Kakashi's nose twitched. There were cookies nearby. A wide smile stretched across his face as he glanced down at the street below. Cookies and Iruka-sensei, what could be better?

He landed on the street without a sound, ten paces behind the teacher as he made his way to the Academy. Target sighted. The teacher held a small Tupperware container, but the smell seemed to be coming from Iruka himself. He wondered if the chuunin would taste like sugar cookies too.

The nape of Iruka's neck peeked out between Iruka's shirt and his ponytail. Two questions stuck in Kakashi's mind. First, if he snuck up behind Iruka, let his tongue lap at the exposed flesh, what would it taste like? Second, exactly how many kunai would he have to dodge immediately thereafter?

Instead, Kakashi crept quietly up behind the teacher, carefully lifted the lid of the Tupperware, and pulled out a cookie. They were still somewhat warm. Kakashi popped the entire cookie in his mouth and had to bite his lip to keep from making any noises that would give away his position.

He pulled out another cookie.

"Kakashi-sensei, may I ask what you think you're doing?"

Apparently he hadn't been as quiet as he'd thought. Two quick steps brought him even with Iruka. "Who me?" His innocent smile was probably made slightly less effective by the fact that Iruka couldn't see it and by the cookie crumbs sticking to the front of his mask.

Iruka made a show of glancing around. "I don't see any other jounin sneaking around."

"I'm not sure if that actually qualifies as 'sneaking' per se. Perhaps 'following inconspicuously'?"

His fingers twitched towards the Tupperware. Those cookies were really good. Almost worth the risk of kunai.

"Kakashi-sensei." Iruka's voice carried an unmistakable warning.

He reached for another cookie.