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Touch Me

Shizuru arrived at Natsuki's apartment before night fell; she'd been working all day on these lyrics so that Natsuki could compose the melody. They had been working together for some months now, and they were doing an excellent job. Natsuki was a great DJ and composer; she knew really well how to mix rhythms and create new melodies. That was why different artists, especially pop, techno, dance artists among others contacted her to request her help. Natsuki didn't do well writing, but Shizuru, on the other hand, was really good with words, and so she wrote all the lyrics they needed.

They met at a concert of one of Natsuki's clients by accident, quite literally. Natsuki was on the run, trying to avoid rabid fans, when she collided with Shizuru. When both of them recovered, they ran off together.

They talked and learned more about each other, and they decided to become partners and work together. That way they could have more clients and gain a better reputation – not that they didn't already have good ones.

Shizuru was seated on the couch, playing with the folds of her skirt nervously. She wondered if Natsuki would accept 'it'. She couldn't stop, and she didn't want to; that was why she thought this would be the perfect way to tell the other girl about it.

Natsuki was preparing everything in order to start with the melody. She was at the console, totally oblivious to the internal debate that the chestnut-haired girl was having with herself.

- "Okay, it's ready Shizuru, we can start." – said Natsuki, who was sitting on a stool. – "Come here, sit by my side."

- "Sure." – said Shizuru hiding her nervousness and offering a smile.

Shizuru walked to the spot the raven haired girl told her to, and she placed the sheets where she had written the lyrics on the table. She kept silent for a while, still wondering if this was correct or a horrible mistake. She was lost in her thoughts until she felt Natsuki's gaze upon her.

- "Shizuru, are you alright?" – asked Natsuki with a bit of worry in her voice.

- "Of course, Natsuki."

- "Then, why didn't you start?"

- "Ara… is Natsuki that eager to hear my voice?" – teased the chestnut haired girl.

Shizuru would always read the lyrics for Natsuki, this way the other girl could entirely focus on imagining the melody, beat and rhythm in her mind to then create it on the console.

- "I… I didn't say it for that!" – replied Natsuki blushing.

Shizuru smiled at the reaction she obtained; after all, she couldn't miss a chance to tease the girl sitting beside her. Lifting the sheet a bit and after a small pause, she began to read.

I want you to touch me

Hold me

I want you to touch me

I wanna know if you know that I love you
I wanna feel that you're real to me
Touch me
I wanna know if you know that I need you

Baby, I wonder if you need me too

Shizuru was using all of her will power to control the tone of her voice and keep it from trembling. Now that she had begun she couldn't stop reading; there was no turning back. Glancing a bit to her side, she saw Natsuki with her eyes fixed on her, and this made her heart skip a beat. She continued.

I want you to touch me

Hold me

Tonight the story of love's going on
And you will take part
There's a feeling inside
Keeps telling me there's nothing wrong
Come close to my heart

She was now merging her emotions with her reading. She wanted Natsuki to see, to comprehend that these feelings were true. Of course she was afraid of what could happen next but she just couldn't keep silent any longer, she couldn't shut these emotions inside her for another minute. That's why she wrote; she thought this would be the perfect way to tell Natsuki how she felt.

I want you to touch me
I wanna know if you know that I love you
I wanna feel that you're real to me
Touch me
I wanna know if you know that I need you
Baby, I wonder if you need me too

She could feel Natsuki's deep emerald gaze on her, the simple thought of what the other girl might be thinking about it made her heart beat faster; anxiousness, nervousness, happiness, a whirlpool of emotions formed in her heart with every single second that passed and with every word that left her lips.

I want you to touch me...
Hold me...
Baby it's true
I'm really addicted to you
I want you tonight
You're that angel of mine
Your love has come out of the blue
And I feel it inside

She had been feeling this way for some months now… In fact, she had felt this way since the day she met Natsuki 'by accident' at one of her performances. She had been suppressing her emotions; she didn't want this beautiful angel to leave her life. That's why she never said anything; however it had been a torture to do such a thing. Her heart ached at having this goddess by her side but at same time out of her reach. She couldn't stand it anymore. That's why she made up her mind and wrote these lyrics. She'd tell Natsuki once and for all how much she loved her, how much she wanted her, and not just as a partner, but as a lover.

I want you to touch me
I wanna know if you know that I love you
I wanna feel that you're real to me
Touch me
I wanna know if you know that I need you
Baby, I wonder if you need me too
Ayaaa aya ayah!
Ayaaa aya ayah!

When she finished reading, she turned her head to look at the girl sitting beside her; however, before Shizuru could clearly see any expression on Natsuki's face, she felt a pair of soft, warm and wet lips over hers. Her eyes opened slightly in shock, her mind wasn't registering correctly at all what was happening; that was until she felt more pressure over her lips and a tongue tracing the outline of her mouth. That sent the correct signal to her brain which told her not to think anymore and simply feel; which she gladly obliged.

Closing her eyes she wrapped her arms around Natsuki's neck and pulled the girl closer. The kiss grew in heat and passion as she met Natsuki's tongue and they began to caress each other. A moan died in her lips as the kiss grew deeper and deeper, and along with it, the touches of their wandering hands then began to run along their backs, up and down. They would have continued at this if it weren't for their need of air; in that moment they cursed that necessity which all living thing has.

When they pulled away from the kiss, Shizuru noticed how one of Natsuki's hands was on her thighs while the other was over her waist – more precisely, under her shirt. Hers, on the other hand, were under Natsuki's shirt too, caressing her back, almost reaching the clasp of Natsuki's bra.

The cobalt-haired girl was dazed at such intimate contact, and that was when reality finally struck her after part of her brain informed her of what she had just done. In that instant she blushed a deep shade of red and averted her gaze to the side, not wanting Shizuru to see the shock and shame in her eyes.

Shizuru perceived Natsuki's sudden change of behavior; she saw how the girl tried to avoid eye contact with her. The chestnut-haired girl felt her heart beginning to shatter in pieces as tears started to form in her eyes. She lowered her gaze too and was beginning to take her hands out from Natsuki's shirt when the girl spoke.

- "I… …I'm sorry…" – whispered the younger girl still blushing – "I don't know what came over me…"

- "What…" – Shizuru tried to say with a knot forming in her throat as she tried to fight the tears back. – "What does Natsuki mean?"

- "It's… just that… you…" – stuttered the girl – "the way you read it…made my heart beat faster and I simply couldn't stop myself, since I've been feeling that way too, and you were reading it in a way that I thought that you…"

The girl couldn't continue with her argument as a pair of lips silenced her. Shizuru was in bliss, Natsuki did want her that way too, and only the heavens knew for how long. Shizuru pulled away and cupped Natsuki's face, staring at her emerald eyes she said.

- "I'm glad that Natsuki read between the lines…"

- "And I'm glad Shizuru wrote those lines…"

They kissed again and they professed their love for each other that night. Shizuru was more than happy and thankful that she had written those words, because this time those words didn't stay written on paper, but became a reality – a very wanted and desired one.

Needless to say, when the melody for these lyrics was composed, it became a hit.


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