Summary: Series with Happiest Ducks on Earth and Universal Heat Wave: Julie plans a dream New England Christmas for everyone at her home in Bangor. Of course, its never that simple. Unexpected arrivals upset her carefully laid plans. Will the gang manage to not murder Layla? What about Aimee's friend Sherry, what exactly is her deal? And what about poor Aimee, can the Florida girl handle the New England winter cold?

Author's Note: I've been wanting to write another one in this series for a while...and I had this idea rolling around in my head. I mean, the OCD Julie of these stories planning a Christmas...anyway, its a mini story, five chapters at most...maybe less. The ideas I have are pretty funny.

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A Very Ducky Christmas

Part 1: Prepping for Christmas

Julie Gaffney stood on her tiptoes putting an ornament on her Christmas tree. She looked out the window and smiled, she couldn't have planned the freshly fallen New England snow better for Christmas. A Christmas to be spent with her dearest friends, and of course her beloved boyfriend.

"Let me get that one," Dean Portman came behind her and kissed her on the cheek, she giggled as he took the small ornament, "Cinderella," He laughed pinning it up, "When did you buy that?"

"The day after our first date," She smiled. "With Connie, she bought Belle, I bought her."

"When does everyone get in?" He asked.

"Tomorrow," She shrugged, "Christmas Eve. It was nice of my parents to let us use the house. Did you get the food?"

"Yes," He laughed, "Calm down OK?" He kissed her. She rolled her eyes.

"I should start cooking," She said. He laughed. "OK, you try putting out a Christmas dinner for fifteen people when you've never cooked before in your life."

"It's a recipe for disaster even if the person has your incredible organization skills," He teased her. "It's going to be a very good Christmas."

"Baby," Layla Loughlin walked into her boyfriend's apartment.

"Layla," Charlie Conway ran out of his bedroom, "Merry Christmas baby!" He scooped up the pretty little blonde and kissed her. "What's this?" He said as she handed him a box. "I thought we were doing presents at Julie's in two days."

"We are, this is just a little something that I figured," She whispered and pulled herself close to him, "You wouldn't be comfortable opening at Julie's in front of all your friends." She kissed him.

"Mm," He nodded. "What is it?"

"Open it and see," She laughed and sat down. Charlie smiled sitting down next to her, he tore through the paper and opened the box.

"You are the best girlfriend ever," He laughed as he held up the sexy red underwear trimmed with Christmasy white marabou, "But its not my size."

"Oh, you're funny," She giggled and kissed him, "Do you want me to put it on? Get both our names on the naughty list?"

"That sounds like fun." He laughed and kissed her. She smiled and stood up.

"That's what you're packing?" Luis said, as his girlfriend Aimee Preston started to zip her suitcase.

"Why?" She turned around, "Is it inappropriate?"

"No, it's appropriate," He laughed, "Its just you're going to freeze to death."

"Ugh!" She groaned, complete frustrated, "I'm no good at this going north in the winter thing. I've spent 95 of my life in Orlando."

"You came to see me in Minnesota that time," He said, "For Eden Hall graduation."

"It was June." She said. He shrugged. "I don't own any cold weather clothes."

"Wear sweats on the plane and then I'm sure you can borrow something of Julie's," He said and hugged her, "Or Layla's." He smirked and she rolled her eyes.

"Not Layla," She shook her head, "I'm not a slut."

"Neither is Layla," Luis said, "She dresses like one, but she isn't one. I don't think."

"So," Connie said helping Julie bake the next day, "How's it been?"

"How's what been?" Julie said.

"Playing house with Portman," Connie smiled. Julie laughed.

"To be truthful," She shook her head, "I've been so busy planning that,"

"No!" Connie said, "You two haven't?"

"We're not like you and Guy," Julie said, "We don't have to have sex every second of every day."

"We don't have that much sex," Connie said, "Besides compared to Charlie and Layla, we might as well be virgins again."

