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Velocity watched the shadows shift and turn as the day waned towards night. The harsh wind had started to taper off, and small animals scurried about searching for any last morsels before bedding down.

She glanced at the colossus behind her, his head turned and intense optics swept over her form. She suppressed a shiver, and turned her attention back to the horizon and watched the comings and goings of the military vehicles.

"Well," she said over her shoulder. "What did Prowl have to say?"

The air stirred and she could feel the breeze as it made its way through the openings in her armor to tickle the protoform beneath. Optimus moved beside her. "They are coming. He and Hound have made contact with the refugee Autobots and they should reach this solar system within a month's time."

Velocity looked up at the mech and narrowed her optics. "But? I know the tone Optimus there is a 'but' hidden somewhere."

Prime emulated a sigh. "But the Ark and her crew have sustained heavy damage while engaging a band of Decepticons. The Ark has lost the use her orbital stabilizers." Velocity remained quiet, waiting for her leader and bonded to elaborate. "Without the orbital stabilizers, the ship will quickly succumb to a planet's gravitational pull, and…"

"Crash. Yea, I figured that part out. So, land it on Earth."

"We can't, the Ark is an interstellar transport ship, she is not equipped land on a planet, and I do not want to lose Teletraan1." His words were heavy with worry.

The femme watched the large mech for a few seconds. She knew what he was doing, he was brooding. All of the what- if's and maybe's of the situation were playing through his processor again and again. She hated to see him this way. The weight of his responsibilities continuously wore on him and darkened his moods. Not today. Today, she wouldn't let him agonize over the maybes.

"They are coming, and that is good news, Optimus. Enjoy it. The other issues can be worked out later, but right now, just enjoy the fact that others have survived and are coming." She smiled softly at the Prime, and he gave a slight smile in return.

She knew that smile, he was humoring her. She despised being humored. Doing the only thing she could, she reached over she laid a hand on one of the tires that lined his legs. Giving it a good shove, she sent the mock Goodyear spinning at a furious rate.

Optimus actually startled. Apparently, no one had ever done that to him.

She started walking towards the entrance to the base. Adding a little sashay to her strides she called over her shoulder, "The President's speech is about to start, and you are not allowed to stay out here and mope around all night. I have plans for later."

She heard his footfalls trailing behind her, and smiled knowingly to herself.




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