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What's in a Name?

A story by: Ryeloza

Chapter Twenty: Paige

Sometimes she wonders what life would be like if she was Paige Halliwell instead of Paige Matthews.

Paige Halliwell is a youngest child. Someone with sisters who bossed her and spoiled her and loved her. A girl who was raised by her grandmother in an untraditional home. Someone who would have had to share a room and toys and clothes and dealt with snooping and teasing. Paige Halliwell is hard to imagine, but easy at the same time, and sometimes Paige Matthews wishes she was that girl.

But Paige Matthews is someone special too. She grew up with loving parents and went through a rebellious streak and sometimes wondered if she had another family out there somewhere. She always wanted siblings when she was younger, but never got her wish. Her parents had died when she was a teenager and left behind a pain in her heart so great it inspired her to look for her birth parents. Paige Matthews is someone who is trying desperately to fit into a new family and who is not quite sure she is succeeding.

Of course, the truth is that she is both Paige Halliwell and Paige Matthews now. They're the same person, trying to blend together seamlessly. She shouldn't try to define them separately because they're one in the same. The only real difference is a name.

And what's in a name anyway?


A/n: Yes, I've decided that this is officially the end. Several of you have given me other great suggestions for this story, but I've decided end the story here. It feels complete to me, and I really meant to keep the focus on the main characters on the show. Someday I'd like to do a piece focusing on some of the other characters people have mentioned, but I don't feel like this is where I want to write about those characters.

I would like to say thank you so much to everyone who gave me feedback and advice on this story. I appreciate it so much. This story would not be all that it is without the great reviews and suggestions you all gave me. I am eternally grateful.

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