A new silly story that was my friend, dannyfangirl's idea. The full plot is...

Plot: When Timmy was bored, Jorgen came and decided to read him a story called The Return of Timmy the Barbarian. He also decides to put Jimmy, Danny, and SpongeBob in the story. In the story, Timmy, Nagules, Cosmoleus travel to save a warrior princess from an evil king, and along the way they meet new friends who could help.

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The Return of Timmy the Barbarian

In Dimmsdale, Timmy was in his room, lying on the bed.

"Bored...bored...so bored..." Timmy moaned.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a huge explosion in his room.

"What the?" Timmy wondered.

"Oh no!" Wanda said as she and Cosmo as in fish form, "I know that explosion anywhere..."

Then, the smoke clears and they see Jorgen Von Strangle standing there.

"AAAHHHH!!! JORGEN!" the three screamed.

"What are you doing here?" Timmy wondered and backed away from him with his pillow as his shield.

"I have come to show you my thanks for your help with the problem we had in Fairy World." Jorgen answered.

"What problem..." Timmy wondered.

"Why don't you remember Timmy?" Cosmo asked.

Timmy then has a flashback.

In his flashback, he and the fairies even Jorgen are in Fairy World.

"Push that pedestal over there!" Jorgen yelled angrily.

Timmy and the fairies painfully push the pedestal to a wall.

"Not that way! That way!" Jorgen pointed at they push it there. "No! That way!"

Jorgen didn't notice that a lamp was shaking and suddenly falls. Timmy looks up and gasps. "Jorgen! Watch out!" he cried.

"Huh?" Jorgen turns around and moved where the ceiling lamp falls and Jorgen notices it crushed on the floor. "Turner!" he yelled out. Timmy was frightened until he grabs him and hugs him. "You saved my life!" he smiled hugging him as Timmy is literally crushed by Jorgen's muscles.

The flashback ends with Timmy now remembering that. "Oh yeah, it was no big deal really. You didn't have to get me anything...what did you get me? Money? A car?"

"Something even better!" Jorgen smiles along with Timmy and closes his eyes, until he is crushed by a book. Timmy gets up to see the book.

"A book?" Timmy asked.

"Better!" Jorgen smiles, "A story told by me!"

"What?!" Timmy cried.

Cosmo and Wanda gasp as they remembered what happened last time.

"No, its okay," Timmy told Jorgen. "You REALLY didn't have to get me anything."

"Oh, but I must!" Jorgen said.

"Sorry," Timmy spoke, "Um...cuz I gotta go meet Jimmy, Danny, and SpongeBob soon..."

Jorgen bows his head, but he lightens up. "That's okay! Your friends can be in the story as well!"

"What?!" Timmy shouted.

"Yeah!" Jorgen said raising his wand.

In Retroville, Jimmy was in his lab working on an experiment. "Carefully...carefully..." Jimmy said until he was stuck by magic and froze, "Hey! What gives?"

In Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob was happily flipping patties in the Krusty Krab. He noticed he suddenly stopped what he was doing. "Ooh, this feels funny."

Meanwhile in Amity Park, Danny was mindlessly watching TV in his room. "So bored..." Danny spoke when he froze, "What the?" Before he knew it, he suddenly poofs and disappears into thin air.

In Timmy's room, Jimmy, Danny, and SpongeBob appear and fall onto the ground next to Timmy.

"Guys?" Timmy asked.

"Timmy?" Jimmy and Danny asked.

"Where? I can't see a thing!" SpongeBob muffled.

"That's because you're facedown on the floor," Timmy mentions to SpongeBob where Jimmy and Danny didn't notice that they are sitting on him.

"You wouldn't have anything to do with this, would you?" Jimmy asked Timmy.

"Nope, He does..." Timmy said pointing. Jimmy and Danny turn to gasp, seeing Jorgen.

"Now, we shall begin the story." Jorgen said.

"Oh no!" Timmy groaned.

"Oh yes!" Jorgen began. "This is the story of...The Return of Timmy the Barbarian."

"We're just supposed to listen to a story?" Danny asked confused.

"No ghost boy, you're IN it!" Jorgen corrected.

He laughs and raises his wand at Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Danny, Jimmy, and SpongeBob, who try to run away, but disappear into light and flow into Jorgen's book.

In the story, Timmy opens his eyes to see nothing. "Cosmo? Wanda?" Timmy wondered, "Jimmy? Danny? SpongeBob?"

'Okay! Everyone is all set!' Jorgen's voice spoke as Timmy hears it and there is another poof.

Now it is Timmy once again, only with muscles that make him look hulky and carries a big rock that reads, 'The Return of Timmy the Barbarian.'

Jorgen narrated, 'Timmy the Barbarian, Nagules, and Cosmoses: the once again human-faced packmule.'

"Right!" Timmy spoke in his barbarian get-up, "If you must know, I'm Timmy the Barbarian with my huge muscles that make me powerful and super strong!" He smiles and does a pose.

