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Chapter 4 - finally ... enjoy ;0)

A sharp blow to my chest has me bolting upright, eyes flying open as I try to catch my breath. Shit that hurt!

Gentle hands immediately push me down and I try to figure out what the hell just happened.

"Dean ... can you hear me?"

I look up at the doc ... flinching in pain ... I can barely nod my head.

"You just went into cardiac arrest ... I performed a precordial thump. The cartilage along your sternum is broken so you're going to be in some pain. Do you understand?"

I nod my head again ... yeah ... I'm definitely in pain.

"I need you to try and slow your breathing ... I know it's difficult but you're going to hyperventilate if you don't calm down."

I'm shaking uncontrollably, breath catching as I gulp for air, yup ... definitely hyperventilating ... so I try to follow the doc's instructions ... taking a calming breath which does nothing to slow my racing heart ... just as Sammy burst through the doors.

"DEAN! Oh god ... is he okay?"

He rushes to my side doing a quick assessment; his knees nearly buckle as he sighs with relief when he sees me awake and breathing.

"Dean ... don't do friggin do that to me again. I thought you were ... I thought I'd get here and ..."

Eyes wide with shock, his voice catches as he grips my arm with shaky hands. He looks over at the doc.

"What happened ... is he okay?"

"Your brother went into ventricular fibrillation ... we were able to revive him ... but he may not be this lucky next time."

"There won't be a next time doc!"

Sammy explains that's his gotten his hands on the antidote, but that just a small amount is needed to counteract the effects. The doc doesn't seem very optimistic but after a few minutes of continual badgering from Sam, he agrees to give it a try ... even though he doesn't hold much faith in a cure.

Sammy sits next to me, silently rubbing my neck ... I watch him wearily while my heart pounds mercilessly against my sore ribs ... I genuinely feel like shit.

"Sammy ... don't feel so good ..."

"I know Dean ... but just hang in there okay ... you're going to be fine!"

Then ever so softly he whispers, "Please god ... let this work ..."

I watch as the doc injects the antidote into my IV. Sammy crosses his fingers.

My body immediately starts convulsing, I fight to catch my breath as my eyes roll back, but it's almost instantly replaced with the most incredible sensation I have ever felt in my life. I experience the delicious warmth of the fluid slowly moving through my veins, radiating to every receptive nerve ending in my body. My heightened senses hover on each mind-blowing caress as air lightly brushes over my skin while I float on waves of intoxicating pleasure. Every touch tenderly laps at my subconscious state and I'm vaguely aware of Sammy's presence, needles being inserted as medical tests are done ... but the pain just becomes intolerable ecstasy. I don't know how long I hover in this state of perpetual bliss but eventually exhaustion blanks out all thoughts and feelings.

I wake up more drained then I've ever been in my whole life. I turn my head slightly. Sammy is sitting in a chair next to my bed, his feet resting on my mattress, laptop balancing on his knees as he concentrates on the screen.


My throat is so dry ... I'd kill for a beer. He immediately looks up.

"Dean? Shit ... it's about time, how you feeling bro?"

"Like I went up against everyone in the NFL ... without padding."

He chuckles as he rests his hand on my forehead.

He gives me a quick run down on everything I missed. How the body disintegrated into dust after he threw salt on it, how he cleared out our hotel room, how he spent the rest of the time at my bedside stressing and finally a short update on my current condition.

"So ... what happened?'

"Well that small dose we gave you almost instantly cancelled out the first toxin. Your heart rate slowed down, your breathing evened out, and from the biopsy results there was no damage to your heart."

Friggin fantastic ... score ... one more for Dean Winchester ... zero for the baddies!

"That's good news right?"

"Yeah. I did some more research and apparently the poison she injected into her other victims somehow strengthened the heart muscle. It had the same effect on you, so even though your heart couldn't handle the pace, the heart muscle remained undamaged. The doc was also dumb-founded, your heart is actually in even better condition then before ... he said it was a miracle."

I snort ... miracles seem to be happening around me a lot lately.

"Great ... so I take it there were no devastating side effects?"

"Well, yeah ... just one."

I look at him wide eyed ... damnit, I thought he'd just given me a clean bill of health.

"What? how bad?"

"Nothing too serious ... just an unfortunate reaction ..."

"Shit Sammy ... what the hell are you talking about?"

"That small dose of antidote you received, well, it kinda acted like Viagra ... on steroids."

It suddenly dawns on me.

"No ... don't tell me, please don't say ..."

"Yup ... I'm afraid so ... your blanket made an impressive tent ... for two full days!"

Oh shit! Heat rapidly infuses my face.

"But there's still some good news ... 9 nurses, 5 of them actually from this floor, gave me their telephone numbers to give to you when you woke up, including 1 male nurse."

He chuckles in amusement. The asshole!

I'm completely mortified.

"I'm never having sex again Sammy ... so help me ... I'm going to be celibate from this day forth ..."

A pretty red haired nurse walks in, taking my temperature and stats. She winks at me as she leaves, licking her full bottom lip. Oh god ...

"Okay ... maybe starting tomorrow ..."

Sammy bursts out laughing and I can't help but join in, holding my sore chest ... sometimes I seriously just say the funniest things.

A while later I find myself dozing lightly ... Sammy's gone to get coffee, but he unexpectedly skids into my room in a panic.

