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Chapter 4: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight

The day after Christmas everyone found themselves in the ever familiar position of having to say goodbye. It was something that everyone disliked doing. Hugs and a few tears from the girls always came, mostly because no one knew when the next large group gathering would be. Although now they had the promise of an engagement party by spring and a wedding at the end of the summer.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,

"So," Adam said walking up to Sherry as she packed, "Um, keep in touch OK?"

"Yeah," She nodded, "I will. I can't apologize enough."

"Eh," He shrugged, "A little heartbreak makes life interesting." She laughed.

"Yeah, I guess," She said, "I'll talk you, um, maybe, when I get back to Orlando, things will change."

"I'll call you when I'm playing in Tampa Bay." He said and hugged her. "Even if nothing changes."

"OK," She nodded, he kissed her softly. "Mm, that I'll definitely take." Aimee walked in.

"Ready?" Aimee said softly.

"Yeah," Sherry nodded.

"Bye Adam," Aimee hugged him.

"Bye," He said. "Have a good flight."

"Good luck with the draft," She smiled. She and Sherry walked out. "Are you OK?"

"No," Sherry laughed, "But am I ever?" Aimee squeezed her shoulders.

"Come on," She said, "Let's go someplace with civilized temperatures."

"Yeah," Sherry smiled, "A California girl and a Florida girl don't really fit in here huh?"

"No way," Aimee said, "Let's go."

From now on,
our troubles will be miles away.

"Thanks for a great couple of days Julie," Layla smiled. Julie forced a smile.

"Well, it was great to have you," She said, "Merry Christmas guys."

"I'll go wait in the car," Layla said. Charlie nodded.

"You need to let her off the hook," He said, looking at everyone, "I did."

"We'll work on it," Russ nodded. Charlie smiled.

"Thanks for having us Jules," He hugged her.

"See you soon," She nodded. He smiled.

"Um, the car for the Minneapolis kids is here," Portman said. Everyone hugged and kissed and said goodbye.

"Congratulations," Julie smiled hugging Connie tightly, "I'm really happy for you guys."

"You're next," Connie smiled. "And we'll talk bridesmaids in a few days."

"OK," Julie nodded, "Love you."

"Love you too." Connie said. "Bye Portman."

"Bye Connie," He waved. Everyone walked out. "So, that leaves us?" He said putting his arms around Julie's waist. She dropped her head back.

"I am wiped," She sighed. He nodded and kissed her forehead, she turned around, "Little lower," She smirked, he laughed and kissed her. "Mm, better." She smiled. He nodded.

"You outdid yourself on this one babe," He said, "Christmas dinner for 15 people."

"Mm hm," She nodded breaking away and laying down on the couch.

"You wanna go to sleep don't you," He laughed.

"Mm mm," She shook her head and closed her eyes. "I'm fine."

"Liar," He leaned over and kissed her. Her chest was already rising and falling and her heartbeat slowed to a resting rate. "Sleep tight Cat." He said. She cooed and rolled over

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.

"Oh sunshine!" Aimee squealed joyfully as they got off the plane in Orlando. Luis and Sherry rolled their eyes. "We still have the rest of the day off Sher,"

"That we do," She said.

"I thought you wanted to spend the day with me," Luis said, Aimee smiled.

"Aw sweetie," She said and kissed him, "No." She laughed. They grabbed their bags from baggage claim and walked outside.

"Hey Sher," Derek was standing, leaning against his car. Sherry looked at him. Luis and Aimee looked at each other.

"Hi," She said.

"Aimee," He nodded.

"Hi Derek," Aimee said, "Luis, come on." She said pulling him.

"But Aimee," He said, "Hey Derek," He shouted as Aimee dragged him.

"I'm sorry, about yesterday," Derek said, "You know that."

"Yeah," Sherry nodded, "You're always sorry Derek."

"I know," He whispered as she put her bags in his trunk, he took her waist, "I love you Sherry." He kissed her neck softly, "I know I've screwed up. But I want to be with you."

"Derek," She turned around, "This has to be it, and this is your last chance. No more screwing up."

"Deal," He nodded and kissed her. She went to speak up but found herself unable to, lost in kissing him. "Did you hear what I said before?" He whispered.

"That you love me," She breathed out, he nodded, "I love you too." She swallowed, it was a lie, but one that she felt the need to tell.

Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Layla stared out the window as Charlie sped down I-95. He looked over at her.

"Are you OK?" He asked. She nodded. "Look, I know this wasn't your ideal Christmas,"

"It's not that," She said, "They really hate me."

"No," He said, "Baby, don't think like that. They don't, they're protective. Ducks fly together." She nodded. "They'll get there."

"You have so much faith in them," She smiled, "I wish I had that with anyone in my life."

"You have your brothers," He said, she laughed.

"Oh they are going to kill me," She groaned, "They were so mad that I skipped out on Loughlin family Christmas."

"You can still make it to nurse their hangovers," He smiled, "We'll just keep driving."

"Really?" She squeaked.

"Sure," He nodded. "We haven't been down to Freehold in way too long. I haven't been threatened by your brother's in ages."

"They do like doing that." She smiled. "Thank you Charlie."

"I love you," He smiled, "Know that."

Through the years
We all will be together,
If the Fates allow
Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow

"When did I fall asleep?" Julie wandered into the kitchen where Portman was eating leftover pie right from the plate.

"About 5 minutes after everyone left." He smiled.

"I guess I was more tired than I thought," She laughed and sat down.

"Feeling better?" He asked. She nodded leaned across the table and kissed him, "Obviously. So we're flying to Chicago for New Years."

"Yes," She smiled. "It'll be fun. Crowded," He laughed, "But fun."

"We're alone now," He smirked, she nodded, "What'd you want to do?" She smiled and picked up a fork. "Hell no, my pie."

"I made the damn thing," She said. "And after this, Playstation?"

"Oh yeah," He nodded, "I can school your ass in some videogames."

"Oh really?" She laughed.

"Really," He smiled and pulled the pie away from her.

And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.

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