Wanda comes in with a worn out yellow dress, a whip, and has a squirrel hat on his head. "And I'm Nagules!" she said, "With my trusty whip and ability to nag, nag, nag...a lot."

Then, Cosmo now holding a lot of luggage and his head, and has a green mule head. "And I'm Cosmoleus," he said, "The mule headed and weakest servant of Timmy who carries a lot of his stuff."

Jorgen narrated, 'Timmy received word that the warrior princess was being held captive by his arch-enemies.'

"Oh, my gosh!" Timmy realized, "The warrior princess is held captive! Wait, who's the warrior princess?"

'The mysterious warrior princess is the heir to the kingdom,' Jorgen explained, 'And if you rescue her, you and she can get married! Plus, I hear she's hot!'

That's when Timmy finds a picture of the princess in a Xelda like get-up although her hair is covering her face. But Timmy smiles. "Man, she's pretty!" he smiled. He turns to Nagules and Cosmoleus. "Come, let's go! We have a princess to save!" Then he smiled and whispered. "And maybe even get a kiss."

Jorgen narrates, 'and so...our heroes and even Cosmoleus...'

"Hey!" Cosmoleus snaps.

'…Must go on a quest to find the princess!' Jorgen continues, 'But first must get new weapons to fight the monsters guarding the princess!'

"Awesome!" Timmy cheered. "Where do we get weapons?"

'You get it from that shop over there...'

Timmy, Nagules, and Cosmolues turn to see the blacksmith shop. "Oh," Timmy said.

They enter the shop and saw it looked empty.

"Hey, there isn't anyone in here." Timmy said disappointed.

'They were all unaware that the shop was not really empty, but the owner was looking around for something.'

"Hey, look!" Cosmolues pointed, "A goat!"

Timmy and Nagules turn to see the rear end of the goat in the bush. "We should help it," Nagules said to Timmy as he runs to the goat, and Nagules turns to Cosmoleus, "And have you brushed your mane yet? And stand up straight! Nag! Nag! Nag!"

They went up to the goat. "Um...hello?" Timmy asked.

He takes the goat and pulls him out. Timmy was shocked to see that the goat was really a satyr, a half human and half goat, and it was Jimmy Neutron as he also wears red armor on him. "Hey do you mind?" he asked.

Timmy screams and drops him. "What are you supposed to be?" he asked.

"I'm Jimocretes!" the satyr spoke, "I'm the blacksmith who's able to built tons of weapons that are powerful to slay a single beast."

They were silent for a bit, but then, Timmy and Cosmoleus started to chuckle at Jimmy's appearance.

"Ha, ha!" Cosmoleus laughed, "You have goat butt!"

'And as Cosmoleus laughs, he trips on a bug,' Jorgen narrates.

Jimocretes growled, "Jorgen Von Strangle, I'll get you for this."

A bug appears and Cosmoleus trips. "AAAHHH!!!" he falls on the ground, "Tell me about it."

"Okay Jimocretes," Nagules spoke, "Now that we found you, we need strong weapons to fight the monsters and save the warrior princess! Oh, and put some pants on! No one wants to see you without them! Nag, nag, nag!"

"You want weapons?" Jimocretes asked. "Fine. I'll give you what I have, just step into my office."

Jimocretes and the others go to the shop. Jimocretes takes something from his truck which was a sword and shield. "Here you go," he spoke giving the weapons to Timmy, "This sword is able to penetrate the hard skin of a dragon and the shield is powerful to take on fire and boulders, and one important thing to remember is that these weapons originated from-"

While Jimocretes was talking, Jorgen interrupted, 'Blah, blah, blah, no one wants to hear this goat man talk, we'll all get bored to tears.'

"Hey!" They shouted, but Jorgen turned the page already.

'And so, the non-important Jimocretes decides to join Timmy, Nagules, and Cosmoleus,' Jorgen spoke, 'Where they have no idea where they're going..."

"I heard that!" Jimocretes snapped and turns to Timmy, "You do know where we're going right?"

"Nope," Timmy answered.

"You should have brought a map!" Nagules snapped, "I told you a thousand times to bring a map! Why don't you? Nag, nag, nag!"

'When they thought they had lost their way for good, Timmy spotted a cave that led to an underground spooky underworld.'

"Cool! A spooky cave!" Timmy smiled about to run in.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," a peppy voice told. Suddenly, from the sky, a sponge falls down on the ground. He was in golden armor with a gold helmet with wings and has gold sandals with wings also.

"Who are you supposed to be?" Timmy asked.

"I'm King Neptune's messenger, SpongeHermes!" the sponge said, "I was sent by him to help you find the warrior princess and fight the monsters!"

"Awesome!" Timmy cheered. "And since you're supposed to help us, you can tell us if it's safe to go down that spooky cave."

SpongeHermes just shrugged and answered, "I don't see why not."

"Guys, I still don't think this is very safe." Jimocretes said.

