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It was a snowy afternoon, the daylight's was fading slowly, and a certain raven haired girl was seated on the couch of her apartment, reading a novel while waiting for Shizuru to bring her some tea. Even if it was winter holydays, she had to go to school that morning to make the final of a special course she decided to take, and when she returned home it began to snow harder. When she arrived home, she was a mess, immediately she took a shower and changed her clothes. Meanwhile Shizuru would prepare her a snack; and now she was waiting for that tea and snack; she never thought she'd wish for a cup of tea like she was now, maybe it was all thanks to Shizuru's doing, she came to appreciate the substance; however she only appreciated Shizuru's brewing, not other tea could satisfy her.

It's been a couple of years since they began to live together, and Natsuki felt that the time never passed with Shizuru by her side, it seemed as if the time with her stood still. In that moment, Shizuru entered to the living room with a tray in hands, carrying two cups and a sandwich. She smiled at the young girl with emerald eyes.

- "Kanin na, did I make you wait too much?"

- "Not at all." – replied Natsuki.

Shizuru placed the tray over the coffee table and then sat on the couch by Natsuki's side. Natsuki placed the book over the table and took the sandwich in her hands and gave it a bite. She opened her eyes widely in surprise.

- "This has…MAYO!!" – she thought – "And what's more, is normal mayo; not that non-fat horrible thing that dares to call itself mayo…but why…?"

Natsuki knew that something was troubling her lover if she put mayo in anything she was about to eat. Shizuru looked at her beloved and asked.

- "Did you like it?"

- "It's delicious."

- "I'm glad."

Natsuki placed the sandwich on the table and stared at Shizuru who stared back at her.

- "Is something wrong Natsuki?" – asked Shizuru a bit worried.

- "I should be asking that." – replied Natsuki in a serious tone.

- "What does Natsuki mean?"

- "You put mayo on it, and you never do that unless something is worrying you."

- "Well, I don't see anything strange in it. I know Natsuki likes mayo and I thought that it wouldn't hurt if I spoiled you a bit…"

- "Shizuru, I'm touched but…please…tell me." – said Natsuki taking Shizuru's hand.

Shizuru opened her eyes slightly in surprise; Natsuki really got her this time. The chestnut haired girl sighed in defeat and squeezed Natsuki's hand.

- "I see that Natsuki has got more perceptive." – she made a pause – "I did this because I really wanted to spoil you."

- "But why?"

- "Because Natsuki had been too sweet to me; giving me flowers, the best quality tea bags, taking me to dinner, among other things…and I feel I've done nothing for Natsuki…"

Natsuki's was totally perplexed with this statement; why was Shizuru saying all this? She had to make sure that her girl forgot this silly ideas and quickly. She lifted Shizuru's hands and placed a kiss on them; then she said.

- "Shizuru, don't say that. You've done more for me than anyone has in all my life."

- "But…"

- "If you want to do more for me then…" – Natsuki stood up taking Shizuru with her, then placing her arms around Shizuru's waist she sat on the couch again, but this time with Shizuru in her lap – "You could stay here for a while."

- "Natsuki…" – whispered Shizuru with a blush forming in her cheeks.

Natsuki closed her eyes and began to stroke absentmindedly Shizuru's back with one of her hands. Shizuru closed her eyes too and sighed; she loved when Natsuki held her close.

- "Natsuki…" – thought the older girl – "I'm waiting for you only…the slightest touch from you and I feel weak…"

They stayed like that for some minutes until Shizuru spoke.

- "Is Natsuki enjoying herself?" – said the older girl pressing her body more onto Natsuki.

Natsuki opened her eyes and stared directly at Shizuru's mesmerizing eyes. She saw something on them, something she's been seeing since they began to date as an official couple. She smirked and leaned forward.

And I can't lie
From you I can not hide
I've lost my will to try
Can't hide it
Can't fight it

- "Sure I am." – said the raven haired girl.

Then she captured Shizuru's lips with her own. The kiss was soft and light in the beginning but then it began to grow in passion, and it lasted like that for a while until they got apart to take some of the much needed oxygen any living being needs. Both girls were blushing, however as always Natsuki's blush was deeper than Shizuru's, but it didn't stop her to do the next move. She kissed Shizuru's cheeks and traveled all the way to her ear; once her lips were there Natsuki whispered.

- "You tempted me and teased me…'till I couldn't deny this loving feeling. Now let me long for your kiss." – she finished kissing and nibbling Shizuru's ear.

Shizuru held back a moan and took Natsuki's head in her hands, turning it to face her. Natsuki's gaze was so passionate, full of love and also lust; just like hers.

- "Ara…Natsuki has turned bolder…I wonder when that happened?" – said Shizuru cupping Natsuki's cheeks.

- "Don't you like it?"

- "I love Natsuki's new acquired confidence. But if she doesn't mind, I'd like to now how she obtained it. I just hope it wasn't thanks to some aphrodisiac or something of the sort."

Natsuki's cheeks turned a deep hue of pink again. She closed her eyes and let out a small chuckle of a silly thought she just had.

- "Ara, ara…what does Natsuki find so funny?"

- "Do you want to know?"

- "Of course."

- "Well, right now I just thought that I didn't gain this confidence thanks to an aphrodisiac, unless you are considered one…" – said Natsuki with a confident smile.

This made Shizuru blush again and feel touched and flattered.

- "I just thought about something one day. It was very simple in fact, but I can't believe it took me ages to realize it…"

- "What did Natsuki think?"

- "What I thought was: And if there's no tomorrow, all we have is here and now…" – she paused and hugged Shizuru, her head resting in the older girl's ample bosom; her voice filled with tenderness – "I'm happy just to have you. You're all the love I need somehow."

- "Natsuki…" – whispered Shizuru

The chestnut haired girl got apart from Natsuki and gazed at that loving and pure face of the girl she loved with all her heart.

It's like a dream

Although I'm not asleep
I never want to wake up
Don't lose it
Don't leave it

Shizuru kissed Natsuki, tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks. The burning passion was growing with each touch, with each kiss, with each loving word. As the night fell, they began to show the love they had for each other in many different ways; though in both minds and heart there was only one silent petition that only the other could fulfill.

Leave me breathless


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