"So true," Julie laughed.

"Fuck!" They heard shouting.

"Aimee," Julie smiled and dusted flour from her hands she ran to foyer and hugged both Luis and Aimee, and a third friend standing with her. "You we don't know."

"Hi Julie," Aimee said, "Nice house, its fucking freezing! Also, this is Sherry, she's an Ariel, and she had no where to go for Christmas, I hope its OK."

"I know this probably throws the seating chart off Cat," Luis teased. Julie shoved him playfully.

"Quite a potty mouth on the princess," Averman laughed as they walked in.

"Hey guys!" Aimee laughed going around the room and hugging each one of the team. "Seriously, how are you not freezing?"

"We're from Minnesota?" Adam shrugged. She laughed. Sherry cleared her throat.

"This is Sherry," Aimee said, "Be nice to her, I told her you were all great." Sherry waved, and Adam found it hard to take his eyes off the very pretty brunette. "Why aren't Charlie and Layla here yet?"

"Because Layla has crabs?" Goldberg said with a shrug.

"Guys, its Christmas," Connie sighed, settling on Guy's lap, "We should be nice about how trashy Charlie's girlfriend is."

"But she's just such an easy target," Russ laughed.

"Merry Christmas all!" They heard a high squeal from the front.

"The Layla has landed," Fulton groaned.

"Where are you going?" Portman asked as Julie stood up.

"I'm being a good hostess," She sighed, "Even if it is Layla, I just have to keep reminding myself that it's also Charlie, hey!" She said as they walked in, "Welcome and Merry Christmas."

"Thanks Julie," Charlie said, "And thanks for doing this."

"It'll be fun," Julie said, the timer went off, "The gingerbread!" She gasped running into the kitchen.

"She's been like that all week," Portman laughed.

"So," Adam turned his attention to Sherry later that evening, "How do you known Aimee?"

"I work with her," She shrugged.

"You're a princess too?" He laughed. She nodded.

"Ariel at your service," She smiled. "You were top scorer in the NCAA last season right?"

"Yeah," He nodded, "I'm going into the draft pool this summer. My chances are pretty good."

"Pretty good?" She said, "Are you kidding me? You're like amazing and,"

"So, you really follow my career huh?" He smiled. She blushed and looked down.

"So I have a teeny tiny mini crush on you," She said, "And maybe that's why I came here, and I think I had too many drinks of that hard cider because I should not have told you that."

"It's flattering," He smiled, so did she.

"Now that we're alone," Portman said slipping into Julie's bed, she laughed as he kissed her.

"Not tonight, too tired," She sighed. He kissed her neck. "Portman," She whispered, "Mm, you know how much I like that," She whimpered as he slid his hand down her pants.

"Also, I believe we are in a bed Julie," He whispered in her ear.

"Dean," She moaned, "Fine, but just once." He grinned and kissed her. "OK, maybe twice."

"That's my girl," He whispered and kissed her again.

"Are they done yet?" Connie sighed, "I'm tired and I want to go to bed. And how come we have to share a room with Charlie and Layla anyway?"

"I think it was a try to keep them from having sex device." Guy said, "And it was clever."

"Hey guys," Charlie popped his head out, "Sorry about that."

"Whatever," Connie shrugged and walked into the room. She crawled into the bed. "Night all, merry Christmas."

"Aimee," Luis laughed seeing Aimee in multiple layers still shivering under the covers. "It's not that cold."

"Shut up, yes it is," She said. "You spent your adolescence in Minnesota, and you've played hockey your whole life, you obviously have a very high cold tolerance."

"This is crazy," Sherry giggled on Julie's couch as Adam kissed her neck and slid his hand up her shirt. "I just met you."

"Yeah, we have this whole love at first sight thing going on in our group," He smiled down at her, she smiled and they kept kissing. "It's kind of weird actually."

"Yes, I'm Aimee's best friend," She laughed, "Trust me, I know!"

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