'Ignoring Jimocretes's babbling boring nonsense, they continued into the cave.' Jorgen narrated that annoyed Jimocretes a bit. 'But first Cosmoleus tripped on another bug.'

A bug appears and Cosmoleus trips on it. "I hate this!" He yelled out.

Jorgen laughed, 'That never gets old! Anyway they traveled down into the cave of the underworld where it was dark and dangerous.'

"Why is this cave dark and dangerous anyway?" Nagules wondered.

"That's probably because of Dannes, the demon warrior and head commander of King Goobot, the one who kidnapped the princess," SpongeHermes said, "He guards this place and will destroy anything or anyone who comes here."

"What?!" They all shouted.

"Then why did you let us go in here?" Jimocretes angrily asked.

SpongeHermes answered, "Well, but then it wouldn't have made the story more interesting."

'The little sponge was right, especially when an arrow shot at them.'

"WHAT?!" the gang cried when an arrow shot and nearly hit Timmy's head. They turn around to see more arrows shooting and coming at them.

Timmy grabbed his sword and spun around like a propeller deflecting the arrows.

"You intruders who defy the king won't be going one step further." A voice called out.

The five turn around to see a warrior in armor and helmet on and has an ax with a flaming giant blade and a fiery chain around his torso.

"You must be Dannes," Timmy guessed.

"Gee, how did you guess?" Jimocretes asked, "The flaming ax, the deadly warrior, or the part that he's guarding that giant door behind him?"

Jorgen narrated, 'yes, it was Dannes, although still weak and puny...'

"Hey!" Dannes complained.

"...He was still skilled as a warrior and also girl magnet.'

"Really? Awesome!" Dannes said as he grinned and pointed over to Carrie and Lizz who were somehow in the background screaming with hearts in there eyes.

"You let us through right now!" Timmy ordered.

"Never!" Dannes told and threw his ax at Timmy, but he blocked his ax with his sword.

Timmy smiles and flings his sword at Dannes, which pinned him to the wall.

"This is too easy," Timmy smiled, "And what's under that helmet anyway?"

He chuckles and takes off the helmet, which shows only a skull as it moves and glares at him and lights up into green flames.

Timmy gasped to see his form. "AHH!!! He's a skull!"

"So, you figured it out." Dannes said.

"Maybe it's because he removed your helmet." Nagules said. "Maybe you should eat more meat, and nag, nag, nag!"

Well, he's stuck there now, and we can get through the door now." Jimocretes pointed out.

"Right!" Timmy agreed.

'Yes, they can get to the door now,' Jorgen narrates, "Until Vlad the vampire gargoyle attacks!'

A beam shot at them and they turn to see Vlad with wings, cape, and claws.

"Did I forget to mention him?" Dannes asked as he smirked.

"Duh!" Timmy told as Vlad grabs Timmy with his claws. "AAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!"

"I'll save you Timmy!" Nagules shouted as she grabbed a hold of Timmy with her whip and she and Vlad tugged on Timmy.

'As Timmy and Nagules fight,' Jorgen spoke, 'SpongeHermes and Jimocretes ask for help...'

"Dannes, you have to help us!" SpongeHermes said to him.

"Why should I?" Dannes asked.

"Well, although you're evil and work for the king, Timmy just spared your life right?" SpongeHermes asked, "Right Timmy?"

"Right," Timmy answered. "Although I was gonna kill him later- wait, I mean just help!"

Dannes looks up at Timmy and looks down at SpongeHermes, and he just shrugs. "Fine. Working for the king was dumb anyway."

Dannes breaks free and shoots fire at Vlad. Vlad yells in pain and drops Timmy. Timmy screams until SpongeHermes and Dannes catch up.

"Thanks dude!" Timmy smiled at Dannes, "And Nagules is right. You gotta eat more meat."

Vlad recovers quickly and roars at them. "You shall pay for this!" Vlad yelled daggering at Dannes, "Even you traitor!"

"And proud of it." Dannes replied as he punched Vlad in the face, knocking him away.

Vlad slams into the wall, but got up and roared.

"What are we gonna do?" Jimocretes wondered.

"Vlad's a gargoyle," Dannes explained, "We should reach the other side, the sun's his weakness."

"Great idea, Dannes." Timmy said. "To the door!"

'They all ran to the door with Vlad trying to attack them while they were pushing the door open.' Jorgen narrated. 'Then they got the door open and the intense sunlight shined on the gargoyle.'

"No! Not the light!" Vlad screeched, "No! NOO!!!" In an instance, Vlad turns to stone from the light.

"Alright," Timmy cheered. "Thanks a lot Dannes! Dannes?"

'As the sunlight shined on Dannes, his skull body turned into a regular everyday puny human, who of course had ghost powers also.'

"Hey!" Dannes snapped as his voice was different now and not dark and he had raven black hair and blue eyes and still wore his armor suit and had a sweatband around his head, turning human like Jorgen said.

"Well, now you can help us rescue the warrior princess." Timmy told Dannes.

"Very well," Dannes said trying to cool. "Let us forge on."