Alone in this room lies hope

So fragile

And yet the fate of so many

The hope of those close to me

Lies here secretly

But the very whisper

That this hope is here

Will doom us all

Before anything began

And what worries me most

Is that this hope is me.

I stand here

The only thing I see

Is the darkness around me,

Broken only by the colored light

Of ancient Characters of history

Their image capture in glass

The only sound I hear

Is my own troubled breathing

And the scoff of my steps

As I anxiously pace

With out knowing

The worst is my thoughts

Racing and beating against myself

My unknowing dragging me into agony

Of what occurs in the sea above me

Not even time nor weather

Marks passing

So at times like these

I wonder,

Will I ever be free?

So I must wait patiently

But wait, a sound

So soft

But it wasn't me…

Can it be!



My world grows dark

But looking back

Maybe it was that

That saved me

From my own insanity


Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker, is owned by Nintendo

The poem itself, as with all poems in the Alone Series, is owned by Crystalfeathers

May you find hope in the depths of yourself.