"Dean ... we have to get you out of here ...now! Do you think you can walk?"

"What? Why?"

"Cops ... I saw the doc speaking to some police officers down the passage ... I think they're on to us ... we've got to get moving!"

"Ah crap!"

I'm too weak to be of much help ... but Sammy manages to get me into my jeans and throws my jacket over my shoulders. He switches off the machines next to my bed and carefully removes the IV lines and leads. Holding my arm over his shoulder he manages to get me to my feet but the world immediately starts tilting. My bandaged ribs ache and my legs start to buckle but he has a firm grip on me, steering me out into the passage and straight into the empty room next door. He lowers me into a chair and crouches down.

"Dean ... you okay?"

My head is swimming as I try to focus on his face.

"It's okay ... just breath deeply ..."

He gently guides my head down between my legs as I try to fight the dizziness. I think I'm going to throw up. But just as quickly I begin to feel a bit better so I lift my head. Sammy immediately cups my face with his hands.

"Dean ... you with me?"

I nod my head slowly.

"Can you do this ... or should I fetch a wheelchair?"

"No ... mm okay ... just help me up ..."

He helps me onto my unsteady feet and I take a few deep breaths. Shit, I hope I don't pass out. Sammy takes most of my weight and I force myself to walk as steadily as I can, faking a limp to hide my awkwardness. I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror as we leave the reception. My pale features highlighting the dark lines under my eyes. Just another disturbing reminder of my ordeal. I'm more convinced than ever that I'm a damn magnet for murdering, monstrous, horny, psycho bitches! I sigh tiredly.

"Sammy ... need to ... sit."

"Nearly there Dean ... just hang on."

We're in the parking lot when my legs give way. Sammy immediately scoops me up and carries me a few meters to the car. Someone just shoot me now.

He lowers me into the passenger seat and does a hood-slide to the driver's side, slamming the door just as the police pour out the front entrance. They're on high alert, making full use of their radios and even from this distance we can hear a detailed description of our heights and clothing being relayed to everyone within a five mile radius. Just our luck, these guys are definitely vying for the Officer of the Year Award.

Sammy grips the back of my neck and forces me down just as a flashlight skims over the Impala. It feels like ages until the cop's interest is finally diverted.

"Do you think ... they saw us?"

He carefully glances up over the dash.

"Nope ... looks like they've given up ... they're going back in."

We both groan with relief, sitting up carefully as we watch the entrance.

"Shit Dean ... that was close."

He looks over at me anxiously.

"You still with me?"

"Yeah ... just tired."

"Okay ... I'm gonna find us a motel where you can rest up ... just need you to stay awake ... alright?"


He drives a few miles out of town, just to be certain that we're out of danger and off the police radar, booking us in at a 'Roadside otel', the 'M' fell off the sign. He manages to get my weary ass to the door as he fumbles with the keys. I'm so tired I could sleep for a month.

Under his guidance, I shuffle to the nearest bed as he carefully lowers me down, fluffing the pillows behind my back, slightly elevating my legs, pulling off my boots and handing me the remote. I sigh contentedly.

He pops 2 Tylenols into my hand with a glass of water and waits for me to swallow them before he starts hovering again anxiously, he does that when he's still worried and isn't quiet sure if I'm okay or just faking it.

"Can I get you some juice Dean? Are you warm enough, do you need a blanket?"

He's gonna drive me nuts ... I can feel it in my bones. Just need him to stop stressing over me for a while so we can get back to our kinda 'normal'. I plan suddenly forms in my evil brain. I flick on the TV ... zeroing in on the porn channel ... I'm seriously not in the mood for porn, way too tired ... but Sammy doesn't know that.

I grin as "Debbie does Dallas" does her thing from every angle possible on screen. Lord, I love the classics. Sammy looks at me surprised, shaking his head dumbfounded.

"Porn Dean? You are incredible dude ... you nearly died from your overactive sex drive ..."

I nod my head ...

"... and you're ready for more? Haven't you learnt your lesson?"

I shake my head. He snorts loudly.

"Shit ... you're unbelievable!"

"Yeah, I know."

I grin at him mischievously. Debbie starts moaning and I return my attention back to the screen with feigned interest. I bend my head completely to the left, Sammy's head imitating mine ... both of us lifting our eyebrows in awe, she's very limber. I put on my serious voice.

"Sammy ... can you do me a huge favor dude?"

He immediately reverts to his fretting.

"Yeah sure Dean ... what is it?"

"I need some supplies from the pharmacy."

He looks at me worriedly.

"Of course ... what do you need ... stronger pain killers?"

I grin, wiggling my eyebrows suggestively.

"Nope ... just an industrial size bottle of lube and a few hours of quality time alone ... me and my sock have a date."

I grin again at the look of shocked disgust on his face, he's such a prudish princess.

"Oh god Dean ... that's just ... too much info ..."

He shuts his eyes tightly, probably trying to block the mental image, then hurriedly gets up ... looks around unsure of what to do with himself ... grabs the keys ... and leaves, mumbling something about refusing to do laundry duty.

I yell after him, "While you're out ... get me a foot long hotdog with fries ... no wait ... hold the wiener ..."

Sammy groans.

"... oh god ..."

I snort.

Yessir ... I'm definitely evil. Smiling contentedly, I switch off the television and snuggling in for a peaceful nap ... everything's back to normal ...

Fin ;0)

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