I Can't

A/N I got this idea whilst lolling around in bed, skipping exams at school. I thought it was pretty clever, but if you don't agree, I really don't care I love it!

Mohinder glared angrily over at ten year old Molly who moved her chair away from him, in fright.

'Molly if you don't do this everything I've ever worked towards will be destroyed, all this time all the effort, and people could die!'

'Mohinder, I just can't I'm really sorry but I can't' Molly replied almost tearfully. She got up from her chair and walked over to him, ready to give him a reassuring hug. But he pushed her away gently and wouldn't look at her, a frown creasing his features.

Matt sat on the other side of the table with a sombre expression on his face.

'He's right Molly; you're the only one who can help him now. He's in danger and you won't even try to help him.'

Molly stared open mouthed at Matt.

'But I thought you were on my side! I thought you agreed with me! You know that I can't do what he is asking of me it's to risky'

She turned back to Mohinder.

'I'm sorry Daddy but the answer is no' she said firmly to him across the table, kneeling on her chair.#

Mohinder sat in silence for a moment before growling angrily at her and throwing the Monopoly board off the table and scattering the pieces and money all over the kitchen floor. He stormed off to his bedroom and slammed the door shut, making his anger clear.

'I told you he was a bad loser' Matt laughed at Molly an amused smile on his face.

'Well he wanted $250, 000 for FREE from me juts to save his sorry ass. What did he think I would say? Sure Daddy take it all, don't worry about me'

Matt laughed again and offered Molly a high five before he opened another can of beer. Molly sat back in her chair and began to count her piles of money, which had remained unscathed form Mohinder's attack, loudly to make sure Mohinder would hear her in his room. She paused for a minute to scratch her neck and before she knew it Mohinder had come running out of his room and rugby tackled her playfully to the floor, a disgruntled laugh erupting form his chest as Molly shrieked in surprise. They remained on the floor; molly was curled up in his arms as Monopoly pieces pressed into her back. Mohinder spoke over her gasps of laughter and the yelling of Parkman into her ear.

'I'm not a bed loser I just let you win that game'

Molly slapped his arm lightly before snuggling into his chest.

'Sure Daddy'

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