Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with Charmed. As usual, I'm just having some fun.

A/n: I felt like writing something fun, so here's a new project. This is a series of fifteen drabbles/vignettes that each have to do with a different character on Charmed. They're tied together by the commnon thread of all having to do with names. I have the entire project written already, so expect one chapter a day for the next fifteen days. Happy holidays, everybody! I hope you enjoy!


What's in a Name?

A story by: Ryeloza

One: Patty

Halliwell, Patricia A.

She stared at the name hard, unable to focus on anything else.


Patricia Halliwell.

And what did the "A" stand for? Anne? Arlene? Alexandra?


Pat? Patty? Trish?

Patricia A. Halliwell, possible birth mother of her, one Paige Theresa Matthews.

She tried to keep her focus on the name (its fascinating possibilities would occupy her mind whenever it wandered for weeks to come), but her eyes couldn't help taking in the rest of the document she held in her hands.

Halliwell, Patricia A. Born: June 20, 1950. Died: February 28, 1978.