Christmas in Konoha never failed to provide Kakashi with endless amusements. There were, of course, the numerous colorful decorations and tasty treats, but that was just the start of. No, the real amusement was in the people of Konoha. Young men and women turned into near fools during the holiday, and the adults weren't much better either. All in all, veritable hours of amusement.

People were somewhat scarce at the moment, at least on the Academy grounds since it was after classes but still slightly early for the Mission Room to open. However, Kakashi happened to know that one of the secretaries had brought in a batch of homemade cookies which happened to be sitting alone and unguarded in the staff lounge... which happened to be accessible through a few rarely travelled hallways off of the Mission Room.

Oh, the lengths he would go to for baked goods... and a bit of mischief.

Kakashi opened the door to the Mission Room, expecting to find a barren, empty room. Instead he caught a brief glimpse of red and green splashed around the room as wood smacked on wood. He reacted instinctively as someone above him cried out in surprise. Stepping forward quickly, Kakashi caught... an unsuspecting chuunin teacher.

Well, this was unexpected.

Iruka blinked for a few minutes, obviously trying to figure out why he hadn't hit the floor. The chuunin was surprisingly light in Kakashi's arms and he had to admit that Iruka-sensei looked almost... cute when he was confused.

"Kakashi?" A blush spread across the chuunin's face.

Oh, this was much more amusing than stolen cookies. He briefly wondered what the chuunin-sensei would do if he tried to grope Iruka while he was still in Kakashi's arms.

"Um... Kakashi-san? You can put me down now."

Hastily, Kakashi set Iruka back on his feet. There went that idea. He took a step back as he remembered how quick the sensei's temper flared. No, definitely no surprise groping... at least not until he had a better escape route.

The sensei averted his eyes, still blushing to match the Christmas decorations and rubbing the back of his neck. Idly, Kakashi wondered what Iruka would look like with his hair down and still blushing. "Thank you for catching me, Kakashi-san."

A number of responses flitted through his head. Most would probably end up with the sensei slapping him.

"Where is everyone?" He said instead. Surely the chuunin would have someone helping him. Decorating the room alone would take Iruka hours.

"The mission room doesn't open for..." The chuunin glanced down at his watch. "...another hour."

That wasn't quite what he was asking, but Kakashi went along with it. "Oh." Iruka probably assumed Kakashi was looking for a mission. He had no other reason to be coming through here. Quickly, Kakashi pulled his broken watch from his pocket. He'd dropped it in the sink yesterday and... well, it wasn't functioning anymore, probably never would, but he'd shoved it in his pocket last night and then forgotten about it until this morning. A bit of dishwater leaked out as he held the watch up. "I guess watches don't work after they've been in a lake." That sounded so much better than saying he'd accidentally destroyed it while doing the dishes.

Iruka looked confused, but he didn't comment. Instead the sensei moved back to the ladder next to the door and started back up.

What irresponsible idiot let the chuunin totter around on a ladder by himself?

"Do you need some help?"

Iruka actually looked surprised at the offer. Anko and the others were going to get an earful about what was the proper workload for one person.

"If you'd like."

Kakashi smiled, knowing full well the sensei couldn't see it behind Kakashi's mask. A mischievous thought ran through his head.

This was so much better than cookies.

Iruka was looking around for something. There was a staple gun on the floor next to the ladder which obviously belonged on top of it. Calmly, Kakashi picked up the gun and walked up the wall to squat next to the surprised chuunin.

"Need this?"

"Thank you." The look Iruka gave him was verging on a glare.

Eyes followed him as he walked down the wall. He barely caught the Iruka's muttered "Show off."

Kakashi couldn't stop smiling.

"I need you to step back so I can move the ladder."

Did Iruka climb down every time he moved the ladder or did he wiggle around to move it along the wall? While the latter would be fun to watch, he had a better idea.

"Nah. I have a better idea."

Kakashi muttered a quick jutsu for strength and then lifted both Iruka and the ladder. The chuunin's squeak of surprise was more than worth it. Kakashi took two steps to the side and set the ladder down again. Iruka looked so cute clinging to the top of the ladder.

He couldn't hold back his laughter. "Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you."

The teacher banged his forehead lightly against the wall. From below, he could see the way Iruka's blush stained the back of his neck.

So, so cute. A devious plan started to form in Kakashi's mind. This was going to be a wonderful Christmas.