, from the worst to the best. Our love has proved triumphant above all else, where our brains failed us, our hearts showed us the way, through the darkest of times. Without you Edward, I would be nothing. I am yours forever, if you will have me forever." I could only hold back the tears for so long. They fell in streams down my cheeks again, proving how much I needed him.

"Every single last day of forever, Bella." He whispered. The rest of the ceremony seemed to blur past me, only Edward remained.

"You may kiss the bride." I heard Emmett say, smiling brightly at us. Edwards hands raised so they cupped my cheeks, his lips came down and covered mine in a passionate kiss, a kiss I wished would never end. I heard everyone in the crowd clapping and I knew we would have to face them. Edward pulled away from me so he could look into my eyes.

"Should we face them now Mrs. Cullen?" Edward asked. I felt my heart inflate at his words.

"Yes I think we should Mr. Cullen." He grabbed my hands again and we turned to face our family and friends. I felt sorry for Jasper having to go through all of this. "I'm sorry Jasper." I whispered and he laughed along with Edward and Emmett. Before I knew what happened a little black blur attacked me in a huge hug.

"Yay, Bella you're my sister now!" She squealed, I looked up at Edward and he smiled before walking over to Esme and hugging her. Rosalie walked over to me next and wrapped one arm around me and the other around Alice.

"We're sisters for eternity girls." Rosalie said. I wrapped my arms around each of them and together we walked off the alter and towards my waiting family. I swear I was never squeezed more in my life, my mom cried a couple of times and so did Jessica and Angela. I finally made it to the Denali family.

"Congratulations, Bella." Tanya said. I smiled at her and the family. "It won't be too long until we meet again." She winked at me.

"I look forward to that day." I said, she smiled at me and turned to Edward.

"I never thought I would see the day that Edward Cullen would find a girl and marry her. But I guess I was wrong, I wish you the best."

"Thank you Tanya." Edward said shaking her hand.

"Okay people lets move this party inside so we can crank up the music." Emmett boomed over the crowd. I giggled quietly at his use of words. Edward placed one arm around my waist and picked me up cradling me against his chest.

"Edward." I giggled, into the crook of his neck.

"Yes?" He answered walking towards the door.

"You don't have to carry me; I do know how to walk." I could feel his chuckle in his chest

"Are you sure you know how to walk Bella?" I smacked him, scowling into his shoulder. "I'm joking, it's tradition." I let him carry the rest of the way in. The living room was amazing. The same white roses and lilies were scattered around it. The furniture was all gone; in its place were tables, chairs and a dance floor. On one table were a cake and a buffet. There were spotlights pointed at the dance floor and candles were the only lighting on the tables. Edward placed me on the ground and I ran straight to Alice.

"It's beautiful." I said in her ear when I hugged her.

"I knew you would like it." She said winking at me. We both laughed. Esme and Carlisle walked over to me both hugging me once.

"Bella, I could have never asked for a better daughter." Carlisle said.

"No we could have never imagined there was someone so perfect like you out there for our Edward." Esme added. I hugged her once more.

"Testing one, two, three." Emmett said into a microphone above the DJ station.

"Oh no who gave Emmett the microphone?" Rosalie groaned to my left. I smiled at her and she rolled her eyes. I felt Edward's stone cold arms snake around my arms and his chin rest on my shoulder.

"Were you trying to get away form me?" He whispered while kissing my neck.

"No, I was going to hug my sister and new parents." I said, turning my head so I could kiss his lips.

"I think its time for the bride and groom to have their first dance." Emmet's comment was met by cheers. Suddenly the room was filled with Claire de Lune. I smiled at Edward as he took my hand and lead me out onto the dance floor and into a smooth waltz. By the time the song had ended almost everyone was on the dance floor. Emmett ran back up onto the stage to put on a faster song. I didn't want to dance more than I needed to so I grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him towards vacant table. I watched as Rosalie,
Emmett, Alice and Jasper danced like a group of ten year olds would in the eighties.

"Are you happy about getting those… " Edward waved towards his siblings."…As siblings?"

"Definitely, they wouldn't be Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper without their corky humour." My comment earned a series of thumbs up and smiles from the group in question.

