The Third and Final Chapter: My Dear Old Faithful Diary

Dear Diary,

Hey, can you believe it? I'm graduating High School, D. Yep; you read it right, I, Sharpay Evans, is graduating High School. Can you believe it?! No? Yeah, me too.

So, my dear old diary, how have you been? I'm so sorry I haven't written in here for a long time. Really long time actually. I've just been so busy, you know. I wonder, if you had lips, what would you say to me after not writing for so long?

I can just imagine it now, "How dare you Sharpay?! I've been faithful to you, and you just write now?! I bet you found another diary, and just forgot about me."

Haha. I love you Diary. Now, let me tell you what happened since I last wrote here. And that was when I was six, right? Hmm. I'm eighteen. I just officially graduated High School a few hours ago. I found you in my drawer and decided to write. I know you've missed me, haha.

Let's see, nothing special happened when I was seven, or eight, or nine. Something special happened when I was ten though, I know. What every girl goes through every month. I bet we're thinking the same thing, it's so early. Yes, apparently, mother's family has these things early. She had hers when she was nine. Weirdos.

Let's see, nothing happened when I was eleven, or twelve. Ooh! When I was thirteen, I had my very first boyfriend. Drum roll please, dun dun dun dun! My very first boyfriend was Troy Bolton. Yeah, can you believe it? I couldn't either, but we didn't last long, just a year and a half.

Oh, don't worry; we're friends, nothing more. I swear; no lie!

Fourteen was boring, fifteen sucked. Let me tell you why, well this new girl named Gabriella Montez, went to East High. It seems she and Troy knew each other before East High. Well, in this year, I was still stuck up on Troy, whatever. Anyway, she stole Ryan and I's spotlight in the Twinkle Towne Musical. Can you believe that? Who does she think she is?

Sorry about the last part Diary, my old self was taking over. Anyway, I'm so past being icy. OK, so I'm still a bit icy, but not as much. This year, Ryan and I have the spotlight. And guess what? I'm prom queen, can you believe it? I was so not thinking I would be, since Gabriella and Troy were dating. But this one is more surprising, guess who prom king is? Zeke Baylor.

Do you remember him? The weird guy who gave me cookies during Christmas? Yeah, can you believe it Diary? I was paired off with him, of all the people. But then again, he's better than Chad Danforth. But then again, Zeke is like bacteria. Since junior year that is, he's been sticking to me like some kind of disease.

It was kind of irritating, but then, I found it adorable. For some weird freaking reason, I found it cute. Yes, you might have guessed it by now, or maybe not, who knows, you're just a diary. I, Sharpay Evans, am dating Zeke Baylor.

Well, we better change topic, I'm blushing like a tomato here. Can you blush like a tomato? A tomato is red, and I am currently red in the face. Does that mean I'm a tomato? Wait. I'm getting out of topic aren't I?

I got accepted to USC. Zeke's coming with me; he has a basketball scholarship, lucky bastard. I know, that was mean of me, but I'm still Sharpay aren't I? Troy and Gabriella are attending too. Troy's on a basketball scholarship to; and Gabriella's a scholar too, she was valedictorian.

Great, two more lucky bastards who are on scholarships.

Not that I can't afford USC, it just makes me feel useless. I can't even get a stupid scholarship. My friends told me that it's alright. Some of them aren't scholars too. Like Taylor, she isn't a scholar, but she's smart. She and Chad are going to Brown together.

Kelsi, and my twin are going to Duke together. Yes, the Evans twins are separating. We're going to try being away from each other. Since we were kids, we were stuck to each other. Like a wish bone. But just like a wish bone, we have to get separated one day. I'm going to miss him, but we'll still see each other during Holidays. He even said he's gonna come to California just to celebrate my birthday, and his of course.

I've been reading my previous posts when I was little, and let me tell you, I was dying with laughter. One post made me laugh really hard; I think it went something like this:

I hate Ryan, Diary. He's a stupid, boy. Who happens to have a collection of rubber duckies Do you want to know why I hate him? Becoz, he has many rubber duckies, and I don't. Rubber duckies are stupid, but I want one. Stupid Ryan and ducks.

I still can't believe he hasn't thrown out that little collection of his, Diary. Every time I come in his room to wake him up, I could feel all the ducks looking at me with their beady little eyes.

I tell you Diary, they look cute and innocent, but I swear, they're scary and so not cute when you look at them closely.

I read another post awhile ago, it made me gag. Turns out, I was already lovesick with Troy when I was young.

Diaryyy! Troy Bolton was sitting beside me in class today. He is so cute, with his brown/blonde hair, his bangs almost touching his i-brow. It's so adorable. He's def-definit-definitly, err, he's really a gift from above. I think I'm in love.

PS: I can't spell definitly, can you teach me how sometime?

I found the definitely thing adorable, but the way I described Troy, it was just like teenager me, who was in love with him. Eww. It made me gag, and yet I felt proud because I could describe someone very well at that young age.

Let me tell you, being a teenager isn't easy. I went through a lot of phases.

When I was ten, I stopped playing with dolls and discovered make-up, err, my mom's make-up that is.

When I was thirteen, I found out, I am god with acting. And I'm not that bad with singing too. I also found out about boys and boyfriends.

When I was fourteen, I found out I was really good, no scratch that, I was awesome. Me and Ry, always got the parts.

When I was fifteen, I made some cheerleader change her school to West High. She was so annoying, and ugh.

When I was sixteen, the basketball jocks, Chad and the others, made me a nickname. Ice Princess, yes, I know. How dare they insult me?! Let's just say, we made each other's High School life a hell to be in.

When I was seventeen, Gabriella came into picture. She stole our spotlight, and we tried to make her life miserable. Emphasis on the tried, because, we never got to. Troy and his team were always there.

What else?

Uhm, I still hate the colour blue.

I still hate Chad's stupid hair.

I still think Gabriella Montez is annoying, but she's alright. I guess.

I still think Ryan is a weirdo. But I love him.

I still think Zeke is weird guy, with baking and basketball. But he turns out helpful with the food and can be kind of sweet.

I still love the colour pink.

Yes, this is one thing I can tell you Diary:

I'm still the same old Sharpay Evans you knew back then.

Though I may have changed, I'm still the six year old. Just add 12 years.

I have to go now, the Evans family are going to Hawaii. Whoo!

Bye Diary, I love you.


Sharpay Evans