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Martha had just left the TARDIS.

The Doctor put down the phone Martha had given him, when he heard a strangely familiar voice.

'Hello' the Doctor turned around to the beaming beautiful face of Rose, a face he dreamt about for so long.


'You never finish your sentence; you really need to work on that you know'

'Wha…how…but… oh I don't care, hello!' the Doctor ran up to Rose and lifted her off her feet, kissed her on her forehead before setting her back on her feet and grinning like he'd never grinned at her before. He hugged her once more before his face went back to normal. He brushed her hair back and stroked her cheek with such warmth. And then he did something he'd never done before, he kissed her. Her head in his hands, he embraced her. Then looked into her eyes, his own eyes shining like a supernova.

'How did you get here? Not that I'm complaining or anything, just how? And how long has it been for you? And sorry I know I'm flooding you with questions but are you sure this isn't a dream?'

'Okay firstly this isn't a dream 'cause its impossible to kiss like that in a dream. Secondly it's been a year a very long year, how 'bout you?'

'About the same bit longer.'

'Third question was how I got here. Well during the year I got promoted at Torchwood and again and again etc. Long story short I became CEO and all the time I was looking for a way to get to you…'bout a month ago a ship came to earth crashed, actually it had a teleporter and so I packed my bags and said goodbye to mum, Pete, Mickey and Jayne.'

'Who's Jayne?'

'The baby'

'Oh so its Auntie Rose now'

'Yep, great thing is it doesn't rip any holes in the universe'

'Hang on how?'

'It considers both worlds parallel and nonparallel the same I can't explain the point is I can visit them all anytime actually that's the only way I could let mum let go of me. Okay done all questions answered anything else.'

'Rose…I….never said.'


'I…I…l...Thank you' and then he kissed her forehead again and looked in her eyes, so lovingly, so deeply that he didn't need to say those three little words because he said it in his eyes.