"I can hear the revenge working." Edward whispered low in my ear. I chuckled knowing Alice and Rosalie would keep Emmett and Jasper distracted until it was too late.

"Congratulations Bella." I heard Mike say from my right. I turned to face him smiling.

"Thanks Mike."

"I hope he's the one you want, truly, and that he won't leave you again." Mike said, through clenched teeth. I knew there were still hard feelings between Mike and Edward but I didn't think Mike was rude enough to bring that up at my wedding. I could feel Edward's growl building in his chest.

"Mike there is no one else for me, were you not paying attention to my wedding vows?" I asked coolly. Before he could answer my siblings were surrounding us and Mike excused himself.

"I'm sorry Bella; I didn't think he would actually say that." Edward said, kissing me once before pulling me up from my chair. "I know what you need...cake!" I smiled at him, plotting to shove cake in his face. Emmett left our side and went back to the microphone.

"I think the couple is ready to cut the cake. Remember Bella be careful with that knife." Emmett warned jokingly. I saw every one of my family and friends laugh at this, and the all too familiar blush creep up my cheeks.

"I've never cut myself before Emmett." I said pouting.

"Of course not Bella you just, fell, tripped, tumbled, ran into, stepped on or stumbled into the sharp objects." That comment earned another round of chuckles. Scowling, I went over to the buffet table and threw a hunk of broccoli at him, laughing when it hit him in the head.

"Emmett, stop teasing my wife." Edward said, with a hint of laughter still in his tone. I could see the flashing of my mom's camera when Edward and I stopped in front of the wedding cake. I grabbed the knife first cutting a piece of cake, grabbing it and shoving it in Edward's perfect face. I laughed at his surprised expression and slowly started to back up when he grabbed a piece of his own.

"You wouldn't. This is an expensive dress and my hair and make-up is all nice."

"I think you would look absolutely beautiful with cake on your face." He said drawing closer. The crowd was watching intently, some of the girls giggled.

"If any cake touches my face you're going to have to lick it off." I challenged. He shrugged and lunged at me, pushing his handful of cake in my face. I shrieked in shock, whipping the cake from my cheeks.

"Edward Anthony Cullen." I said sternly, glaring at him.

"Isabella Marie Cullen." He said, mimicking my tone.

"Okay folks, it looks as if you can eat cake now, the bride and groom are going to glare at each other for a moment longer." Emmett said "Hey Rosie, you want some cake?" He asked.

"No I'm good Emmett, I want to dance." Edward walked up to me and bent his face down, licking the length of my cheek. My eyes widened in shock, I never thought he would actually do that.

"I told you I would lick it off." He whispered in my ear, before licking the rest off my face.

"Eww now my face is sticky." I whined. He laughed at me before leaving to retrieve a cloth, for both his and my face. Alice came up behind me and tapped my shoulder.

"The plan is ago in less than one minute Bella." She said before walking back onto the floor to dance with Jasper. I looked closely at them and saw the seams in their tuxes' slowly ripping. Edward came back and handed me a cloth before walking with me in tow towards the edge of the dance floor so we could get a better look. Right on cue both Emmett's and Jasper's tuxes' ripped and fell in pieces to the floor. The room became deafingly loud with laughter. Jasper stood there shocked, wearing bright green boxers. Emmett looked just as shocked but beat Jasper, by wearing white boxers with hearts on them. Rosalie and Alice were laughing the hardest, each one leaning against each other for support.

"Now that's pay back." Alice finally managed to say to an angry looking Jasper. The rest of the reception went by fast and by midnight I was exhausted on my feet.

"I'm so happy for you Bella." My mother said. "I hope to see you once more before you leave for college." I nodded and she left. I sighed against Edward as I watched the last of the guests leave.

"Are you ready to leave?" Edward asked me. I nodded, letting him pick me up and carry me to the car. Before I drifted off to sleep in the passenger seat I heard Emmett and Jasper yell.

"ROSE, ALICE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO OUR PLAYSTATION!" I grinned one more time, glad that I had such an awesome family, and wondering about what strange adventures we could get ourselves into.

"Sleep, my Bella." The angel's voice was the last thing I heard.

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