Author's Note: Just a little Christmas story.

Warnings: Implied Paire (Peter/Claire) but not really in a romantic sense. Don't like it, don't read.

Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes, it belongs to Tom Kring and NBC. If I owned it I'd make it so Peter and Claire weren't related, so obviously it's not mine.


By: Kitty Petrelli

Mistletoe. He hated mistletoe. In his opinion it was the worst possible thing about the Christmas season. It was everywhere! He had lost count at how many of Nathan's "associates" had caught him under one of the vile plants. He hated it, hated kissing strangers. Normally he'd decline politely but his nephews, Simon and Monty, had made it there personal mission to make sure anyone caught under the mistletoe together had to kiss. Peter was willing to bet money that Angela, his mother, had put them up to it and he was pretty sure their mother, Heidi, had a hand in it.

Angela had an obsession with his love life or lack thereof. She'd make comments that were supposed to sound off-handed, but were planned about how he could be like Nathan. How happy Nathan was and that he could be like that. Peter knew she was bull-shitting, it was about image. Nathan wanted to be a Congressman and Angela wanted the Petrelli's to look like the perfect family. It was bad enough that he was a nurse, he could be so much more as Angela constantly reminded him. He hated it , he liked being a nurse.

"Uncle Peter you're under the mistletoe again," called one of his nephews, he wasn't paying enough attention to care which one. He groaned and wondered who he'd have to kiss this time.

"Should I be offended?" teased Claire smiling.

"It seems that every single one of Nathan's female "associates" is trying to maul me. It's not you," said Peter. He smiled that smile that was known to make women weak in their knees and probably had the power to melt the polar ice caps, and he didn't even realize it.

"Kiss her! Kiss her!" chanted his nephews.

"Are you okay with this?" asked Peter.

"It's fine. It's tradition after-all," shrugged Claire still smiling. The both leaned in and brushed their lips together. The didn't linger and pulled away quickly.

"That doesn't count! You barely even touched!" called his nephew's complaining.

"Do it again," demanded Monty. Claire shrugged and they kissed again, this one lasting longer. It was electrifying, and shouldn't have been.. They pulled away and looked at Monty and Simon who were obviously pleased with the kiss.

"Don't you just love mistletoe?" asked Claire. Peter wasn't sure if she was serious or not.

"It could be worse," shrugged Peter noncommitedly once more flashing his knee weakening smile. He then decided that maybe mistletoe wasn't so bad after-all.