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"Kyuubi/summon talking"

'Kyuubi/summon thinking'

The roar of the Kyuubi rang throughout the night the night.Bodies littered the battlefield.Shinobis and Kunoichis rang out a battlecry."Hold the Kyuubi off!Use every jutsu you have!Hold him off!The Yondaime is coming!"These words gave the Konoha-nin morale.They fought even harder but it was short-lived as the Kyuubi shot a stream of black flames from his mouth.

Sarutobi could only stand there and watch.He took a few puffs of tobacco.He was anxiously awaiting the arrival of one Yellow Flash aka Namikaze Minato."Sensei!"Sarutobi turned to see Jiraiya panting.

"Jiraiya?How are the forces coming along?"

"Not good!The Kyuubi's destroying everything!We won't last much longer if this keeps going!Where the fuck is Minato!?"

As if on cue,a flash of yellow appeared and beside Jiraiya stood the man who killed over a thousand Iwa-nin with the Hiraishin."Sorry I'm late,sensei."Minato looked upset."How are are we faring agaisnt him?"

Jiraiya was about to reply when he was interrupted by the Sandaime."We're gonna die."The ex-Hokage alson known as the Professor stood there with a grim expression on his face.He looked towards Arashi noticing he had a bundle which had a mop of blonde hair in his arms."Is that...?"

Minato closed his eyes and nodded with a frown."It's time."Minato held out the bundle,bit his thumb and did handseals familiar to the two."Kuchiyose no Jutsu."A large puff of smoke and there stood Gamabunta."Minato?Jiraiya?I'm guessing it's time to kick Kitsune ass?"

Minato jumped on his head and nodded."Let's go Gamabunta!"Said summon boss hopped off in the direction of Kyuubi unsheathing his blade.Minato had started to do the seals in order to summon Shinigami himself to seal the Kyuubi."Gamabunta,keep him busy for a few minutes!"

A croaky "Hai!" rang throughout the battlefield.

"Kyuubi...for your crimes...you shall be punished!Shiki Fuuin!"

Kyuubi was snickering after hearing the human say his speech but his blood ran cold and his tails seem dead.He felt a pang in his stomach and saw a hand sticking in his gut.Kyuubi roared in pain as he felt his soul being ripped out from his body.His body flopped to the ground with a rumble.He felt his soul being placed in a container which resembled the Yondaime in so many ways except for the whisker marks being etched on his face.His sun-kissed blonde hair.His deep blue eyes.He was a spitting image of his father.

Minato stood there with a small smile on his face."Ojiji...take care of Naruto for me..."He closed his eyes and left the world of the living.

Sobs and murmurs of sadness were heard throughout Konohagakure.Sarutobi stood upon a pedestal wearing the Hokage robe and hat.He cleared his voice catching the attention of the crowd."Konoha.Today the Kyuubi attacked our village.We lost several lost ones.As well as the Yondaime.However,he had died for a noble reason and that was to protect us.He sacrificed himself to save us...however...we have someone else that helped in the defeat of Kyuubi."Several gasps were heard upon this announcement.

"Behold!Uzumaki Naruto!The vessel of the Kyuubi!Saviour of Konoha!"Sarutobi had a wide smile on his face as he held the newborn but his smile faded when he heard"Kill the demon while he's weak!" or "Turn him into a weapon!We can become the strongest village ever!"

Sarutobi's eyes darkened when he heard this.'Minato...you sacrificed yourself for them?'This went for a few more minutes when a very foolish villager hopped on the pedestal holding a dagger poised to strike Naruto."What the hell are you doing!?"

"I was about to kill the demon,Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes and whistled.Beside the villager were two ANBUs.One with gravity defying hair and the other with purple hair."Neko.Wolf.Take him away!"


After the event,the Sandaime created the law in which no one must mention of Naruto being the demon and so on.

Time Skip - 4 years - October Tenth

A barefooted young boy clad in a torn white shirt with orange shors ran down a street ignoring the glares and stares of several villages.Said boy was running away from a mob of drunkards which took pleasure beating up the boy every October Tenth.

'Why?What did I do wrong?I'm not a demon...I'm not...I'M NOT!'

Naruto was so engrossed in his thoughts when he ran into a dead end in an alley."Well,well...looks like you're cornered,demon brat!"The mob started comin closer holding out broken bottles and planks.They started beating him while two men pinned him into the wall.The pain was unbearable especially with his regenaration abilities

'Why...why...what did I do?I didnt do anything!'

Naruto was angry.Very angry that red chakra started to form in his hand taking the form of a tail which turned into a blade.It's handle was covered in dark red leather.It's hilt was black with small flames.The blade was made out of a material that was hot to the touch.It was black with a tint of violet flames on the side.The crowd stepped back in shock.Naruto looked over at his blade and chuckled.His eyes no longer blue but red with a slit for pupils.

"Ichibi Ken : Kitsune Kouen shuuha!"He swung the blade downward which created a wave of blue fire that burned the mob to crisps.Naruto felt a presence and turned to see an ANBU with a wolf mask."Naruto?What...happened?"

Naruto gave a small shrug before fainting.

Jutsu Translation :

Ichibi Ken : Kitsune Kouen Shuuha. First Tail Blade : Fox Fire Wave.

Rank B

Description : Sends a wave of blue fire which can burn through anything.

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