Dear Diary

Summary: Six year old Sharpay gets a diary and writes about an interesting day at her school.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, except for the plot.

Dear diary.

Hi! Im Sharpay Evans. Im 6 and live in Albukerqee, New Mexico.

This is my first time riting to you, my brother Ryan gave you to me!

Im not a very good spelling girl, but I know big mommy words! I heard Mommy say intewigent one time. She called me that when I got a star on my paper and Ryan didnt!

I also heard Mommy say another word, but I told her that, and she got angry. She say its not right for little girls like me to say grown up words like that.

I like acting! I can sing two! My favuwite song is twinkle twinkle!

I went to school, wearing my new pretty dress! Its color pink, and has little glitters on it!

Mommy grounded me, but it was not Sharpay's fault! Today, I hit the stupid boys with my pink clay! They where annoying me! I made four clay ball and threw it at them.

The biggest clay ball, her names Spunky, it hit Chad! The most annoying of them all! I laughed so hard, that I fell of my chair! The clay didn't get removed because the clay got all sticky with Chads big fluffy hair.

Mommy told me that they had to shave off Chads fluffy hair! I wonder how he looks now.

I also hit Troy, Jason and Zeke! They all got angwy with me!

Troy even accidentally swallowed Jenny! The first one I made. I didnt even get to say good bye! I miss her alwedy!

I threw Jason a big clay, but not as big as Spunky, it hit him on the face! The funniest thing is that he looked around the room even when the others were pointing me. He just kept shouting someone hit me!!! Her name's Gabriella, its a pweety name, I want to be friends with a Gabriella one day. But she got squished.

Stupid Jason.

I threw Zeke the pweetiest clay, Sharpay junior! It hit him on the fourhead, he didnt even mind. He just picked it up from the floor and look at me. He smiled at me, diary! He did!

And then Chad had to ruin my happiness.

He DROPPED blue paint on my new pweety dress!


I didnt even like the color blue.

It didnt match my pink dress! I screamed really loud, which made Ryan cry. He's weird.

He ruined my pink dress! Its a good thing they shaved off his fluffy head.

I stand up and got his back pack and threw it out of the window. It flied like a bird! Then Chad started crying, I know Misuz Norberry will fall for it, so I started crying too!

And she called our parents!! Can you believe that!!!

Its an, outwage! I heard Mommy say that just now.


Diary, can you talk with other diaries?

If you can, can you please make friends with Chads diary? Maybe he would tell you what Chad writes then tell me, so I could tease him!

Please? I won't ask for anything else!

And, can you also be friends with Zekes diary? I want to know what he thinks of me!

You dont need to be friends with Ryans diary, its ugly. I can read his anytime I want!

If you can tell me what Chads diary told you, I will right to you every day! That makes you happy, right? You get to listen to me!

I promise, ok? Just make sure to tell me all his secrets!

And Zeke's too!


Sharpay Evans

PS-Can you not tell other diaries about this?

AN: I was bored, I didn't want to study for an exam, so I did this. The spelling errors were written on purpose. Sharpay was 6 there. 6 year olds don't really spell that good, except if you're really "intewigent!". Lol. :D

I think I want to make this a two-shot thing or three, I dunno. Review and let me know? Thanks. :P

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